June 2014

Cock Addiction Phone Sex with Mommy Vikki

by Vikki on June 30, 2014

Everyone knows I am a slutty Milf. I have a sex addiction. And my son helps me out with my needs. He supplies me with his and all of his friends cocks. It’s great but it’s never enough. The minute I am alone I am wanting to fuck and suck again. I just want to constantly be worshiping cock. How about some Cock Addiction Phone Sex. I want to tell you all the things I love to do with cock. I am a very good cock sucker. I will worship your cock and balls. Making you feel so good. I will swallow your creamy load of cum or let you shout it all over me. I will fuck your cock any way you want. In any hole you choose. I will let you fuck them all. I am addicted. I will masturbate until I get my next cock. I have all kinds of toys to fill up my Milf pussy. I need cock 24/7, 365. What is a girl to do? How about you call me up for some Cock Addiction Phone Sex. We can get into some HOT slutty mutual masturbation. I will tell you how my wet pussy craves your hard cock. And how I want to fuck all night long. Call Vikki now. 

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Incest Fantasy With Mommy Phone Sex

by robin on June 30, 2014

    The most fun a boy can have is Incest Fantasy With Mommy Phone Sex! It’s the best, isn’t it? Even when you have “normal” sex, the kind that everyone else thinks you should have as a normal boy, you are still thinking about Mommy and wishing it was me touching your little cock. You wish it was my hands and mouth on you. If they only knew that your eyes are closed most of the time because you are picturing Mommy under you. You are wishing it was my sweet, tight Mommy pussy that you were pumping in and out of, don’t you baby? Incest sex with Mommy is the only kind of love you need sweety. I’m always here for you. I’m waiting for you to come to me as I sleep and climb into my bed. Snuggle up to Mommy and tell me all about that bad dream you had. I begin by pulling you close to my naked skin and petting your hair. You know you are Mommy’s special boy. Lets remove those PJs and get skin to skin. Put your sweet, little face between Mommy’s titties. I know you feel safe there, and you are safe. Safe from everyone except me that is.

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Envy’s Naughty Phone Sex Blog!

by Envy on June 30, 2014

Welcome to my Naughty Phone Sex Blog! For the most part you will find that I am a total bitch, and I’m always proud about it! My pussy becomes so turned on when I treat you like the little pig you are. I don’t mind being a bitch to you at all, and quite frankly, you deserve it. So by now you should get the idea that I am Queen and you are of NO status! Lol. That’s why you’re going to be my plaything. I can boss you around and do what I please, simply because I can. You totally want it and don’t lie… You want to hear my sexy voice dominating you over the phone while you stroke your baby cock. Things can get quite naughty between us, but you will always be lower than me that’s for sure! So when you pick up the phone and dial my number, remember who is in charge. This naughty Goddess will have you on your knees and begging for a whole lot more. Pick up the phone already and dial 1-888-440-5422, pig.

Goddess Envy

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Step Brother Phone Sex

by kira on June 26, 2014

  I really needed some money to buy a new outfit I wanted.  Well I didn’t have enough money, and I knew that my step brother always kept money in his dresser.  He was not at home so I though I would just borrow the money and pay him back later.  So I was looking through his dresser when all of a sudden he walked in.  He said what are you doing?  You are not to be in my room.  I said well I was just going to borrow some money, I planned on paying you back.  He said well, take off your shirt, I said why?  He said just do as I tell you and I will give you the money.  If you don’t then you cant have the money.  So I took off my shirt for him.  Then he told me to take off my shorts, then panties.  He walked up to me and cupped my pussy with his hand.  He said.  You are mine for the day.  He reached in his dresser and pulled out a collar.  He put it around my neck.  He then took out a leash, and hooked it to the collar.  He told me I was his slave now.  I could feel my pussy getting wetter.  He pushed me up against the wall and put his hands around my throat.  He then put his cock up against my pussy and started to slide it inside of me.  He started fucking my wet pussy.  It felt so good.  I tried not to act like I liked it but in fact I loved it.  He then took it out of my pussy and bent me over pulling tight on the leash.  He slid his cock in my ass and fucked me until he was ready to blow.  He had me on my knees sucking his cock until his warm cum shot down my throat.  If you like step brother phone sex, give me a ring and be my step brother!

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Revenge Phone Sex with Ramsey

by Ramsey on June 25, 2014

Call me for some revenge phone sex.  1-888-990-0102  I am in rare form.  I am so mad!!

You know me, I am usually a nice person.  Whether I am domming you or not, I care.  My boys are cherished little pets.  I step on your face in my stiletto heels with grace and care.  I use my pussy to smother you with compassion and I torture your cock and balls with a sweetness you will get nowhere else.  Likewise, when I switch and I need to be your subbie….  I act with integrity and passion.  I know you fuck my face with your fire and appreciation.  You spank my ass and my ego with unbridled admiration for me.

But I have been invaded.  And it was by a girl.  I was out at the club and she was dancing with me.  We were making all the guys horny.  We were making out and touching each other’s tits.  She had me so wet and hot.  We were taking over the floor with guys that wanted to fuck the both of us.  The lights were flashing and the bass was pumping.

I danced away to be near the guy I wanted.  He whispered in my ear, “I want you so bad, right now! Go to the Men’s Room in ten minutes.”

I fixed my lipgloss and my cunt was dreaming of his cock.  I wanted to suck him and fuck him so bad.  then I went up to the Men’s room and waited for two dudes to leave.  They were laughing on their way out.  I  slowly boosted up my tits and snuck into the john where my man would be waiting.  I freaked when I saw it!!!  He had her shoved up on the urinal, that girl I was dancing with, and was sinking his dick deep inside of her.  She was moaning and screaming.  This stupid little whore looked at me and shouted “I paid him $500 just to piss you off and fuck me!”

So they are both whores!!!  I need you to call me for some REVENGE Phone Sex and  tell me what you will do to get back at both of them.  I am so mad!!   I am talking MURDER.  I am taking all applicants!  FUCK!  1-888-990-0102.

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Ginger

by Ginger on June 24, 2014

Are you looking for a true Fuck Slut ? Here I am baby. I own and work in a bar. And that’s where I get my regular fucking. This slutty pussy of mine is wet all the time. When I am not at the bar working for cock I am here at home Masturbating. I have huge selection of toys I use as well as of course my hands. But the one thing I don’t have is You. I hate to play alone. Fucking alone what fun is that. I want to play with You. How about some Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex? I want you to stroke for me while I use my biggest dildo to fuck my pussy and another to fuck my ass. I want to tell you about my latest fuckcapades as we play together. I know you masturbate. Why do it alone? I can help you and make it feel so much better. I am a sexy Slutty Whore. I know what gets a man off. And I need you to tell me what to do with my big 10 inch dildos. Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex sounds like fun don’t you think? Call and get off with Ginger now before I head back to the bar for my night shift of Hard Cock. And Party till Dawn.

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Your Secret Black Girlfriend Phone Sex

by Precious on June 24, 2014

Mmmm baby. If you only knew what I do to myself when your at work. I lay back on my bed and smell you on my pillow from last night and slide my hands all over my silky smooth mocha skin and I just crave your touch and that nice thick white cock between my legs. I just can’t get enough of you!



If only you weren’t married, we could be together and flaunt around town! But we can’t! Sigh. But that’s okay baby, because I kind of like being your secret black girlfriend. I know you like me because I’m classy and nasty. Like the song goes “lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets”. You know I’m your girl when that prude wife of your won’t suck that delicious white dick, or let you fuck her in the ass. But you know that I will baby!



You just can’t stop dreaming about my cocoa buttered skin, my big thick lips wrapped around your ivory colored dick, and my thick thighs and big juicy ass that you like to bury your cock in nice and deep. Well baby, I’m ready and waiting for you to escape that wife, and cum fuck me! I think you might need my brown booty to help relax you from all the stress your under, right baby? Well slide away from everyone for a second and let’s get nasty and have some steamy secret black girlfriend phone sex together!

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Incest Impregnation Phone Sex w/Maddie

by maddie on June 23, 2014

Daddy and I share a love for the forbidden need for incest impregnation phone sex… I mean Daddy surely shouldn’t be busting his load inside his little girl especially when I am not taking birth control. Let me tell you how it all began, Mommy was away and I walked by Daddy’s room and I found him jerking his Cock. I didn’t know that it would excite me like it did, I couldn’t help but watch him. I stood in the doorway and pulled my skirt up and began to rub my sweet slit. I didn’t want him to catch me but I couldn’t help it! My bald pussy was creaming as I watched him. Then Daddy looked up at the door and I ran to my room and jumped into my bed and under the covers. He came in and closed the door behind him. I felt nervous as Daddy approached me with his hard Cock in his hand. ” Do you want Daddy’s Cock my sweet Maddie?” he asked. I looked up and smiled and said “yes Daddy”! He rubbed his Cock across my chin.. “does mommy have you on the pill?” 

“No Daddy, but I really want your Cock.” …. He pulled back the covers and slid his Cock inside me. It hurt a little but then it felt so good as he buried it deeper and deeper. I moaned… “Come inside me Daddy, Cum!, I want you to get me pregnant!” I felt as his cum dripped down my ass. He had came inside me and as his bareback Cock slide back and forth it felt so good I came over and over! I can’t wait to play with him again! – Maddie

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I was sitting at home, super bored when my Auntie Alexxx called me and asked me if I wanted to go to work with her. Seeing as how she’s a stripper and all, I knew that I would love it there so I practically ran to the shower to get ready. I have been wanting to try stripper phone sex for a while now and this would definitely give me some stories to tell. Anyway, I was all ready when she came to pick me up and I thought I was looking hot but she just took one look at me and shook her head, she told me that she was gonna have to fix me up once we got there because I wasn’t dressed right at all. When we got to the club she rushed me right to the bathroom and made me change and then fixed up my hair and makeup, by the time she was done I looked like a totally different person! I felt like such a dirty little slut and I couldn’t wait to show off my pretty little body. We looked so hot when we came out, all the guys in the club turned to watch us walk by and when we got on stage they were clapping and cheering before we even started dancing! It was just so much fun to strip with my auntie on stage but the very best part was when we were sixty-nining right there in front of everyone and the guys all started literally throwing money at us when I would have totally done it for free! *giggle*

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I am at my childhood home for a little while.  I’m sleeping in my bed that I slept in as a kid.  While I am here I really need some Pain Slut Phone Sex with you. I won’t be here for long.  I want to make this stay special.

I want you to hit me and spank me.  Tie me up and pinch my nipples hard.  Take a hot iron and brand me.  Insert huge giant phalluses into my cunt.  I need to be your little whore.  I’ll be your good little subbie if you just hurt me as much as I deserve.

My memories ar flooding back to me.  How my daddy used to come in and spank the hell out of my little young ass when I was just twelve with a bald little pussy and teeny developing tits.  I want more of it now.  Now that I enjoy you putting your rough hands on me.  I want it in this bedroom that all the abuse started.  Here, where the art of my submission began.  The place that I was made the little hussy I am.  This is where my daddy taught me that I am a servant to men.  Him especially.

I am so wet thinking about how my emotions developed here.  How I learned to love the pain.  Because hurt is love to me.  Abuse is love.  Call me and give me some love.  Make me hurt.  Make me scream and cry just like he did when I was so young and innocent.  I am your whore already.  (877) 424-8242  Call me and tell be who you are, Master.  I know you are out there. Pain Slut Phone Sex

Make me do things,  terrible things.  Right here in the bed that I slept in as a child.  Daddy would be so proud to hear me wailing and moaning from your lashes and beatings.  This little slut deserves it, don’t you think?

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