December 2013

New Years Resolution Phonesex

by Precious on December 31, 2013

Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution to start off the new year right? Well so do I. Even though my New Years Resolution might not be the same or G rated like everyone else’s might be. Hehe. You my friend and I have a competition going on the day before New Year’s and it’s how many cocks the two of us can suck before midnight into the New Year. The whole day before on New Year’s Eve, my friend and I patrol bars, streets, clubs practically anywhere looking for men to please with our mouths. We have quite a healthy competition going and it can get pretty brutal. There have been times where we will pretty much fight over who gets to suck a man’s dick if and when we do find one all my his lonesome looking to take a girl back home with him.. Hehe. And I am very much a competitor. I do not like to lose in the slightest! I’ll even invite a group of guys back to my place to get the job done and just have them all get their cocks out right in a row, and suck one after the other after the other, until either they all explode all over me, or until my mouth gets tired.. But that is usually a rarity. Since I love to suck cock and I do it and much as possible, my mouth is now immune to being tired and there is no cock too big for me to stuff in my mouth and down my throat anymore… So, who wants to help me win?! We can both start our New Year off right together!


Daddy’s Home For Christmas!

by maddie on December 24, 2013

My sweet Daddy was suppose to work all of Christmas and this just had his sweet princess all upset. Christmas would just not be the same without my sweet Daddy to spend it with.  So I did what any good girl would do. I just knew Daddy couldn’t resist his daughters sexy body and sweet voice! So I emailed him sexy selfie pictures of me and I left him naughty voice messages. I wasn’t surprised when I woke up this morning and ran downstairs to find Daddy sitting in his chair smiling at me! He loves his little girl too much to not spend Christmas with me. Even if it means he will loose his job Daddy does anything I ask! I am such a spoiled little princess!!!

What are you going to be doing this Christmas? I know what I will be doing, Sitting on my Daddy’s lap and pleasing his Cock all night and day!

Merry fucking Christmas to me!

– Maddie –


She’s is on the naughty list-exxtreme age play phone sex. She wants to be just like me, a dirty whore. Just think her soft olive skin, pink blush lips, innocent face, small erect nipples, bald little mound. And an eager disposition to seduce you into letting her milk your cock.  Your balls are so swollen and you can’t stop thinking about being able to fuck her. Every time you see her your cock starts to grow, you know it’s wrong to want to put your adult cock inside of her. But you can’t help it, it turns you on so much. Just look at the little whore, the way she dresses. Short skirts, socks that go up over her sweet young knees, thong cotton panties, a see-through blouse with her young small perky nipples peeking out. She is such a little cock tease, boy if you could just get her alone for 30 minutes, the things you would do to her. You know she would be coming back for more. Just imagine her soft lips stretched out over the head of your cock and those beautiful eyes peering up at you. You can’t help but fucking her face feeling all her saliva drip down your shaft onto your swollen balls. You push her mouth off your cock looking at the stream of her saliva from her young lips to the tip of your cock. She looks up at you and says I’ve been a naughty girl I need to be punished, you are making my virgin pussy so wet.

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Dirty Whore Mommy



Mommy ReAnna’s Christmas Party Phone Sex

by Reanna on December 22, 2013

Who says that a Mommy can’t drop the thuh thuh. Hell yeah I can! I can drop it like it’s hot with the best of them. I really get hot and horny when my son brings his friends over to have a little bit of a party. It excites me knowing that they can’t wait till I have a few drinks in me. That’s when they make a stage just for me on the coffee table with them all the swarmed around me with their dollars I hand, having me drop it. My son has gotten to the point that he is used to all of the attention that his friends give his sexy Mommy. I think he really gets turned on and enjoys watching me strip rub my pussy and play with my tits as all the buddies swoon huddled around me as their little cocks gets so hard. That is when the clothes begin to come off and I’m standing there in a little negligee, with matching bra and panties and a garter belt. My house is the favorite place to be for all men and boys. They enjoy coming over to get there chubby on. Christmas party at my house Sunday night, I can’t wait. I’ll be all wrapped up and waiting to find out who the lucky winner is to unwrap this sweet delicate package. Call late tomorrow night for details on the fest ivies. I know you want to find out what happens.


Happy Holidays from Ramsey! Switch Phone Sex!

by Ramsey on December 22, 2013

Boys and Girls, Happy Holidays to you all! Have you been good little ones all year long? Are you ready for Santa’s big fat stocking stuffers? Fuck I am! As a switch I enjoy playing back and forth with my partner trading off dominance and submissiveness. It’s the best of both worlds. I am able to assert myself in certain ways that really turns him on and there are definitely sides of me that get so aroused by being treated like a slave. Being called names is another thing that I truly enjoy. The more fucked up, creative names get my pussy the wettest. I like a slick sick twisted sense of wit, can you dig? I crave a hard cock pumping me until your balls are fully drained and my pussy is spent! I truly want you to MAKE ME YOUR WHORE (.com ) If you want a dirty cum slut for XXXmas, I’m your girl! I love Tit-fuck fantasy, forced-sex fantasy, BDSM, Switch-play, and whatever you can curl your mind around! I’m here to rock your cock anyway you’d like it, baby, It ALL makes me cum! Steal away when the wifey isn’t looking or maybe while your girlfriend is out doing some last minute shopping and let’s have some fun! I’ve got a deal good deal right now, $50 for 30 whole minutes with your little slut, Ramsey. I am very limber and posable, a living “fuck-doll” if you please. Drop a little change my way and I promise you won’t regret it.  Happy Holidays from your favorite switch partner, Ramsey!




French Maid Fantasy Phone Sex

by dominno on December 22, 2013

I stayed at a hotel last night with some friends. We had a LOT of Christmas cheer, I guess you could say.

I started feeling really horny, so I started making out with my girlfriend Cassidy . “Dominno,” she said, “it’s all about giving at this time of year… I have an idea!”
She jumped up and came back with two French Maid outfits. “Here, put this on, you sexy bitch!”
We changed and she led me out of the room and knocked on the door next to us. “Housekeeping,” I called through the door. After a minute, the door opened and a man stood there, looking at the two of us with the most peculiar expression on his face.
Merry Christmas!” Cassidy said to him. She grabbed my hand and pushed past him. “Ok, now let’s pick up where we left off and give this guy an early Christmas present!”
Cassidy flicked her tongue out and licked my lips. She started pulling the top of my dress down and when the guy got a look at my tits, he pulled his cock out and started stroking it. Cassidy and I got on the bed and started pulling each other’s French Maid outfits off, kissing and touching each other, watching him. She slid her hand down inside of my panties and started rubbing my clit. I started cumming almost instantly! I pulled her on top of me and started licking her sweet pussy. She wiggled around and started eating mine at the same time. That was pretty much all it took for our lucky hotel neighbor. He started shooting his load all over the carpet and bedspread.
So much Christmas cheer, so little time, lol!


Stripper Phone Sex For Christmas

by Kendall on December 21, 2013

  I still love to strip and show off my hot body at times.  I think it would be so much fun to have some stripper phone sex with you.  Have you ever been to the strip club before?  Well if so I would love to hear all about it, and how much tits and ass were up in your face.  I know you would love to have me dance all up on you!  My big DDs in your face and my freshly shaven cunt.  How about my hot ass grinding on you.  I love to feel a hard cock against my ass hole while I grind, lol.  I might even take you in the back for a bit of fun on the side.  We can get as hot and dirty as you like, I have no limits.  Don’t be shy, give yourself a little Christmas treat this year.  We still have our special going on, 30 minutes for $50.00 USA only, you have to ask to get it!!


BEG to be my wallet b*tch!

by Envy on December 20, 2013

You don’t deserve Me. You ARE NOT entitled to any part of Me. You are simply a sad excuse for a man, baby dick! All I want to do is laugh at you as you stumble over yourself, begging to be my little wallet bitch. I will do whatever I want with you financially. That’s right, I own your pathetic ass and you want to know the sad thing about that is? You. You know that I give no fucks about you. You’re so pathetic that you fucking love it. The more begging you do to give Me all of that hard earned money from your wallet makes the tiny stub between your legs twitch and the bitch inside Me come out to play.

You are going to tell Goddess how badly you want to give Me all of that cold hard cash. I want to hear in your voice just how badly you need Goddess Envy to take away your money! You want some attention from Me?? Then BEG b*tch! Beg Envy to treat you like the little nothing you are. I’m not here to stand around and look pretty while you only jerk off your baby dick. Lmao. I’ll be on the phone and looking at the stilettos I’ve been dying to strap onto my feet. Meanwhile, your ass will be begging to give me the money to buy the shoes and much more! If you show me how bad your wallet needs to be used up by Me then I might just make that cash mine and let you drain your baby dick finally! Not so fast though!.. I’m still skeptical about you. You really don’t deserve Goddess Envy.


Family fun phone sex

by Callie on December 20, 2013

Family fun phone sex, now that’s what I am talking about.  Getting down and dirty with my family is so fucking hot, especially with my paw paw. I love it when he is in the shower and I sneak in and watch him through the shower curtain stroking his old man cock. Then when he opens up the shower curtain he see’s me sitting on the toilet legs spread stroking my 7.25 young hard cock. He licks his lips and climbs out of the shower and immediately drops to his knees begging me to give me a taste. I rub the head of my teen tranny shemale cock over his eager lips, then smack him across his face. You want to taste me paw paw? Beg me for it! Tell me how hard it makes your old man cock to suck a she-male cock! Tell me how much you love it when I bring over my friends, who are chicks with dicks, and they fuck you. Be a good cock whore paw paw open your mouth wide and take all of me down your throat. MMMMMM good old man! Just then my uncle opens the bathroom door and see’s his dad sucking my cock. Guess what happens next??? Call me and I will tell you all about it. I bet my family fun time is better than yours. Limited time phone sex special 30 minutes for $50, US Caller’s only. 1 special per day. Cum all ye mouthfuls. You like sucking teen tranny she male cock? Chicks with dicks phone sex right up your alley? Whatever it is about chicks with dick phone sex that makes your cock hard, usually makes mine hard too. I will do mutual masturbation phone sex with you and we both can get off. You like for me to get rough with you, giving your rough phone sex I can do that too! I want to get real fucking nasty with you. Hurry up and call me and ask for my Cum all Ye Mouthfuls phone sex special, special ends on 12-25-13 Midnight. Eastern Standard time zone. You must ask me for it in order to get it. Let’s Cum together! Teen Tranny Callie



Cuckolding phone sex-This is how it’s done-son

by Cookie on December 20, 2013

Cuckolding phone sex– This  is how it’s done son!

I know you wish you could fuck me like this, but we both know that will never, ever happen. Your cock is so dysfunctional that is why it must be locked up in a case. You don’t deserve to cum everyday like a real man does. You can’t control how easily you get excited. Just looking at my pussy makes pre-cum ooze out of your little cock. I want you to study this little video I took with my cell phone. Look at the way he is pounding the fuck out of my pussy. This is how it is done, slamming that hard shaft deep upside of me, banging his swollen balls off my ass. Listen to me scream with pleasure as I look over at you all locked up in your cage. Your little cock could never satisfy my fuck hole, all I keep you around for is your money and to clean up my freshly fucked pussy. And sometimes I might even use you as my fluffier. That’s right get over here right now, crawl to me open your mouth and stick out your tongue get this strangers cock all wet and hard to fuck me. Look at how wet it’s making me turning you out like a little cock slave. I grab you by the back of the head and shove your face inside my pussy. Smell it bitch, lick that cum out of my fuck hole! You are going to place his big cock right inside of that fuck hole opening and maybe if you are lucky I will let you clean up my cream pie, or I may just make you suck his cock dry. Come on you nasty little slave boy call me and take advantage of my limited time phone sex special 30 minutes for $50. You can only use one special per day and this is good for US caller’s only. You must ask me for it in order to receive it. This phone sex special ends 12-25-13 Midnight eastern standard time zone. Even if you aren’t a cuckold boy, maybe you are just a little bi-curious I can help you with your needs too! Cuckold Cookie