February 2014

Servitude Phone Sex w/ Envy

by Envy on February 27, 2014

Do you understand what servitude means? It means that you are enslaved by Me, Goddess Envy. You are subject to my rules, needs, and wants. And right now, I could really go for a bath. Draw a bath for me, one that is filled with steaming hot water, and prepare to bathe your Goddess. I work hard, play hard, and so I know that I deserve whatever it is that I want! Of course if you are a true submissive then you will understand this and not be a bitch about it, LOL. No, I know you have what it takes to be a true and proper slave. You will follow each of my commands while you are enslaved by Me. 

I see that the bath has been filled and steam is rising. Now it is time for you to undress Me, slave. You will stay by my side and wait for a command. I’m not stupid nor blind, , I can obviously see that your dick is hard. Just for the record, nothing happens between us. You just do as you’re told. You will now bathe Me. I love to watch the look on your face as you run the washcloth against my soft skin. The sight of my naked body brings you pleasure. But your pleasure is irrelevant when it comes to mine. Keep that in mind, slave. You are here to serve Me, ONLY. ~ The Goddess has spoken.

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Phone Sex Therapy with Dr. Dru

by Dru on February 26, 2014

Phone sex therapy is exactly what a “man”, and I use that term loosely, needs. It’s such a positive thing. It’s really a move in the right direction for you. I know that you are dealing with several “issues”. More issues than you could ever imagine. The fact that you are sitting in my office in panties is just the beginning of your problems darling. You look at porn and instead of stroking your tiny little member to a sexy woman; your member is throbbing looking at that big fat cock. Your panties rubbing against that sissy clitty. So go on, stroke yourself stupid while you admire my perfect body. It’s not that you want to fuck me. You, sissy, want to be me. Worship my perfect tits. Worship my sweet pussy. Today’s therapy session will be you, stroking and stroking and stroking until you make a cummy in your panties. Then you will show me what a hot little slut you are. You are going to have to get used to eating mouthful after mouthful of cum; so, today you are going to eat your cum.

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Your Dark Secret: Interracial Fetish

by Precious on February 26, 2014

You love that Interracial fetish don’t you baby? I’ve been texting and call you all day at work, leaving you sexy sensual voicemails on your phone and sending naked picture right to your phone along with dirty messages. You got so aroused that you had to run to the bathroom to try and calm down your cock so your co-workers won’t see your stiffer under your pants. You go from meeting after meeting and that you can think about and that runs through your mind is my black pussy and big juicy booty.

No one would ever suspect that you have this secret that you keep from everyone. Your dark secret, your black pussy on the side. Your terrified that anyone would find out about me, your colleagues, your wife, your friends.. But you just can’t stop can you? I know you feel like your addicted to me and you can’t get your mind off me.. Your cock just throbs the whole time while your at work thinking about my big black full lips around your cock and having my mouth make your entire body just tingle.. I know you’ve been thinking about me all day baby, just give in to temptation.. I know that your going to end up coming to see me after you get out of work. Think of how good it will feel to get some black pussy, what you really crave..

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Rape fantasy phone sex has never been like this!

by billie on February 25, 2014

I did a really bad thing a couple weeks ago, I was supposed to house-sit for Mommy Lisa and instead of just doing my job the way she told me to, I just did whatever I wanted. I had my friends over for parties and we drank up all her booze and totally trashed her house but that wasn’t the worst of it, she probably would have forgiven all of that but I fucked one of her favorite boyfriends and when she found out she was sooooooo pissed! She called me up and cussed me out and told me that she was gonna get me but then there was nothing, I’ve been waiting here freaking out wondering what she was going to do to me and for days there was absolutely nothing. But then, yesterday morning, out of nowhere there was someone pounding on my front door. I just pulled my blankets back over my head and wished for them to go away but they just kicked my door in and dragged me out of bed. It was Mommy Lisa and four of the biggest guys I have ever seen, she said that I better just do as she says but I didn’t want to. I told them to get out and leave me alone but that just made them laugh at me! The biggest guy told me to shut up and I guess I didn’t shut up quick enough because he grabbed me by the hair and shoved his huge cock down my throat, I was gagging and choking but that just made him do it harder! Then they all joined in to hurt me and humiliate me and use me in ways that are way too graphic for me to post here but if you can handle rape fantasy phone sex, call me for all the juicy details…

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Age Play Phone Sex With Wrenn

by Wrenn on February 22, 2014

  I was so board last night that I got naked and decided to use my pink dildo on my tiny little pussy.  I really had to shove it in there to make it fit.  It was so thick.  Well I got kind of loud and the neighbor heard me.  He came over and let himself in, he opened the bathroom door thinking something was wrong with me, but instead he seen me shoving the pink dildo inside my wet pussy.  He said OH my god don’t you think you are a little young to be doing this?  I said no I don’t.  He couldn’t stop looking at me.  He said well this is not good you are making me hard.  I said well I can take care of that for you.  He said no it wouldn’t be right you are to young.  I told him I wont tell if you don’t.  I pulled down his pants and started to play with his cock, before you knew it he was on the floor with his dick inside my tight pussy.  He yelled out so loud when he shot his cum inside of me.  He said it was the best little pussy he ever had, hee hee. 

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Phone Sex Isn’t Cheating

by dominno on February 21, 2014

“I love my wife,” he said.
I sighed. Yes, of course, I knew this. I also know that it’s impossible for one person to meet every one of another’s needs – those kinds of expectations set everyone up to fail.
“I have no doubt you love her, and I’m certainly not interested in compromising your relationship. But you’re here, and right now your cock needs me. Look at it!” I ran my hand over the big bulge in his pants.
He stopped thinking with the big head and let the little one take over. He quickly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. I’d already removed my blouse and my bra and applied a generous amount of lube to my skin. My big, glistening tits were too much for his resolve and he slid his hard prick between them as I shoved them together to give him the friction he craved.
“Ohhhhhhhhh…” he moaned.
Now of course he wasn’t really fucking my voluptuous breasts; he was fucking his own hand. But in the moment, in his mind’s eye, he perceived it differently, and scratching that itch safely and discreetly was the only way to temporarily silence his obsession. His cock had become a tyrannical dictator and ignoring it only made things worse.

Having phone sex isn’t cheating. Call me and succumb to your taboo desires… your aching balls will thank you for it :)  

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Lover Mommy son phone sex

by Lisa on February 19, 2014

Lover Mommy son phone sex 1 888 990 0103

Lover Mommy son phone sex, for a limited time if you ask nicely you can get 30 minutes for $50. You can stroke it like it’s an Olympic sport. Let me help you with all your Lover Mommy son phone sex needs. Mommy is so horny for you right now. I have been laying here in bed all day rubbing, squeezing, and touching myself, waiting for you to get home. Your lover desires so badly right now. The need is too great right now to feel your soft lips upon my lips upon mine, as you slowly and gently begin sliding our moist tongues together. Mother commands you to make love to me, my son. That cock belongs to me as it always will. This lover is craving to feel those hands rub up against these firm breasts. Allowing them to explore all the crooks and nannies of my wonderland. However remember the most important places that Mommy insist for you to excel in is I long to feel your hard young throbbing cock penetrating the inside of this wet pussy. Do it shove that shaft inside of your lover and give it the good hard pounding that it deserves. Don’t hold out on Mommy with that beautiful cock. Hurry home right now your Lover Mommy is waiting for you. Let me please be the Lover Mommy son  phone sex woman for that deserving cock. Mommy is so hot and I enjoy hearing all the naughty stories about what your Mommy used to do to you. Hurry phone sex special is a limited time offer good for US caller’s only, 1 special per day, and you must ask in order to get it. I await your call my little lover boy. Let’s make love today.
Mommy Lisa
Lover Mommy son phone sex

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Putting the brats to work

by Krystal on February 18, 2014

Me and Daisy think alike when it comes to our families, we believe in making them earn everything because no one gets to live for free. Why should these brats get to sit around and have everything handed to them? Not gonna happen here, believe me! Not when we can make really good money off all their tiny little fuckholes, momma has a habit to feed and there is no way I’m gonna let some little bitch whining at me that she doesn’t wanna, stop me from getting what I need! Last night was no exception either, Daisy came over with her brats and we sat around smoking our dope while a long line of men waited patiently to take a turn with the little whores, by the end of the night we had a huge stack of cash and more dope than we could smoke in a month. But just because we have everything we need for now, doesn’t mean we will be giving these little bitches a night off or anything, they’ll be here waiting for you all night long…

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I have a bit of a confession to make. I just might be addictive to white cock. I just can’t seem to get enough of it, and also married men! I love that they are so open and free and a lot of them are a little bit freaky too!

Which I love! Just watching a married man with a ring on his finger guiding his hard cock into my black pussy just gets me so wet I can’t stand it! Sometimes just to taste myself, I like to suck on his ring finger so I can have a taste of my juicy pussy and that white gold…Mmm… I bet your married too and wonder what it would be like to fuck a black chick aren’t you? I’m sure you thought about it once in your life.. Hehehe Everyone has! ;-) Why not give me a try and help me curb my addiction for tonight?!

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Promiscuous Phone Sex Slut Andrea

by andrea on February 17, 2014

I got a call from a man who is a lot like me, open relationships, swinging, we love the whole lifestyle behind it. He was telling me how his wife goes out and fucks constantly, always keeping him updated about it and I was thinking about how hot it made me. I know I’ve always been that one night stand kind of slut, lately I’ve been wanting a man kind of like that. If I plan on tying myself down to just any old fucker, I better tie myself down to one nasty hubby.I might have to find my future nasty hubby at a swinger club like he found his wife. I need to find someone who knows from the get go that I’m not going to quit fucking around any time soon. I was cursed with the need to taste all the different flavors of cock this world has to offer. I know men feel the same way. They see all the different hot bodies they could try and they go wild at the thought. When there is so much this world can offer, why not taste every apple from every tree? Why not have a girl by your side that encourages you to enjoy your sex life to the fullest. This is the best it’s ever been for sex here on planet earth! Are you going to enjoy it or are you going to wish you had? If you want to talk about some nasty stuff, call me,  Ripe Apple Andrea, for your phone sex needs. You won’t believe your ears! 888-550-6720.

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