Friday, April 18, 2014


I know you envy me. I’m sexy, smart, and completely out of control. I do whatever I want, to whom ever I want, and I know that makes your dick hard. You can have me and our newest terrified victim together, or I can watch, I love to watch her scared face as you take out your big hard cock… stroking it right by her pretty little face. Who do you want to torture this time? I want her to beg, I want her to be young and sweet, an innocent virgin if we are lucky. How does that sound? I’m full of surprises, I  loovveee torture phone sex. I may look like the perfect Barbie doll, but I can make you enjoy things you’ve been too scared to think about and enjoy before me. I’m more than just your accomplice; I’m your sexy partner in any way you want. I crave you, I want to pretend you are my lil new victim, would you like that? I won’t hurt you… too much. I will hurt you in all the good ways, because I like you and I want to see your nice cock big and hard again. I’m feeling playful, do you want to play? Call me for some no-limit’s phone sex and let’s see who our next victim will be…

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