Monday, April 28, 2014


I must admit, I got my favorite call the other night. This was from the most fascinating man; I hope to learn more from him. He told me he likes to find girls between the ages of 14 and 19 who are insecure, living away from mommy and daddy and definitely a little plump… that’s important. As my teacher, he taught me that I need to find a girl who is maybe a little homesick, or fighting with her friends, just feeling down in herself in general so befriending her would be so easy. I would invite her to dinner, and we would go to his big house. I would make sure to put a sleeping powder in her drink so she would fall asleep half way through dinner, little does she know we have not even had our main course yet. I will observe as he ties her all and rubs some canola oil all over her, and some black pepper, some other various spices… then we will roast her slowly for a few hours, making sure she is evenly cooked. Now she cannot be too well done, we like our meat medium well, a little pink. The only annoying part is these plump little girls like to beg and whine for their life, but they don’t know once they are here they are here to be eaten. Finally at last she will die, and we will be able to enjoy a nice juicy, sweet piece of meat right near the upper thigh/ass. Oh yes, I do absolutely no taboo phone sex. I’m into everything, and I am always willing to learn. I wonder if I can get a girl with a roommate next time; that would be fun!

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All I want to do is help; all I am really good at is being the ultimate accomplice. I can give you the best accomplice phone sex of your life; just trust me.  Look at me, I’m so approachable. Any girl would trust me to be her very best friend. Maybe I would invite her over for dinner to my boyfriend’s house… or just tell them it’s my roommate – it won’t matter. I will find a girl, at the local college maybe; I will blend in so well. Do you see how approachable I look? I’ve got my eye on a blonde; she is all alone, lying on a blanket simply reading her book.  After doing some research on the loner girl, I will approach her, and befriend her as well. At first, of course she will be standoffish as she is not used to someone as attractive as me talking to her, and I will invite her to my place for dinner… where the real fun will begin. Now you tell me, what will we do to her at dinner? What is our new victim’s outcome…? Whatever it may be, I cannot wait to hear her whine and beg and her tell us how young she is and how much potential she has in life to change the world and blah blah blah. Shutup Bitch, no one needs you, you were put here simply for our pleasure and the sooner you get over yourself the better. Don’t make me hurt you more than you can imagine with this lovely knife of mine… Call me if you need my help in finding our newest victim in whatever you want to do to that little bitch, she deserves it.

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