March 2014

Cougar Phone Sex with Cassia

by cassia on March 31, 2014

I want to spill the beans about me and little Jake. I have been watching him grow up from a little boy to a young man. He has always admired me and the way I take care of him. Over the last year or so our sexual relationship has bloomed into something more real… something very serious. I know he is too young and he doesn’t know better, but I can’t stop. The more he presses for me to show him the wonders of sex, the more I want to teach him. He is just so excited about life and women, everything is a new experience to him. I like being the one that he will always remember in his life, the woman who shaped him into becoming a man. I am the first pussy he’s ever felt since he left his mother’s and that makes me delighted. I wanna show this little boy the wonders of fucking and maybe by the time he’s a man he can return the favor by fucking me just as good. I will teach him everything I know, I plan on teaching him about the pleasure of potty play along with teaching him how to make a woman cum. I love young cock and Cougar Phone Sex fills my urges! I want a little boy dick inside me. I want to make him MINE. I will have his little dick cumming nonstop.

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex

by Ginger on March 31, 2014

Cock Sucking Phone Sex get it from the best little cock sucker around. I’m Ginger and I am a bar slut that really enjoys entertaining my customers. I give the best customer service around that is why my bar is always full. They don’t just come for the beer. They cum for the sex. I have a room in the back of my bar where anything can happen. When my bar is open that is where I take real good care of my customers. When the bar is closed you might find me fucking on the bar, the pool table, a booth, where ever. I am a self proclaimed bar slut. I enjoy sucking cock and getting fucked. I love gang bangs, and 3 sums. There isn’t much I won’t do for a cock and some cum. I guess I suck so well because I have been practicing since I was young. I want to take care of your cock like I take care of all my friends. I want to hear what you think of a woman like me. Have you ever been with a woman like me? If not then you haven’t had the best damn sex around. I have always been easy and a bit sleazy. I have always loved fucking. And  I think a woman should know what her man likes and needs when it comes to sex. I will take good care of you baby. Cum blow your load with Ginger. 

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Cum Slut Phone Sex

by Vikki on March 29, 2014

Cum Slut Phone Sex that is what you get with me, Mommy Vikki. I am a whore for cock and cum. I never get enough. It is a total addiction for me. Usually my son helps me out when I am begging for cock. He and his friends love to party and fuck Me. It’s great but they can’t stay here forever. So when they are off working I am lonely and always looking for Cock. I decided I should probably find a job to keep me busy. Being on the phone talking about sex all day helps a lot. I love to talk about my slutty life. All the cocks I have sucked and fucked. All the parties I have been too where I was one of the few women. And I became the party favor. Lots of gang bang action, bukkake fun, and double penetration.. I love times like that. I guess I really do have an addiction. I think about cock and cum all the time. I masturbate a lot. And I thought why should I do that alone. I think mutual masturbation would be a lot of fun. I have a lot of toys and a lot of time. Cum Slut Phone Sex is pretty darn hot. I would love to make you cum over the phone. Mommy Vikki really needs your cock and all of your cum baby. Call me and lets get off together.

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Goddess Worship Service with Priestess Dominno

by dominno on March 28, 2014

Goddess Worship Service Phone Sex is now in session. Drop to your knees and crawl over here. Such a good little parishioner. This is a lifestyle choice you are making. I hope you are aware of that. I am going to expect weekly visits at the very least. Calls to me showing me just how smitten you are with your Priestess and tributes because you certainly don’t want your Priestess to have to work a fulltime job in addition to tending Her flock. It would be a shame if I didn’t have time for you AND you are still required to pay.

Tithing to your Leader on a regular basis is certainly the way to win Me over. Your devotion and faithfulness are of utmost importance in our little church. Cum as you are. Nobody is here to look at you anyway. All of My little sheep are here to serve Me. Open your humble self to Me. Let Me into your fucked up little world and I will show you what it is you need in this trip around the sun so you leave this world in good standing.

One by one my congregation finds Me. Mindlessly entering My temple. Cum to Me! I have what it is that you have been yearning for all of these years. It’s time to immerse yourself in Me. Goddess Worship is what it’s all about boys!

Come on boys, drink the koolaid.


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Hardcore Phone Sex With Horny Mommy Robin

by robin on March 27, 2014

    There’s something that happens to a woman’s body as she gets older. Nothing I do can satisfy this throbbing clit of mine! I have lots of toys and I play with them every day. I guess that’s just not enough. Before my son went away to school he used to peek in my room and watch me slam fucking my horny pussy all the time. I knew he was there, watching and stroking his hard, little cock as he did. I kept going until I got the orgasm I was chasing. No matter what I did, it never seemed to be enough. No matter how many times I made myself cum, it was never enough for me. A friend told me I should try doing Hardcore Phone Sex. That way I can talk to boys and cum with them. I have to say, I love it! I talk to all kinds of boys who like playing with a horny Mommy. I love cumming all day long with them. I am never completely satisfied unless my son is home from school though. All those years of him listening to me pound my pussy with dildos and vibrators turned him into my oversexed, little boy. The morning he first came into my room I was making my pussy cum for the third or fourth time. He came in and took his little hands and rubbed my big, swollen clit while I continued fucking my pussy. This Mommy came SO hard! His Mommy took real good care of him too. It became something we did every day and every night. When he’s home, we still play together. I think we always will! Cum play in Mommy’s wet pussy.

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I sleep very soundly.  You might even be able to sneak into my house.  Maybe all the way into my room without waking me up.  I love when a big bad man wakes me up.  Will you surprise me with a cock down my throat?  I get so scared thinking “What is he going to do to me next??”  My pussy gets all wet and hungry because of Rape Fantasy Phone Sex.

I like to be scared.  I like to get all shaky and wide eyed.  I like when you pick my lock or crawl in my window and fuck me without consent.  I am barely legal anyways.  Cum get at me against my will.  Will you be loud, quiet, rough?  Will you make me bleed?  How will I breath with your dick down my throat?  My eyes will tear up and my gagging will get so messy and drool will pour out of my mouth during Rape Fantasy Phone Sex with me.

Hold me down, handcuff me to my headboard,  stuff it in me even if I say NO.  I will whine and protest for you.  And what can you do for me?  Give it to me really mean.  Pull my hair,  smother me, spank me everywhere.  Feel me Struggle against your weight.  I am so small.  Overpower me and make it terrifying.  Shoot your load all over my bedroom to mark your crime.  You are a dirty awful man.  Show it to me.  Show me how bad you are.  You can’t do this anywhere else.

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Daddy’s Slut Phone Sex

by Jessie on March 26, 2014

Daddy’s little girl is all grown up. That really doesn’t change anything, I am, and always will be Daddy’s slut. Growing up daddy took special care of all my needs, wants and desires. Who would think that a tiny girl would have the imagination of a grown woman and be obsesses with finding out what sex is all about. I have found that the older I get, the older I like my daddies. Older men have something very special to offer someone like me. It’s not all about them like it is with guys my age. My daddies or even granddaddies are out to please me. They are willing to do what it takes to see I cum multiple times before they cum even once. It’s impossible to find someone like that in college. College boys are all about wham bam thank you ma’am and they are out. They haven’t learned the art of self control; nor have they learned how to please a woman the way a real woman should be treated. I’m ready to open the door to all new daddies (and granddaddies). You are looking for a sweet young arm charm and I am looking for someone who is interested in meeting all my needs. Let’s hook up.

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Explicit family fun phone sex fantasies

by Lisa on March 25, 2014

Explicit family fun phone sex fantasies are my specialty. I have been fucking my son for a very very long time. My son and I have a special bond, a special connection, a very special love. He will always be my number 1 guy. In fact we plan on getting married and having offspring of our own. How fucking hot is that? I love getting all dressed up for him and waiting for him to come home from school and find me in his bed looking like his slutty Mommy. Sometimes he will surprise me by picking out what he wants to see me in before he fucks me. I love putting on my stockings, garter, bra and sexy outfits for him and then seducing him. Running my stocking feet over his cock through his pants. Or dressing up and going out into public and holding his hand and kissing him passionately while strangers look at us. Explicit family fun phone sex fantasies have always been so erotic to do and talk about. 

One time I snuck him into the sex theater when he was just hitting puberty and we sat in the front row and I milked his young hard cock as the movie played showing a mommy and son fucking for the first time. That night he had a remarkable 6 orgasms in one night. Three of which were deposited inside of me. Oh how I wanted him to plant his young seed inside of me. Call me and ask Mommy for her Sprung is Spring phone sex special 30 minutes for $50, US Callers only special, limit one special per day. You must ask me for it in order to get it. Mommy son phone sex fantasies make me so wet and horny. I love listening to you get so turned on that you rub, stroke, milk, beat that cock for me. I love hearing how the sound of your breathing changes and when I tell you to let me hear you pleasuring yourself that fucking drives Mommy over the edge. Do you want to make Mommy happy? Call me and let’s fuck like bunnies and get off tonight.

Mommy Lisa

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Stripper Phone Sex

by Alexxx on March 25, 2014

I have always lived my life in the fast lane since I was a young teenager. I would love to tell you all about it with some Stripper Phone Sex. I have done it all. Gang bangs, anal, girl on girl, interracial, and more. I enjoy domination, and submission role play scenarios. I am intelligent and curious. And a whole lot of fun. I currently strip at a gentleman’s club, do private stripper parties, and now I do Phone Sex. I really am a No limits kind of girl. I have always been very sexual. I love strutting out on that stage at night and removing my clothes while I watch men throw their money at me. I watch the look on their faces, and sometimes they even reach down to their crotch right their on the main floor. Then when my set is done. I start to get lap dance requests. I have a lot of regulars who know what a lap dance with me is like. Again, Anything Goes in that back room. Because I can’t help myself when I see a hard cock bulging in a man’s pants I have to take it out. And you are going to get a happy ending believe me. Would you like to hear more about my life as a Stripper? Try some Stripper Phone Sex with Alexxx. I promise your cock will be very satisfied before we are done.

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Cheerleader Phone Sex

by Kara on March 25, 2014

  Are you in the mood for some cheerleader phone sex?  Well I sure am.  I am one nasty cheerleader!  I love to suck and fuck.  Just yesterday I had a call with a guy that did a role play that I was a babysitter for his kid.  He came home from work early and cought me smoking out on his porch.  He said that if I didn’t do what he told me to do he would tell my parents about it.  So he made me go into the house and get on his couch on my hands and knees.  He had me put all of my fingers in his mouth and suck on them, then he had me suck on the bulge he had through his pants.  He said if I am a good little slut, he wont tell me parents on me.  So I told him that I was a good little cheerleader slut, and I told him how I fucked three guys in the locker room after a football game.  He thought that it was so hot.  He had me pull out his cock and start sucking on it for him.  I deep throated his cock so good.  He stuck his fingers inside my wet pussy while I sucked on his cock for him.  He told me that he had to fuck my tight cheerleader pussy.  He bent me over and told me to spread my legs nice and wide for him.  He slid his hard cock into my wet pussy.  He started to fuck me good and hard.  He said my pussy was so fucking tight.  When he was close to blowing his load, he took his cock from my pussy and stuck it in my mouth.  He put it deep in my throat and shot his load.  He made me swallow it all up.  I love cheerleader phone sex! 

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