October 2013

Your Beautiful Submissive Treat!

by betty on October 31, 2013

I had the privilege of being the beautiful pet to Master J last night. I was such a good slut for him. Doing just what he asked I was able to please and serve him just the way he likes. On all fours on the cold tile floor I gladly took my spankings. I was instructed to count and thank him for each spanking. As his bare hand slapped hard against my ass I felt the sting that sent chills up my spine and left my Cunt dripping. He then decided to use his flogger to whip my Cunt. There is no other orgasm like it. With each slap against my Clit, I wanted more and I wanted it harder and harder. He knew just how to make this beautiful submissive slut cream. He placed his hand around my neck squeezing as he looked deep into my eyes and whipped me  until I was ready to explode! Then he demanded I beg him to let me cum. And I did, over and over until he whispered softly into my ear ” come for your master Beautiful Betty, Cum” 

Let’s make this Halloween Special. I’ll be your submissive treat. You can have me for 30 minutes for $50.00. US ONLY Limited Time Offer. Don’t miss it! ~ BETTY


Mommy is waiting for you

by Lisa on October 31, 2013


Mommy is so very horny right now. It’s Halloween and my pussy is needing to get pounded by your young hard cock. I am feeling so nasty I am about to put this pillow between my legs and start hunching it to get my Mommy juices all over it. When you come home this is how you will find me, on all fours waiting for you to slide underneath me and suckle right up to my big juicy Mommy breast. Then Mommy is going to force your head between her legs and make you eat me out until I am tired. So you better get those lips and tongue ready for a good face fucking from Mommy. Mommy- son phone sex gets me so turned on. I am going to answer the phone while you are trapped underneath of me and I am going to tell all the dirty boys out there what I am doing to you. Do you have Mommy son fantasies that you want to share with me, cause you know it gets me going? I love hearing how you worship your Mommy! Maybe you worship your Mommy’s panties, or her shoes, or maybe you like to be Mommy’s little slave and help her get ready for her dates. Whatever it is that you love to do with or to Mommy, you can share it with me : )

Come on Call Mommy tonight and let me hear you pound that meat for me!

Phone Sex Special

30 Minutes for $50

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1 special per day

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All he could do was watch

by Cookie on October 29, 2013

I didn’t even stop to think about how it would make you feel, walking in to see me getting pounded by a real cock. I had to have your best friend at any cost, I needed to feel that big thick cock deep inside of me. I craved the idea of you walking in and seeing me get so much pleasure from him and his cock. Even when you did finally walk in and caught us fucking, I just kept riding his cock, faster and harder. Knowing you my cuckold boyfriend would do nothing but watch made me cum even harder on his cock. Your little cock could never provide me with the sexual satisfaction like your best friend. As I was grinding my hips on his dick I was telling him what a great lover he was and how your little boy weenie I couldn’t feel ever. So the best you can hope for is to jack off as you watch me get off on a nice big hard cock. I tell you what my cuckold boyfriend, I will let you call me and ask me for my 30 minutes phone sex special. 30 minutes for $50. This is a limited time offer good for US callers only. One special per day. Hurry up you got to ask me for it in order to get it.

Cookie your Cuckold Girlfriend


Mommy Whore Vikki

by Vikki on October 29, 2013

My son just let me have a great time with him and his girlfriend. I love it when he makes me his whore in front of her. Or any of his friends. I love his cock and I want everyone to know it. He treats me like a dirty cock sucking slut. He tries to make me jealous by fucking his girlfriend in all her holes and making me watch until he is ready for me to get down and dirty and lick his ass until he shoots a big load of cum in her ass so I have to lick it out then he will fuck me. I don’t mind as long as he gives me that big fucking cock. I will be his Dirty Mommy Whore. I also love it when he lets me get his friends off while he fucks me. My son knows I love cock and he brings his friends over when He knows Mommy is so horny. And all kinds of kinky stuff happens. Would you like to hear about Mommy Whore Vikki and what she will do for Cock. Call me baby I will tell you everything. And get your cock off real good. My mouth is watering for cock right NOW!!!


Connoisseur Phone Sex

by dominno on October 24, 2013

I’ve always appreciated the finer things in life. I have this weird inherent ability to say – for instance – look at ski boots (I don’t ski) and somehow choose the most expensive boots. It’s even worse with things I do know about. I’m naturally drawn to the best of the best, and I have sophisticated tastes.
In an effort to be more budget-conscious, I took a part time job in a high-end boutique wine shop. Fine wines are expensive, but I get a discount, and I get opportunities to taste before I buy.

Last weekend, my favorite sales rep visited the store late in the day. I was actually just about to start closing up. He pulled five bottles out of his bag and said, “you’ve gotta taste these wines, Dominno. They’re amazing and you’re going to love them.”
I pulled two glasses from under the counter and he pulled the cork on a highly allocated Willamette Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir happens to be one of my favorite vareitals.
I swirled the wine in my glass, opening it up and admiring the ruby color. Then I put my nose into the glass and smelled. Ohmyfuckinggod it was complex. Finally, I tasted. Elegant, earthy, bright fruit, good acidity, perfectly balanced. I felt my nipples get hard.
I looked at the rep and said, “I’ll take a case.”
“I can’t sell you a case of this, Dominno. It’s small production. I just wanted you to taste it, because I knew you’d appreciate it.”
“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to change your mind?” I asked as I walked over to the door and locked it, flipping the “CLOSED” sign over and unzipping my dress. I slipped it over my shoulders and it slid over my hips to the floor. Underneath, I was wearing only a pair of thigh-high black stockings.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of fine things, give me a call. We’ll have a lot to talk about.


Nichole’s Subbie Explanation

by nichole on October 23, 2013

 I have always been a submissive girl. I was raised with the understanding that women are supposed to serve men and cater to them at all costs. My father had a very heavy hand so naturally my mother was never out of line. I, now, in my adulthood have adopted the lifestyle of complete submissive cum-slut and I couldn’t feel more at home with it.  Each of the players in my life of whom get to manipulate me make me feel more and more dirty with their punishments. I am put in my whorish place, where I deserve to be. I’ve always been more of a sexual creature than others and this is the perfect way for me for me to exist. I want you to force me to do things that only you could come up with, there is nothing too sadistic or wrong. Have you ever heard of the zipper treatment? I used to get it regularly from a “certain” gentlemen. Sir, do  you hear my pleas of submission and yearning for your torture? I’m nude or in your favorite dress to rip off of me at the drop of a hat. Just order me so. On my hands and knees or held against the wall tight by restraints, OR just your knife? ;-) Nothing is going too far, I am at your beck and call. US callers ask about our specials, I am dying to play with you today.




Ram your Rod down Ramsey’s throat!

by Ramsey on October 23, 2013







Nothing better than getting morning head, right?  I’m a dirty girl who will slip into your bed at night and wake you up with quite a delight! I have always enjoyed giving head. It’s all about the attention to detail in my opinion. If you like a little bit of anal play while I’m down there, just tell me! I’m not scared and I promise I won’t hurt you… I go slow, get into it, gauge to see how you are doing then I really let you fuck my face! I was born without a gag reflex so that also is a great factor in me being able to take it BALLS deep ;) No cock too large or too small, I love them all!! Even into getting your ass licked??? Haha, I’m one dirty kinky girl I’ll tell ya… I know you are hard right now reading this, why don’t you breeze over to MakeMeYourWhore.com and give me a try. With my beautiful eyes locked on yours and my mouth consumed by your luscious manmeat I promise you will blow the load of your life! Let me taste you, please?

                                                                                                     -Ramsey, Your whore


Tease after the Friday Night Lights

by sookie on October 22, 2013


After the Friday Night Lights I went home and decided that I needed to change into something a little bit more comfortable. I love changing in front of the window because my neighbor likes to stare at me, he doesn’t realize that I know he is watching me. I stand there and change on purpose and sometimes I slip a few fingers in my pussy or play with my titties, just to tease the shit out of him.  Well the other night I couldn’t take it anymore I needed him, I wanted him, I just had to fill my fantasy. I got dressed into something a little bit more comfy and sexy and walked to his door. When he answered I told him I didn’t want to be alone. So he invited me. He sat on the couch and I sat next to him. I acted shy at first. Then I couldn’t hold it any longer that’s when I decided to start rubbing his cock and put my hand under my shirt to rub on my titties. I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties so that made it easier access. Before you knew it I was down on my knees sucking on his cock. It didn’t take long before he had me bent over the couch and was pounding my pussy so fucking hard from behind. I love being a skanky little cheerleader tease.

 Tonight while I was changing he wasn’t home I still change in front of the window hoping he would arrive home soon. He never did but I still played with my pussy remembering the wonderful night we had the other night.  I’m hoping he decides to stop over or give me a call so that I can go over and play with him more. I miss the feel of his big cock deep inside of my moist pussy.


It’s almost Halloween.  My girls and boys just love candy. My precocious ones will do anything to get their little dick beaters on loads of goodies. We have a Suck A Big Weenie Party going on right now. Why don’t you give us a call. We would like your help with our costumes after bath time. *wink* My lil ones have lots of  fun naughty games to play with you. Our favorite is bobbing for your hot sticky load. This is the Naughtiest Party Ever! You can have whatever you like guys. No limits, Taboo fantasy’s, let my little family rock your cock. Cum join our dirty little party. Enjoy all my tasty lil treats! 


Dirty Phone Sex with Alexxx

by Alexxx on October 20, 2013


Dirty Phone Sex 

I am a Dirty Stripper Whore. I love to play dirty kinky sex games. From lots of oral, anal, scat, golden showers, and more. I love to take control when I am stripping. Gyrating against a man until his cock throbs and he begs me to take it out and do something with it. I am a great Cocksucker. Hand jobs and cock sucking are tools of the trade. But some times that is not enough for this Dirty Whore. Let me lick your cock and balls. Tongue your asshole. Let’s get down and dirty baby. And if you want to go further with a golden shower or some scat just say so. This Dirty Whore has no limits. I know when men come into the club they come in for something different than what they normally have. And I love showing them what a Dirty Stripper Whore I am. I am a No limits girl. Why don’t you come and play with me . I am sure you won’t be disappointed in just how nasty and dirty I can be. 

** Dirty Phone Sex Special: Get it before it’s gone: 30 minutes/$50…. You must ask for the Dirty Phone Sex Special when you call. US callers Only!!

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