Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kinky Phone Sex, what could be better?

by billie on April 19, 2014

Kinky phone sex is the best way to spend your day and right now we have a Springtime Special where you can get 30 minutes with me for only $50! Why not spend Easter telling me all your naughtiest fantasies, that’s way more fun than hunting eggs any day right? You can tell me anything Daddy, it will be our little secret I swear! My sweet voice will have your big cock rock hard in seconds as I bring your fantasy to life.  I can be Daddy’s sweet little girl just learning how to fuck you better than Mommy ever could or your naughty babysitter that always sucks your cock when you drive me home. Or if you like it a little rougher I can cry as you force me to do unspeakable things, I can be anything you want me to be because I don’t have any limits and no taboos ever! I want to hear you stroking your cock and you better believe that I get so wet when you tell me dirty stories that I just have to rub my cunny with you! Lets cum together again and again and again while we explore the naughtiest fantasies we can think of, doesn’t that sound like fun Daddy?

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Good Girl Gone Bad Phone Sex: Easter Edition

by andrea on April 19, 2014

I remember those days of my innocence! I have fond memories of those tiny little sandals and tight Easter dresses. My daddy would take me out for a little Easter egg hunt and then of course to get my picture taken with the Easter Bunny. I would sit my little bottom on top of the big man’s, I mean the “Easter Bunny’s” lap.
I knew my place. He would bounce me around and I remember feeling something hard poke up through my Easter dress. Daddy taught me how to work it so I knew exactly what it was. I knew daddy liked it when I would rub into him and so I did the same to that dirty old perv Easter bunny!
Well I always wanted to be a good girl. At least I was taught to be a good girl for daddy. But often times that meant being a bad girl and doing what others have told me are “naughty things”. I tried doing the “good thing” I do with daddy to the Easter Bunny and I got whipped for being a naughty little girl.
Daddy had to teach me that I could only do “the good thing” with him. At least until I was old enough to figure out that I could do it with anyone I wanted haha. Daddy Made Me into a Good Girl Gone Bad… Try phone sex tonight with me, your new little girl! $50.00 for 30 minutes/Limited Time.

Naughty and Nice Andrea 888-550-6720

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Forced Feminization Phone Sex

by Envy on April 19, 2014

Not once ever had he been forced to dress in women’s clothing, and coming from his mouth, he wasn’t the type for that. Or so he thought. I was getting to know this new sub when I asked him what he would do to serve me. He said that he would do anything to please the Goddess, of course. He begged to be treated like shit and I was going to call the shots 100% of the time. Now I have to say this man is (umm was??) very straight. All tits and pussy, no cock. I could tell by his demeanor that he didn’t realize that I had forced feminization phone sex on my mind that day. The moment I told him to get undressed and slip into a sexy sissy outfit is when he started giving me trouble! I told him he better do as he’s told because I’ve got clients ready to fuck boipussy right now! The doorbell rang and I knew a couple clients were already there waiting to have a slice of virgin boipussy. Oh god I love whoring virgin feminized bitches out! This was going to be an extra special treat for me. He begged for me to stop this from happening. He kept whining but seriously there were no fucks to be given. The Goddess was ready to make money on her new prized sissy slut. This sub told me earlier on that he never had anything in his ass before, not even a finger! Well that was obviously going to change real soon. My newly transformed sissy slut stood in pumps, sheer stockings, and sexy teddy with a hole cut in the back for easy access. The look on the face of this bitch was hilarious. “On your knees” I said. I forced sissy to take a giant cock in mouth AND ass. Both men wanted to have both ends! Now this sub will not quit begging to be whored out! I swear the straight ones secretly want cock the most, LOL.

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