Sunday, April 6, 2014

    This naughty Mommy absolutely LOVES talking about Incest Fantasy Phone Sex fantasies! What’s not to love? I get to tell all of you about the fun and naughty things I have done with my boy. I have a lot stories to tell too. Like about the time my boy threatened to tell his Dad about the things I did to him if I didn’t do exactly what he wanted me to do. It was then that he figured out he could control his p-Mommy if he wanted to. That weekend I played very naughty games with all his friends. They couldn’t believe the stories my son would tell them, so he decided to show them. Then he decided they should get to play with me too! Another time he wanted a new bike and I told him no because his grades weren’t very good. “It’s ok” he said, “I’ll just tell Dad about  what you and I did last night and he’ll feel so bad that he’ll buy me one”. As you can guess, he got his new bike. He’s not always in control of me, but when he is, I really like it! I will always give him whatever he wants, because nothing should cum between a boy and his Mommy!

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Gang Bang Phone Sex

by Ginger on April 6, 2014

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