January 2014

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

by dominno on January 31, 2014

“A gin and tonic sounds good,” he called from the next room. I opened the cupboard and removed two glasses and filled each of them with ice. I washed a lime and cut it into wedges. Then I poured a healthy amount of gin into each glass, filled them with tonic and squeezed freshly-cut limes into both. Not quite finished, though; I had a special ingredient for him. I pulled the dropper out of the bottle and added three drops of the potent sedative to his cocktail. Not enough to knock him out, but enough to make him very pliable and complacent. I stirred our drinks, picked them up and carried them out.
I handed him the drugged libation and watched him down a healthy sip. I placed my hand on his inner thigh and squeezed as I leaned in and softly kissed his neck. He took another swig and I saw his pupils dilate. The drug was already taking effect. I pulled his belt buckle open, and then I slid his zipper down. I pulled his cock out of his pants and he moaned as his cock got hard in my hand. “Oh yeah, suck it… ” he slurred.
Ha ha, he wanted his cock sucked. Who was I to deny a drugged man his wish? Little did he know, he would not be allowed to cum for hours, if I decided he was even going to be allowed to cum at all. I was going to edge him over and over again, and if he gave me any resistance, I’d restrain him.
I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue all around it, pulling him in deeper… and then I pulled him out of my mouth and took a drink of the cold gin and tonic before I resumed his blow job. It was going to be a long night…


As you all know I’m such a spoiled little Daddy’s girl, always getting what I want, whenever I want it. Daddy never tells his sweet princess no. I love how he buys me whatever I want no matter the cost. Nothing is to pricey for his sweet daughter. This is why I was surprised to see how upset Daddy got with his little girl when I went on a shopping spree today! When I got home Daddy was sitting on the couch waiting for me. He had a very stern look on his face. He demanded I sit down on the couch beside him. He explained that the bank had called about the 4,000 dollars in charges on his credit card I had spent today…  Not only did the bank call but he had recieved a call from my school earlier in the morning and was informed that I was flunking out and wasting all the hard earned money he invested in my schooling. He told me how this deserved a spanking, and a hard one at that. He said to me ” you know I love my princess and you can have whatever you want but you have to be a good girl for Daddy.”  

He stood up and grabbed me by my arm, stripped me naked  and bent me over his knee. He proceeded to spank my ass over and over demanding to hear me scream louder and louder with each slap..  Each time his firm hand hit my skin it sent chills up my spine.. I was actually starting to like it. I reached down and rubbed my little pussy as he spanked me harder and harder. Daddy spread my sweet ass cheeks and slid inside me. With each thrust he spanked me. Daddy had to get his little girl back in shape.



Whore n training phone sex

by kendra on January 30, 2014

Whore n training phone sex with my little whore. She is growing up so fast, she got her period and got bread just like I did when I got my cycle. There are a lot of you p-daddies out there that get so excited when I ask you if you love the sound of me disciplining my little whore. Oh yes, let me hear you beat her ass. She lets out a cry that cant decide if is pleasurable or painful to her. I have to tell you it’s a little of both. She love rough phone sex, she may be begging me to stop but really her young cunt is dripping wet with each attack I place upon her soft skin. One of the most beautiful days was when she birthed her little bastard at home. Well it is more like her little hermaphrodite, that’s right her little one has both male and female parts. It is so much fun to play with. We have name her little on SHIT, that is for She, he it which equals Shit. We like to call it our little shit. Now I know what you may be thinking how can this be possible. Well it is very possible cause since we are a family fun playing phone sex family, they say that you aren’t supposed to lay with your relatives. We have been doing it for years with no problems. And we dont see our little shit as a problem at all, in fact how would you like to come play with our newest family member? We are taking bids on it right now. How much would you pay p-daddy to use our little shit for 30 minutes? Just think about it both male and female parts, what a nasty little thing we have right here. It is our whore n training. We are all here tonight looking to play all night long. Daddy went out and got some blow and go and we are getting fucked up tonight. Call me and let us help you with your family fun phone sex fantasies.

                 Dirty Mommy Kendra


Now you know just as well as I do that, you have not been able to satisfy me sexually. Crying like a little bitch doesn’t effect me in the least. Haven’t I told you before there is no crying in cuckolding phone sex. Turn around and watch as a real man fucks your girl. Cum closer, wipe your tears bitch boy. Get down face level with where his big cock is sliding in and out of my juicy pussy. Listen to the sound of my pussy enjoying the fullness of his cock working and massaging the soft walls of my cunt. Open you mouth, wider, I said open your mouth WIDER. Now take his swollen cock out of me and suck my nectar off of his tool. Don’t be fucking shy, as I grabbed the back of your head and shove your mouth all the way down on his cock. Gag on it, YEAH his cock is 10 times the size of your pathetic little boy pee pee. All you are good for is finding me men to fuck and working to keep me here. Tomorrow I want you to find me 3 guys to fuck. I want you to go to the sports bar and find me 3 young hot hung studs to come back and fill my pussy up with a nice cream pie and maybe I will allow you to clean me up. I know that you really love me and you love seeing me get pleasured right before your eyes. Cuckolding phone sex is what you need tonight. Call me and tell me who you are bringing home for me. Then tell me how much you love the thought of eating a multi-flavored creampie out of my freshly fucked pussy. I have already been fucked 4 times today, so when you grow a set of nuts call me and tell me all about your cuckolding cream pie phone sex fantasies.


Wasted Phone Sex Party Girl

by andrea on January 30, 2014

I had so much fun the other night, holy fuck! I got together with my girls and we had a party! There were drunk sluts all over the place. A few hot DJ’s played some sexy tunes. I could see the silhouettes of hotties, pole dancers, and all the other sluts moving their bodies in that sea of music. I found the guy that had the good stuff in the corner doing bumps with his friends. I asked him what I had to do to get some of it. He told me all I had to do was take a few shots for him, his choice. I thought it sounded easy enough, right? Except a few shots later, and then a few shots more, I was feeling pretty wasted. Then he gave me some of that good shit, I sniffed it straight off of him, then another with him, then before I knew it I was dragging this fucker onto the dance floor. We walked out to the flashing lights and loud music, everyone was so unbelievably sexy, especially him. I dove in the middle of the crowd and shook my ass for this guy. I could feel his hard cock rubbing up against me, damn he was Big! I couldn’t help it, I slid my hand down his pants right there on the dance floor, I didn’t care! It was such a turn on just dancing with him while jacking him off. When he asked me if I wanted to go to the back room with him I took him by the hand and dragged him there myself. Then we fucked ALL night.



Confession Phone Sex w/Slutty Nichole

by nichole on January 28, 2014

“Wash that dirty cunt again, you filthy whore!!!” I can hear it in my mind like he is still here. Last weekend It was especially bad…(and good) A bit extreme even for me. I got fucked up on some pretty heavy drugs my Master gave me and I was whored out multiple times out of a hotel room in a seriously bad part of town. This took place the whole weekend…. He just kept giving me more drugs, and I got fucked and fucked over and over again. Cum drenched from head to toe I was violated by every man that my Master wanted. Just when I thought the experience was over another man walked through the door. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes in three or more. I met this “specific Master” a couple of months ago and he has been a constant overseer of my behavior. When he is not in my physical presence I am to confess to him everything and anything I do i.e. when I touch myself without permission, any selfish sexual thoughts I may have, any unauthorized activities. I am whored out by him, commanded by him, punished by him, and very very rarely I am rewarded. The Master-Slave lifestyle is what I was meant for. I’ve never known and understood my place better than now. I am the most obedient painslut there is. My Master says that it ok for me to be others slave. Would you like to explore the position? I live to serve heavy handed assertive dominant men. My frame was made for your abuse. Please unleash your anger on me and control my stupid slutty whorish existence. I’m just a call away, Please let me be yours. (877) 424-8242


Bathtime with Daddy

by billie on January 28, 2014

I had such a fun night last night! Daddy and me got to spend the whole night all alone cus Mommy was out of town and you know what that means right? A whole night of daddy daughter fun! Daddy totally spoiled me too, he took me shopping and cooked me dinner, he even let me have wine! Then it was my favorite part, he ran me a nice hot bubble bath and told me he was gonna wash every inch of my firm young body. Daddy undressed me and helped me get in the tub, then he got a soft washcloth and soaped it up. He gently washed me all over and when he finally got to my little cunny, I was ready to cum! He washed my pretty pink pussy and then picked me up like I was a little girl and lifted me out of the tub. He got a big fluffy towel and dried me off slowly, I was so turned on I could hardly stand it but I stayed still like a good girl for my daddy. Once I was dry, he carried me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed so he could spread my legs and bury his face in my sweet pussy, as soon as his tongue touched my clitty I squirted all over Daddy! I couldn’t help it, it just felt so good! Daddy loved it so much that he shoved his cock balls deep in my pussy and fucked me hard! It was so much fun to have my daddy all to myself, sometimes I wish Mommy would go away forever!


Horny Mommy Phone Sex

by robin on January 27, 2014

    There’s nothing like a really nasty Mommy to play with. I know my naughty boys will agree, I am the nastiest and the horniest! I’m a loving Mommy who likes to use my boys for my own pleasure. I love to share my bed with my boys. That way they are close when I want to snuggle them or use them. It’s HOT to teach them how to please their Mommy. I have always preferred my boys over my ex husband. He was just a way to get what I really wanted. Young, strong Mommy’s boys. They know what a Mommy needs to keep her happy. My pretty, Mommy pussy and big titties are always in need of your attention. If you’re a really good boy, Mommy just might let you put your face between her big tits or maybe even stick your little boy cock in my juicy pussy. Mommy is wet all the time and thinking of you.


Age Play Phone Sex With Wrenn

by Wrenn on January 27, 2014

  I love it when my daddy’s call me, I get so excited for age play phone sex.  This one time one of my daddy’s called me and he wanted to share me with his friends.  Daddy invited his friends over for a friendly game of cards.  Daddy made me get all of the drinks and snacks for them, he made me wear some cute jeans and shirt.  I could tell daddy’s friends were checking me out, I knew what they wanted.  Daddy whispered in my ear that he wanted to watch me get fucked by his 5 friends.  I told daddy I would do that.  Daddy asked me to get naked and walk out in front of his friends, they just dropped there jaws.  I laid right on the card table and started to rub my pussy for them.  Soon they all had their cocks out stroking them watching me play.  Daddy told them to go ahead and fuck me.  All 5 of them took turns fucking my tight pussy, daddy sat there stroking his cock watching, and loving every minute of it.  I so love all my daddy’s!! 


A Hard Surprise: Sleeping Phone Sex!

by betty on January 27, 2014

I love sleeping naked, the feeling of my silk sheets pressed against my nude body as I roll over and the silk rubs against my nipples. I feel so nestled into my bed and natural. I sleep so much better this way. 

Well to my surprise I was awaken by a warm hand sliding its way up between my soft legs. I thought it was just a dream so I drifted back into a deep sleep. Of course I always dream of sex. Usually of some hardcore porn, like sex that you wouldn’t believe could be possible. So I’m pretty sure my pussy was soaking wet. As my hands caressed my full Breast.  My breath deepens and I began to feel extremely excited. I swear I am always playing with myself in my sleep just as much as I am when I am awake!  

Suddenly I am awakened, gasping for air as I am rolled onto my stomach and I feel his hard Cock thrusting in and out of my wet pussy… I realize this is not a dream, that I am being fucked! And being fucked hard! I feel his hand as he tightens his grip around my throat. I squeeze my pussy tighter. He whispers in my ear… “Cum my sweet little sex slave cum” I know the voice. It’s my master… I burst my creamy sweet juices and feel them drip down his balls onto my legs. Such a wonderful hard surprise for this sleeping submissive beauty.