Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Extreme taboo hermaphrodite phone sex

by kendra on April 1, 2014

Extreme taboo hermaphrodite phone sex

Looking for some extreme taboo hermaphrodite phone sex today? Well look no further than right here Daddy! I have what you have been aching to find. If you thought I had dirty Mommy phone sex before look out cause things are about to crazy filthy up in this fucking shack tonight. How much would you pay me to be able to touch, taste and feel this little ones pussy dick? I have decided to name this special little one Rydher, yes so you can ride her. I know your tongue is hanging out of your mouth right now wanting to secretly lick that little pussy dick, and accidently let your wet tongue pop inside of her pin sized fuck hole. Yeah, think about that for one moment. Look as close as you can and you can see that this would be the smallest hole you will ever stick your cock in. so fucking tiny, it will take lots of effort on your part to force your big swollen cock inside her. Yes she may cry, but I am here to help you anyway I can. Since you are paying top dollar for such a unique experience we want you to walk away, well addicted to her and her little pussy dick hole. You have to do me a favor, though once you deposit yourself inside of her I get to take a picture of your cock being pulled out and watching your hot jizz oozes out of her. Fuck I am getting so turned on right now just thinking about it. Call me and ask me for my phone sex special 30 minutes for $50, US callers only, limit one special per day. Hurry special is for a limited time. We are laying in bed naked watching some family fun porn rubbing ourselves waiting to hear from you.

Mommy Kendra

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Fantasy Phone Sex with Alexxx

by Alexxx on April 1, 2014

I can be who ever you want me to be in some Fantasy Phone Sex with Alexxx. I work as a stripper so I role play while I work all the time. I am every man’s fantasy girl while up on the stage or in the back room during a lap dance. I wear costumes while I dance. Playing the role of a college student, a cop, a teacher, a secretary, and so many others. My best role is just being a sexy sinful slut. A cock hungry girl. That loves to help a man out with his hard cock. Either by giving him a hand job, a blow job or the ultimate ride that will make him blow his load so hard. I like dressing up. I also enjoy teasing men and getting paid to give them pleasure. Fantasy Phone Sex means You can let your imagination run wild and decide we can play whatever way You want. It can be Kinky, Wild, Uncensored, Anything Goes. It is your Fantasy and your time with Me. I really am a No limits Stripper Slut. Tell me what you fantasize about and  lets get down and dirty and get your needs satisfied with Alexxx. I am waiting to make all of your fantasies cum to life. Call Alexxx right now. 

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2 girl call phone sex with Krystal and Echo

by Krystal on April 1, 2014

One of my dealers had a special request for me the other night, he asked me to bring him a sweet, innocent looking light skinned black girl and in return he would give me some of the good shit. Well you know I wasn’t gonna turn that shit down so I went and picked Echo up. She thought she was just coming over to my house to hang out, she had no idea that she would be the main attraction for a 20 man gang bang later that night! My dealer brought the guys with him and since he had a fat sack of dope with him too, I didn’t even bother to explain what was going on to Echo, I just let them go back there and start fucking her. Shit I didn’t even go look at what they were doing to her until I had hit that rock a few times! When I finally did go check out the action, she was eagerly sucking and fucking them all like a good little slut, she had cum all over her face and dripping from every hole and had a grin from ear to ear. She fucked every single guy there and did so good that they already asked when they could do it again! If you wanna get in on this action all you gotta do is pick up the phone, trust me you’ve never had 2 girl call phone sex this good before!

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