May 2014

Cock Worship Phone Sex. Relax with Sookie.

by sookie on May 31, 2014

It’s not too late to call me so I can help you relax.  1-877-770-0717  It’s not too late for some of my best Cock-worship Phone Sex They say I am very soothing to talk to for such a nasty little whore slut.  I am like a breath of fresh air they say after they cum so hard from my deviant cock-worshipping phone sex. 

I usually start with my hand and just rub it through you pants,  Maybe use my fingernails a little to trace the contours of your hard cock.  Once I get the head throbbing I will open up your pants and get a look at my meal.  You nice hard sausage just jumps up to meet my lips as I bend toward it.  I give it a nice wet less and a lick-taste like an ice-cream cone.  

By then you are groaning with anticipation of my near future suck skills put to work.  Sometimes I use my hand, sometimes I don’t.  It all depends on my client and his mood.   When I have your belly fire nice and hot I know you have a present for me.  So I climb up and sraddle you sitting there on the couch.  I kiss you on the lips with my tongue exploring.  This gets my pussy wet and fit for your cock’s pleasure so I start to sink my hips down until my pussy lips just contact the top of your jutting dick.  

Then I let you, the master of your cock, take the lead and push me down on your shaft to slip it in and start fucking me.  I begin to moan and say payers to your beautiful shaft as we grind together in nasty delights.  

I am here for you to lay back and relax.  I’m here to suck and fuck your cock like a real career girl.  Anything goes!  I can’t wait for you to call and bring your dick to me for Cock-Worship Phone Sex.  1-877-770-0717.  


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Sure I’ve been told I look like a Barbie doll before, but when Aunt Daisy told me she would love to dress me all up like one I didn’t think twice. I went over to her house and Aunt Daisy had something else in mind it looks like because she had an entire closet full of sexy outfits laid out ready for me to try on and take pictures in, she said it would make her happy. I looked at her, and she looked so hot, and I figured, sure why not? I send nudes to the little boys anyway. So I put on a couple absolutely scandalous outfits and took some pics…Auntie Daisy looked to be getting a little flustered though. I thought, oh maybe it is a little hot in here. I turned a fan on and got naked again, I got close and asked her if she was okay. I guess I was wrong again because my sexy Aunt decided to make her move on me right then, and I really didn’t care at all. She grabbed the back of my head with my hair balled up and kissed me, and with her other hand she shoved her hand down to my pussy working her fingers into my tight cunt. I had no idea my Aunt had all these built up desires, and you know me, all I want to do is please. If you want to know more about what my auntie and I did together, you’re just going to have to call us for some delicious incest phone sex… you won’t believe the things we did.

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Party Phone Sex with Ginger

by Ginger on May 30, 2014

The weekend is here once again. That means it’s really time to Party. I am going to be hanging out at the bar later getting my drink on so I can get my fuck on too. I would love to hear what you are doing with your Friday night. So how about some Party Phone Sex with Ginger. Tell me what you plan to do or wish you could do this weekend. I am going to be out there getting as much cock as I can. This slut is horny. I am going to have some beers and do some teasing maybe get my groove on with some dancing. I will probably have a couple shots of something wicked. While bar maids are tending my bar I am going to be tending the cocks that want to get frisky. Imagine running into a Party Girl like me. Ready, willing, and able to do anything you want with your cock. We can have some Party Phone Sex before I leave. I would love to tell you how I like to Party. Anything goes with Ginger. It’s raw and it’s Real. Sucking and Fucking is how I start my weekend. Won’t You Join Me. It’s Party time. And Ginger is ready to Rock your Cock. Let’s do it baby. 


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Golden Shower Party Phone Sex

by Kendall on May 30, 2014

  Golden shower party phone sex.  I love golden showers.  I like to give them and also like to receive them.  I like it so much that I decided to have a golden shower party.  I had it last night.  I invited all my friends over that love golden showers.  Well ok, it was all men, lol.  I was the only girl, so I felt like a total whore.  They all got naked and had me suck them off for a while.  They took off all my clothes and sucked on my nipples and each tasted my sweet pussy.  They all licked my pussy until I was ready to cum, when I was ready they all got down on the floor and I stood over them.  Well they got a nice warm golden shower from me, lol.  I pissed all over their faces and in their mouth.  It was so darn hot watching them get full of my piss.  I had one guy that brought a funnel with him.  He put that funnel in his mouth and had me stand right over it.  He begged to drink my piss.  I pissed right in that funnel, he drank every bit of it.  After I pissed in that funnel I have him the biggest kiss, that way I could taste my piss also.  I gave those guys their share of my piss, so then I asked them to share there’s with me.  First they wanted to jerk off on my face, then they wanted to wash my face for me with their piss.  So all five guys jerked off on my face, my face was so full of cum.  I begged for them to wash it off for me.  All five of them pissed all over my pretty face.  I opened my mouth really wide so I made sure I got to drink some.  They washed that cum off my face so good.  My golden shower party was the best ever!

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Serve and Obey Phone Sex

by Reanna on May 30, 2014

I taught my son’s friend to serve and obey over the weekend. Memorial weekend is the first long weekend and everyone knows that my house is the place to hang out all the time and summer times that by 10. There are young ones in and out of my house day and night. My place is the party place. All the other friends were in the basement that is all hooked up for fun with pool tables, video games, flat screen TV’s. It’s the shit is what they all tell me.

I was in my room getting ready to go out with some friends to a swinger party. I was going to be looking slutty and fresh. All the young men love when Mommy ReAnna is going out for the night when they are here, they all like to sit and drool as I am walking out the door. Tonight I had just got out of the shower and began to get dressed. I thought everyone was in the basement. I had forgot something in the hall closet so I walked out half dressed. Much to my surprise there was one of the young men walking out of my son’s room. Much to his surprise he had and instant erection so Mommy ReAnna just knew she was going to have to take care of that for him. Time to teach him how to obey Mommy and serve her in every way she needs to be pleased. I was already horny and wanted to cum before I left for the party. I walked up to him and began to rub on his little cock and pulled him into my room. Pushed him on the bed and made him take out his cock. He didn’t think that would be such a good idea. Guess he don’t know who he is talking to does he?

Grabbed out my whip and stood in front of him and told him to do it again. He stripped naked and I began to whoop his ass. Maybe next time he will listen and obey me the first time I tell him to do something. He had his cock in hand stroking it as I put my mouth around it to make sure it was good and wet. On the bed I lay next to him and asked if he has ever been with a women before. No Mommy ReAnna he told me. That made me even hotter and turned on. I rode his thick little man cock and it felt so good. He came so hard in my pussy it didn’t take him long and I never came but it got me so fucking horny and ready to go fuck some swinging cocks at the party. I love being a sexy Mommy that all the little boys love to serve and obey.

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Accomplice Phone Sex;Karma is a Bitch

by liv on May 29, 2014

I’m so pissed off, and normally I don’t let my anger get the best of me, but tonight I am letting it control me. Tonight is the purrfect night for some accomplice phone sex, because you and I… we’re a team. We need to let out some anger, ruin a couple bitches lives. That sounds like the purrfect night to me! Want to know why I am mad? Well here it is: MY MAN LEFT ME FOR SOME LITTLE SLUT! I don’t know why she is somehow better than me, but you know, when you and I get done fucking her up, she will be absolutely nothing. And hey, maybe I will get my man back! Whatever, I want to go fuck this bitch up. I cannot WAIT to see the look on her face when she feels my knife against her throat and see your hard cock in your hand. “You like to be a little slut, well we will show you what happens to little sluts!” She will try to scream but I will hit her over and over, making that bitch shutup. I think this little whore wants your dick now, just go for it. Shove it right into her cunt and fuck her like the dumb slut she is! She fucked with the wrong girl, because I think I wanna put a little something in that tight asshole of hers, perhaps my knife? This huge strap on? Maybe even both. This strap on sure would go in smoothly after I fucked her with my knife… I guess karma is a bitch and her name is Liv.

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Perverted Mommy Phone Sex

by robin on May 29, 2014

National Masturbation Month
30 mind blowing minutes/$50
USA only

Hurry!  It’s almost over!

When most young boys think of their Mommy, they get a warm feeling in their hearts. When my boys think of me, they get warm all over, not just in their hearts. They also get warm in their balls and their cocks get stiff and tingly. I am the kind of woman that Perverted Mommy Phone Sex is all about. I took my boys into my bed from the start and showed them how close a Mommy and her son should be. I did the same for my step sons. It got a lot easier once I divorced their Dad. When I met him all I saw was money and 3 sweet, little boys who needed a Mommy like me. Once I got what I wanted from my ex husband, he was out. I kept a lot of the money, and his boys! We’ve moved a few times. The neighbors find out just how close you are to your boys and they just don’t understand. I’ve been called the P word (can’t say it here), perverted and a twisted, deviant whore. I just think if they had a better relationship with their Mommy, that they would understand us more. Don’t ever feel like you can’t have that special love like my boys do. I’m here for you and I would love to be your lovingly, perverted Mommy!

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Masturbation Phone Sex

by Wrenn on May 29, 2014

Masturbation Phone Sex


I know all of you men play with your cocks.  It feels so good to play with yourself, I know that I do it all the time.  I love to touch my bald little pussy, rubbing my fingers up and down my slit, then rubbing on my clit.  Then I take a dildo and go into the bathroom and shove it inside my tight hole.  I turn it on to vibrate and it feels so good.

I have to go into the bathroom because I don’t want my mommy to know I masturbate. My daddy knows though, He figured it out a long time ago and now I can hear him outside the bathroom door listening to me have my fun.  There is no doubt, that daddy jerks his cock while I play with myself.  I play around with daddy a lot but sometimes I have to masturbate when mommy is home, because I cant play with my daddy when she is around. 

Wanna Cum With Me?

I would love to masturbate with you on the phone, when I cant play with my daddy.  Then I have someone to masturbate with me.  I know you have times when you cant have sex, so grab your phone, go into your bathroom, lock the door and call me, so we can have some masturbation phone sex together.  We can talk about how you would love to fuck my tight young pussy like daddy does, and I can tell you how bad I want your big cock inside my little hole, because I really do.  I will pound my dildo in my tight pussy while you have your hand wrapped around your cock jerking it up and down for me.  I want to cum with you over the phone.  I know we will have so much fun masturbating.  I bet my daddy will be listening to us by the door too. *giggle*

Widdle Wrenn


Sex Slave Phone Sex

by kira on May 29, 2014


Sex slave phone sex.  I am such a submissive slut.  I am a little sex slave, the reason I say that is because I never say no.  I would do anything for a man that is why I consider my self a sex slave.  I feel that I was put on this earth to please men sexually.  I was put here to let men do as they will with my body.  All my holes I believe were meant to be filled with nothing else but cock, and cum, lots and lots of cum.  I will even let men beat me, tie me up, and make me feel pain, if that gets them off.  Nothing makes me happier then making a man cum.  I can care less if I cum or not, as long as I know that my holes can satisfy a mans cock, that is what makes me happy.  I will wait on you hand and foot and be there for you whenever your cock gets hard.  Use me, abuse me!  I am yours.  I am your sex slave and always will be.  Many men love to use my holes, because they know I will not turn them down and that they can try anything with me.  A lot of men love it because if there wife wont let them fuck her in the ass, then they come to me and I make sure that I make that fantasy come true for them.  I let married men pound my ass whenever they want.  I give them what their wife cant.  I love making my masters cum so hard, I know when they scream out, OH FUCK!!, that I made them very, very happy.  I walk around with cum dripping down my legs, because I love the feeling of a mans cum running out of my pussy, lol.  lets have some fun!  sex slave phone sex fun!

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Drugged & Drunk Phone Sex

by andrea on May 29, 2014

Everyone knows I’m a party girl, but they don’t know that I PARTY HARD! I go all out and get as high and drunk as I want. Everyone at the party’s always standing around me giving me drinks and drugs, trying to get me to go home with them. Whoever gets me the highest and drunkest at the party is the one I’m going home with always. That way when I go back to their place I can get even more fucked up for a night of hot drunk sex. As long as they have the goods I don’t care how old they are or how hot they are, as long as I’m feeling good then I will have lots of fun. These guys know how to win my heart, they take care of me make sure I’m feeling great before they lay me down and fuck me silly. I tell them flat out that I’m a dirty whore and I like getting pushed around like one. Sometimes I go home with the bigger tougher guys who are more comfortable with using a drunk bitch they don’t even know. That’s what I love about it. They’re strangers, they don’t care about hurting me, they just want to get off. They get me messed up then they take me home to fuck me then send me back out walking. Fuck I don’t know why I do this, but I can’t stop it! I’m a party girl, love going crazy with my friends, going home with random guys to fuck. If I don’t get the action I need from the party you bet your ass I’ll end the night on a call with you, getting down and dirty for some Drugged & Drunk Phone Sex. That way everyone wins!

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