November 2013

Cum Play with Ginger

by Ginger on November 30, 2013

I am ready to gobble up some cock today baby. Anyway you want to give it to me. This bar slut is wet and ready. You know how much I love to suck and fuck. I am always wide open for kinky play. Yesterday while all the wives and girlfriends were out maxing out the credit cards I was taking care of their men. They were out in droves looking for some fun. And who better to give it to them than Bar Slut Ginger. So remember baby you don’t have to sit home and do nothing while she shops. Pick up the phone and cum play with Ginger. I will take real good care of you I promise. I am a NO limits cock sucking whore. And I certainly know how to please. Don’t Jerk off Alone … Pick up the phone and let Ginger get you off Good.

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Your Accomplice Beautiful Betty!!

by betty on November 29, 2013

Beautiful Betty just loves to be submissive but from time to time I enjoy being an accomplice. It’s so easy to get what I want with these beautiful green eyes of mine! It get’s them every time. Being a beautiful woman is also what makes me hard to resist. I have a fantasy in mind. It’s pretty deep. I want a master to come and play. I want us to find us a submissive little pet. I want to be an accomplice in making that bitch our dirty slut! I want to make her do all kinds of slut things. I want to be the one giving the spanking this time instead of being on the receiving end. I want to make the slut cry and beg. I even want to strap her. That’s right I want you to watch this sexy woman strap and fuck a submissive slut! We should even DP her’ That will be a lot of fun! I can’t wait. Are you looking for some accomplice phone sex tonight with a beautiful woman like me?!

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Uncle Tom’s Naughty Niece!

by maddie on November 28, 2013

I just love Thanksgiving!! Lot’s of good food but also there is a lot of family time! I love visiting my sweet old Uncle Tom. He knows just how to make Maddie feel special. He always gives me money when I visit. He knows I love to go shopping so he spoils his little princess. Uncle Tom knows just how to play with sweet little Maddie. He loves for me to sit on his lap. I can feel his Cock pulsing through his jeans against my little bottom. He always rubs my little legs and looks up at me and tells me how beautiful I am. He loves when I wear my denim short skirt. He ask me to bend over in front of him so he can slap my little bottom. See Uncle Tom was the first one who taught me how to suck a Cock. And it was a very long time ago. He always told me that I had to let him play with me whenever he wanted because he loves me. This is why I just love age-play and family fun! I can’t get enough of how naughty it makes me feel to please my Uncle Tom! I was a special little girl for Uncle Tom this Thanksgiving. Go ahead and call me and ask me about it ?! Why don’t you spend Thanksgiving with me? You can have 15 Minutes for $20!!! US ONLY. Limited time offer. Grab it now! Love, Maddie


Whore Mommy Kendra needs hard cock now

by kendra on November 28, 2013

Your dirty whore Mommy Kendra needs hard cock now!! I hear you on the phone when you start pounding that cock in hopes of sneaking into my room late at night and getting rough with me. Mommy is so horny for you baby! I need to feel your young hard cock penetrating my aching, wet pussy. It has been all night since I have felt something hard and thrusting deep inside my Mommy cunt. Yes I know that is far too long for a filthy family fun Mommy to go without a cock inside her. It’s the middle of the night, I am sleeping naked, hoping you will bring your horny hard cock into my bedroom and have your way with me. You know Mommy can still get pregnant. How fucking hot would that be for you to impregnant Mommy with your seed?

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Young Mommy Kendra


My bitch boy-cousin

by Callie on November 28, 2013

Look at how good he is taking my teen tranny she-male cock.


Lips stretch firmly around my growing shaft, look at how full my tranny balls are. I want to drain them deep down his throat. Lucky for him I can keep fucking and get hard right after emptying my load inside is pie hole. I have special plans for that uncharted asshole. I am going to stretch him out and use his fuck hole to please my cock. I may just have to provide him with a hot golden shower as a nice reward for being my bitch boy tonight. I am so fucking horny that I cant stop stroking my cock. I want to turn as many of you closet she-male fuckers into my little bitch boys. For a limited time I am doing a phone sex special 15 minutes for $20. US Callers only. You little bitches have to ask me for the special n order to get it. 1 fucking special per day! Are you a nasty closet cocksucker that loves to stroke their cocks to hot teen tranny she-males like me? I will let you listen to me pound my cock, or fuck my little bitch boy cousin or one of my peeps in my family. That’s right I am into family fun phone sex. I like to fuck old men and make them service my cock and beg for me to peg them. Come on all you dirty old men fuckers out there I know just what you need. That’s all 7.25 inches of my rod! Let’s fuck tonight!

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Submit to Me Phone Sex

by dominno on November 27, 2013

Several months ago, I received an email and a subsequent phone call from a very sexy man who was interested in exploring his submissive side with me. He sent me a picture of himself, and although I’d love to post it, I haven’t asked him for his permission to do so, and well… discretion is a cornerstone of my practice. Trust me when I say though, that he’s very lean, muscular, tan and smooth. Anyone looking at him would never guess he’s got submissive desires and deviant tendencies.
We got to know each other a little, and then he disappeared. This isn’t uncommon; once a man gets a taste of my exquisite creativity, raw sensuality and dominant nature, he almost always comes back… because the need for sexual fulfillment is as primal and urgent as basic survival, and the more you try to repress your true nature, the more insistent it becomes, until it consumes you.
He got back in touch and explained that due to extenuating circumstances, he’s unable to call me at this time, but requested I give him instructions to comply with.
I had him bind his balls in rubber bands and told him he was not allowed to cum until I gave him permission. With his cock rock hard and his balls tight, he expressed his pleasure at serving me.
Today, he visited the local bath house, and below is the message he sent me regarding his experience:
I arrived at the bathhouse, paid for my locker, stripped down, got in my towel and went to the steam room. As I opened the door, the thick, stinging steam caught me by surprise. I removed my towel and venture through the dark steamy room. The room is only 8 x 10, but with the darknes and steam, it isn’t even possible to see through to the other side. I sat my naked ass on the hot tile and breathed in the damp, musky air and exhaled deeply. It was at that moment that I began to make out the figures of three large while men. All of these men were holding their big cocks and staring at my mouth. I took that as a hint to get on my knees with my back in the corner. The heat from the room was very intense and made sweat start to bead up all over my body.

The first man grabbed me by the hair and roughly thrust his 7″cock into my mouth and straight down my throat with one swift movement. I felt one of the other man’s hand hold the back of my head with my lips wrapped tightly around the base of his rock hard cock. They soon released their grasp and each took turns facefucking me for the next 10 to 15 minutes. The heat of the room and the musky taste of the different men’s cocks had me turned on more than ever. My body was soaked with a mixture of sweat and spit from both my mouth and the men.

Eventually, each of the men grew tired of me, and I assume in interest in preserving their loads for someone elses annonymous hole, left me in the dark. A crowd of a few other men had apparently gathered to watch my facefucking gangbang and they soon left also. I went and showered off, and ventured back to the cold reality of the real world…. for now…

I look forward to hearing more instructions from you, and as you can tell, I am not very timid.

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Eat My Pie

by Wrenn on November 27, 2013

 Oh daddy your sweet Wrenn has a sweet treat for you this thanks giving.  I have a tight little body and pussy for you to play with.  I so would love for daddy to come and eat my sweet pie for me.  It is so sweet and juicy, and tastes so much better then any other pie.  You can run your tongue up and down my little slit and brush it against my clit.  You wont be able to stop tasting it.  You know what is best about my pie?  Well, you can fuck my pie, stick your hard rod right on in and make that cock of yours feel great.  You know what would really top off my pie?  Some of your cream, lol.  I want you to fill my pie up with your cream daddy.  So give your sweet treat a call, and have some pie!


Cum Eating Phone Sex

by Kendall on November 26, 2013

 Gobble Gobble Bitch, lol.  I know what I want to eat for thanksgiving, it’s not turkey and it’s not ham.  I want to eat your cum for thanksgiving.  I want you to fuck all of my tight wet holes and then shoot your load all over my plate.  I will get down on my knees and lick my plate clean.  All I can think about is having a plate full of cum.  I am playing with my wet cunt right now just thinking about eating your cum.  Cramming my nine inch dildo inside my pussy and ass until I squirt all over the place.  We can role play, age play or just get down right dirty.  I just want to have some cum eating phone sex.  Give this naughty bitch a call and feed me your cum.


Preacher’s Cougar Whore Wife Phone Sex

by reese on November 26, 2013

Things have been wild and crazy in my life lately. Being the Preacher’s wife has its advantages. I told you all that I want to start getting wild and dirty. That is just what I did. Not only was the Preacher’s wife a whore for the weekend she was a Black Cock Loving Cougar Whore. I met the sweetest young man. He was a sweet little chocolate drop. I couldn’t help but flirt with him and make his young cock throb. I thought oh he is so young and naïve. Was I wrong, he was young but that boy sure knows how to please women! That sexy young chocolate drop made my pussy so wet. I had to go shower before I went to church Sunday morning. My Holy Roller husband was too busy to escort me to a party some of my friends were throwing. So I went on my own and met this young man. I couldn’t help it I had to get me some big black dick.
The party was in a hotel so I used the church charge card and rented a room. Called my husband and told him I had too much to drink asked him to come and pick me up; he is the one who said to rent a room but he never did say use the churches money. I guess he will be surprised when he gets the bill now won’t he? I knew I was going to be able to get that sexy little thing to follow me; that is when I pointed at him and fingered him to follow me. We snuck up to the room and as the door shut I seduced him and had my way with him or maybe it was the other way around. He threw me around like a rag doll. I loved every minute of it from being slammed around to having a big cock in my ass.
If you would like to hear more please call me and I will fill in the blanks. Before I was headed off to church we exchanged numbers and he is going to help fulfill my fantasy of a 3 some oh I can’t wait to be fucked from both ends. The Preacher’s wife should have become a Cougar Whore a long time ago.


Trailer Trashy Mommy Phone Sex

by Krystal on November 25, 2013

    I started my own little brat watching business. I needed ca$h for my special kind of medicine and there’s tons of brats running around my trailer park. Seems everybody is trying to make money for the holiday season. Some are tricking and some others are getting part time work at the Golden Arches, Wallyworld, just about anywhere else that needs the extra help this time of the year. I can’t do that kind of work because I have special needs. These needs of mine need to be filled as constantly as possible. Every day and every night I’m looking for ways to get what I need. Sometimes I run out of ways to get the money for this dirty, little habit of mine, so I have to get creative. Since my brats are on a little vacation over at the state agency’s home for troubled brats, I decided to take in other people’s brat while they work. I’m about as used up as krack whore trailer trash can get, but I have ways of getting what I need. I have tons of fresh brat meat for your twisted p-cock fantasies. The hunger is setting in and I need some of that special rock candy baby. You know what I need. Bring me enough and you can play hard with these little treasures I have. I’m waiting to be your accomplice and make the trade baby…