April 2014

Teen Phone Sex – Yay, how fun!

by karis on April 30, 2014


Hehe, I know, I am young and just your little dream aren’t I? That just makes me blush and giggle. I love it so much when guys call me and they tell me how much they love my voice, my young, teen voice! They tell me I give them the best teen phone sex they have ever had; well of course I do – I AM A TEEN (DUH)!!! Just thinking about your big hard dick, maybe even a big hard Daddy dick gets my sweet little pussy dripping! I get wet super easily? Did you know that? No of course not, because you haven’t called me to find out; not to be a smartass or anything. Daddy always says I’m being a smartass. Hmm, whatever. I am thinking about going to the doctor to see if there is something wrong with my pussy, because it is so very tight, and I mean TIGHT! Let me explain: Every time I have sex my tight little pussy feels like I am losing my virginity all over again, but I sorta like it? Idk, I’m just really tight. All the guys I have had sex with (and it really is a small number), say I am the tightest they have ever had – which I think is a compliment! Because they are always like “Damn baby, you’re tight as fuck!” or “Are you still a virgin?” Want to know a secret? I want to have my ass fucked sooo bad; I bet it is even tighter than my sweet young pussy! Call me, I’m bored and horny and we also have a spring special going on for a LIMITED TIME… 30mins for ONLY $50 (US CALLERS ONLY).

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Southern Moans!:Southern Girl Phone Sex..

by savannah on April 29, 2014

I’ve always been told that I have sweet young southern voice that is sure to charm that Cock. I’m sure its not only the southern drawl in my ya’ll but its this tight tanned sexy body that is sure to drive men wild! So why don’t you take a trip on down south and lets see how much fun we can get into tonight?! If your looking for southern girl phone sex,look no farther!  I may sound sweet and innocent but this southern gal is a slutty tease that loves enticing you with my perky titties while seducing you with my southern drawl! My moans are sure to have your Cock oozing with pre cum. I know you want be able to resist hearing me call you sweetheart! I bet you’ve never had a southern peach like me!? I know just how to drink whiskey with the boys, as well as ride the back roads with a cold one in the console. My favorite thing is mud riding in the old ford and riding horses. I lost my virginity on my daddy’s four wheeler out behind the barn when I was really young. Days like that I won’t forget. Middle of July in the sun laying out naked in the woods getting fucked. We sure know how to do it down South. And I know I’ve said it before but you better believe everything is hotter down south ya’ll. Looking for a sexy southern teen tonight? Maybe I can be your sister?! Whatever ya want from this southern gal just let me know! I look forward to getting that Cock off for you tonight!


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I must admit, I got my favorite call the other night. This was from the most fascinating man; I hope to learn more from him. He told me he likes to find girls between the ages of 14 and 19 who are insecure, living away from mommy and daddy and definitely a little plump… that’s important. As my teacher, he taught me that I need to find a girl who is maybe a little homesick, or fighting with her friends, just feeling down in herself in general so befriending her would be so easy. I would invite her to dinner, and we would go to his big house. I would make sure to put a sleeping powder in her drink so she would fall asleep half way through dinner, little does she know we have not even had our main course yet. I will observe as he ties her all and rubs some canola oil all over her, and some black pepper, some other various spices… then we will roast her slowly for a few hours, making sure she is evenly cooked. Now she cannot be too well done, we like our meat medium well, a little pink. The only annoying part is these plump little girls like to beg and whine for their life, but they don’t know once they are here they are here to be eaten. Finally at last she will die, and we will be able to enjoy a nice juicy, sweet piece of meat right near the upper thigh/ass. Oh yes, I do absolutely no taboo phone sex. I’m into everything, and I am always willing to learn. I wonder if I can get a girl with a roommate next time; that would be fun!

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All I want to do is help; all I am really good at is being the ultimate accomplice. I can give you the best accomplice phone sex of your life; just trust me.  Look at me, I’m so approachable. Any girl would trust me to be her very best friend. Maybe I would invite her over for dinner to my boyfriend’s house… or just tell them it’s my roommate – it won’t matter. I will find a girl, at the local college maybe; I will blend in so well. Do you see how approachable I look? I’ve got my eye on a blonde; she is all alone, lying on a blanket simply reading her book.  After doing some research on the loner girl, I will approach her, and befriend her as well. At first, of course she will be standoffish as she is not used to someone as attractive as me talking to her, and I will invite her to my place for dinner… where the real fun will begin. Now you tell me, what will we do to her at dinner? What is our new victim’s outcome…? Whatever it may be, I cannot wait to hear her whine and beg and her tell us how young she is and how much potential she has in life to change the world and blah blah blah. Shutup Bitch, no one needs you, you were put here simply for our pleasure and the sooner you get over yourself the better. Don’t make me hurt you more than you can imagine with this lovely knife of mine… Call me if you need my help in finding our newest victim in whatever you want to do to that little bitch, she deserves it.

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Family Fun Phone Sex WIth Your Sweet Karis

by karis on April 25, 2014

Family fun phone sex is what I’m best at, hehe. I know I’m good at it because I always make Daddy cum so quickly with my super tight pussy! I love when guys call me and want to be my Daddy or Uncle or really any family member because I know just my young self makes them so horny without them even knowing my many talents yet hehe. I never understood why guys are shy to call me, it’s so fun to talk dirty on the phone and help fulfill all the fantasies you will let me fulfill! I’m very sweet, and naughty – just how you like it. Now I bet you want to know where my Daddy and Mommy are, well they left me home all alone while on vacation and I need some new to entertain me because it is no fun here without Daddy here to tease! Can I tease you? Can I be your little girl? Call and hear my cute little voice and then maybe you will see that I am the girl for you. I’m so bored. I am writing this blog and all I can think about Daddy’s big hard dick and my tight wet pussy and how I wish I could learn a thing or two about sucking dick because I’m good, but I want to be the best, you know? Ugh. I’m rambling again, Daddy says I do that a lot and I need to stop or no man will ever want me. Well, he still wants me, and he can’t tell me any different I see the lust in his eyes and in his pants… but I guess the question is, do you want me?

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Snuff Phone Sex: Can you handle it?

by Krystal on April 24, 2014

I had to do something really wicked yesterday. You see, I have this dealer that is really fucking sadistic, and the only way he was going to give me the candy I needed was if I found him a sweet little bitch to fuck up. So I went out hunting and I found sweet little Gabby all alone so I offered her a ride. She was dumb enough to accept, stupid whore didn’t even realize anything was wrong until we actually got to my dealer’s house! She knew she had made a mistake as soon as we walked in the door though because he had her on her knees in seconds so he could shove his cock down her throat.  He used her roughly for a while but then the real fun started, we got high as fuck and then dragged her naked ass out to this abandoned park in the middle of nowhere. It is creepy as hell, there’s rusty playground equipment, old broken toys and an abandoned caretaker’s cottage the whole place looks like it came right out of a horror movie so you can imagine how scared she was when we got there. We tortured that stupid whore all night long, I guess we got a little carried away though because she ended up dead in the end. I wish I could tell you everything we did to her in detail but there is no way I could get away with publishing something that hardcore here, so you will have to call me for details but you’re in luck you sick fuck, if you live in the US, you can get 20 minutes with both of us for only $40! So if you can handle snuff phone sex this good, pick up your phone now because this special won’t last forever!

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Sensual Domination Phone Sex

by Kara on April 24, 2014

Sensual domination phone sex with Kara.  Do you love a girl being in charge of you, and knowing that you are hers and she gets to do whatever she wants to you?  But in a sensual kind of way.  I would love for you to me all mine.  I will be gentle yet in charge of you.  I will tie you up but instead of using handcuffs I would use some soft ribbon.  That way if you want to get free you can, but that doesn’t mean that I will let you touch me.  I would kiss you softly on your neck, all the way down to your throbbing cock.  I might spank you a bit, but not to the point where I will be hurting you.  I don’t want to give you any pain, I want to give you pleasure, but yet tell you what to do and how to do it.  Your cock and balls are all mine to do with as I please in a gentle way.  I will take over your body.  I will tell you when you can cum, and If you cum to soon, well I will give your ass a little spank.  You will listen to all my commands since I will be the one in charge of course.  I may be bitchy but I can also be sweet in a sensual way.  I will tell you where you can release your load and how you can release it, your cum is also mine.  Lol.  I am in charge of everything, you are in charge of nothing.  You get to just enjoy the pleasures of me being in charge of you.  I may also use toys on you but they will be as pretty as I want them to be.  I like pink, so if I want to stick a dildo in your ass it will be pink with glitter on it.  Lol.  I know you will love it though.  So give me a ring and have some sensual domination phone sex with me, Kara!

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Slut Mommy ReAnna Phone Sex

by Reanna on April 24, 2014

I’m such a fucking slut Mommy. I couldn’t wait for my little ones to leave for school today so I could have my son’s friends Daddy over for a play date. My little ones took their sweet ass time walking out the door and I slammed it behind them. It was about time that they were gone. Time for Mommy to freshen all up and get ready for a play date.

I hopped in the shower and rubbed my pussy so it was fresh and clean. Then I put 2 fingers up my tight Mommy pussy just because it felt so damn good. I couldn’t help it I needed to cum on my own before I came for that sexy Daddy that was coming to see me in just a few short minutes. After I was all refreshed up and clean I got into a sexy little red dress with a black thong. I was all stretched out on the couch when the doorbell rang. In walked my play date cock standing at point in his jeans.

He never spoke a word just walked toward me and kissed me passionately on the lips before he undressed me with his eyes then his hands. I took his cock out of his pants and began to stroke it vigorously and anticipated it down my throat.

We fucked all day long and in every room in the house until minutes before the little ones came home. He left out the door as if nothing happened. I love being a slut Mommy at point ready to spread my legs and fuck whenever possible.

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Secretive taboo tales of cock sucking

by Callie on April 24, 2014

Secretive taboo tales of cock sucking all work week long you are a good husband doing what is expected of you. Even though your wife isn’t fulfilling her wifely duties by giving up that pussy. The mind begins to wander finding yourself on lunch break surfing the net for some dirty pictures of hot chicks, when all of a sudden you see this totally hot chick with a dick. Quickly looking around to see if anyone is watching  you observe this chick with a dick picture. Noticing that an arousal has occurred in the southern portion of said trousers adjusting it as casually as possible. You get up from the desk and head to the bathroom. Looking down at the time and observing that there is still a full 20 minutes left on break. You entered into the bathroom as stealth like as possible. A quick sweep to see if there is anyone one else in the stalls, nope no one else. The last stall looks like the best place to unzip the now swollen trousers and unleash that growing tool. Funny thing is when you pull the phone out of the pocket another page is up, but it has a guy like yourself sucking a tranny cock. Your beside yourself, you can’t believe that your cock is so hard looking at this. Slowly taking it in hand and begin milking your shaft thinking about the possibility of finding a hot chick with a dick that would let you try it once. The thoughts alone are driving you over the edge and before you know it, you have just rubbed yourself to a complete orgasm in less than 2 minutes. What the fuck, you think to yourself, how can I be so turned on by this. You put your phone away wipe the head of your cock and put it away and go back to your desk. For some reason you can’t focus on anything other than looking at it again. Back in the bathroom for the second time in 10 minutes, your cock is raging hard again. Holy shit I must really be undersexed! Sitting on the toilet milking your cock again, admiring the swollen shafts on your phone, licking your lips, you realize you want to suck a cock, no you need to suck a cock. What are you going to do? Well you can start by calling a girl like me that understands the aches and pains of needing to suck a cock. Call me and ask for my April phone sex special 30 minutes for $50, Good for US callers only, one special per day. Hurry this special is only good until April 30th, 2014.

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Mommy Son Phone Sex with Dirty Mommy Daisy

by daisy on April 24, 2014

Just look at this pretty pussy and try and tell me it doesn’t make you drool… you can’t can you? Nope I know my boys way too well for that! I know that you’ve been going in my underwear drawer and in my dirty laundry, you’ve even been in my closet trying on my dresses, now haven’t you? You are obsessed with with the smell and taste of my pussy and that’s why mommy son phone sex is just what you need. Confess all of your dirty little misdeeds to me and I will decide how best to punish you. Maybe you will need to be dressed up all sissified and humiliated in front of some of my girlfriends or maybe you need a spanking. If you’ve been a really naughty boy you may just need a good fucking with Mommy’s biggest strap-on cock or maybe I should invite some real men over to give you a pounding you will never forget! Whatever the punishment is, you know that I only punish you when I have to, Mommy doesn’t like to be mean but when you don’t act the way you should you deserve everything you get…

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