Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Southern Moans!:Southern Girl Phone Sex..

by savannah on April 29, 2014

I’ve always been told that I have sweet young southern voice that is sure to charm that Cock. I’m sure its not only the southern drawl in my ya’ll but its this tight tanned sexy body that is sure to drive men wild! So why don’t you take a trip on down south and lets see how much fun we can get into tonight?! If your looking for southern girl phone sex,look no farther!  I may sound sweet and innocent but this southern gal is a slutty tease that loves enticing you with my perky titties while seducing you with my southern drawl! My moans are sure to have your Cock oozing with pre cum. I know you want be able to resist hearing me call you sweetheart! I bet you’ve never had a southern peach like me!? I know just how to drink whiskey with the boys, as well as ride the back roads with a cold one in the console. My favorite thing is mud riding in the old ford and riding horses. I lost my virginity on my daddy’s four wheeler out behind the barn when I was really young. Days like that I won’t forget. Middle of July in the sun laying out naked in the woods getting fucked. We sure know how to do it down South. And I know I’ve said it before but you better believe everything is hotter down south ya’ll. Looking for a sexy southern teen tonight? Maybe I can be your sister?! Whatever ya want from this southern gal just let me know! I look forward to getting that Cock off for you tonight!


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