September 2013

Nasti Cassi: Potty Lover Phone Sex

by cassia on September 30, 2013

Look at this booty! Isn’t it everything you’ve ever wanted and needed in a shit slave-piss skank, and just all around nasty girl? I am a fan of potty play phone sex. Nothing seems more Taboo to me than getting messy and having some slutty phone sex fun! Whether you want me to relieve myself and drop a big load for you… drink your golden showers,…or want to add the little ones in the some fun, I am open for it! I have “family fun” fantasies that need fulfilling along with my undying urge to be a toilet whore. Toilet play phone sex is great with me… we can get rough or be sensual, it’s the unexpected that’s a turn on. I never know if I’m going to have to go potty, play with myself in it, or even take a taste of my own goodies. Each of you toilet daddies and potty boys are different and all in very good ways.

Nasti Cassi

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Cum Hungry..

by Precious on September 28, 2013

I love sucking dick. I like to try my fill with all kinds of different cock ,shapes and sizes. I like to test out how far I can deep throat a cock by size  and see which kind I like the best. But I will tell you a little bit of a secret though. My favorite part of sucking dick , is the end result! I love the taste of cum and the consistence of it. I suck and dick and hard as I get to get that snow colored cum running down my throat. I feel as though I just can’t get enouch cum. Somedays I have the urge to just be completely covered in cum and showered in it. I want it on my face, tits, ass… Hell! All over my body. I bet your wanking it right now thinking how bad you want to cum and your thinking about where your going to shoot that first load of the day. Well, I know exactly where you should put it! Right on my face!


Anything Goes Phone Sex

by Alexxx on September 27, 2013

Looking for a Girl that will do all the things your Wife or girlfriend won’t? I am certainly that girl. I am a stripper with sexy dirty, kinky mind that absolutely loves cock. I am that no commitment cock sucker and fucker. You can talk to me about anything. You can do anything with me and I won’t judge. I won’t even blush. I’m the girl that has been around the block, a couple times actually. And I know what most men want. I am that girl you can call and chit chat with if you want or not. I will go anywhere sexually you want. Perverted or deviant I am there. I have no limits, no restrictions, no taboos. I can be your quick fuck or your long sucking and fucking session when you have time. Or I can just talk to you when you need someone. I am that anything goes Girl. Try me. I have lots to talk about and a deep wet desire to play kinky with you. What are you waiting for? I am the purrfect girlfriend for you.



Big Tit Phone Sex

by dominno on September 27, 2013

There’s really nothing more feminine than boobs; especially big, heavy, full ones… like mine. They’re natural 36 Double Ds, and they’re incredible. Wouldn’t you love to suck on them? Wouldn’t you love to take my nipples into your mouth and feel them get hard? How about sliding your cock in between them after they’ve been lubed up like a slip and slide and fucking my cleavage? Or motorboating… I’ve got the purrfect tits for motorboating. Hell, just holding them in your hands, feeling how full they are in your palms… amazing. I love to press them into your naked back while I kiss your neck, too.
The way they bounce when I climb up onto your cock and ride you is hypnotic. Imagine it… my tits and my pussy at the same time — just for you. Mmmmm, I’m getting wet just thinking about it.
Want to take me for a ride? Yes? Excellent choice. I don’t usually offer specials, but Fucktober is too hot to pass up. So for a limited time, you can get 30 minutes with me and my outstanding tits and pussy for only $50. What are you waiting for?


Cumming with Savannah

by savannah on September 26, 2013

“Do you have any toys?” he asked. I laughed because I have more  than enough toys for the job!
“How many times do you masturbate a day?”… good question! “3 times a day… 4… 5… depends on my mood.” I told him confidently.
“Have you touched yourself today?” he said “because I want you to join in… and give me everything you’ve got.”
“Yes, but I could ALWAYS go for more” I assured him.
“I have plenty of toys too… and my hands of course.” I giggled. It’s impossible not to touch myself when phone sex is so exciting!
I glued my fingers to my pussy… pulled out all my toys… played with them each, one by one, until I was full.  I didn’t stop until he was grunting and cumming all over himself…
Yet, after all that, I could still get wet and go for more. My sex drive is too high for my own good.

You and I, we could make a good team. And a hot one at that! Let’s relax together, after work.. I am here to give you the treatment you deserve. Don’t jerk off alone when we can have mutual masturbation phone sex! The best part about getting off with me, is being able to do it with the blond babe from your dreams (cough, ME!). I will seduce your mind and body with my sultry voice, Mhmmmm….

Wanna get high on orgasms? Give me a call.
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30 minutes for $50 if you ask nicely.

SeXXXy Savannah ;)


Pussy Juice Panty Tea w/ Ramsey~!

by Ramsey on September 25, 2013

    Oh sweet silly panty tea drinkin’ Jim. How you love to call me and binge out on your “special fetishes”!  Always when good ole’ J-d is out on the town, shakin’ her huge thing out there! Hahahahahaha! That’s right, Your hippo of a wife has no idea of your “PRETTY GIRL” obsession, Mmmmmmm?  Oh. But she could. She very likely could…  Just keep calling me, you silly pump humper, and I keep your secrets nice n’ safe. Even the ones about Mr. Secretary of yours that you’re obsessed with. If your secretary ever REALLY knew that you went through her things she left in the office, what do you think she’d say!?!? What do you think she’d do!??! If I were her I would drink a 44oz lemonade wait a bit…then pee into a bucket of ice, we’d string some panties over the top and pour boiling water over the panties, extracting the goodness from them delicately. When that hot water hits that chilled pretty girl pee what is going to result is the best pussy juice, pee-pee panty tea YOU’VE EVER SEEN!!!  I know you can hardly wait to talk to me on Friday, You’d better be prepared with everything we spoke of. I am wearing the panties now that I will have you clean a couple of days from now, Understood!? ;-)   Continue our agreements Jim, No… Ms. Ramsey says “You DON’T have a choice” ;-)


Black chick fantasy

by Precious on September 25, 2013

Got a black chick fantasy on your mind? You, yes you! Your here to get on your knees and worship me. I’m not like one of those ghetto girls in those rap videos scantily clad who has daddy issues. No, I’m one classy bitch and I want to be treated that way! I know your little white boy mouth’s water when you look at a black chick with a nice and juicy black ass. You just can’t handle yourself around a hot black women with dangerous curves, and it’s okay I don ‘t blame you! Hehehe! I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror sometimes either admiring myself. I


love the way I look, and I love it when men stop and stare. But don’t you dare fucking touch me unless I give you permission! I want you to first get on your knees and put your face right up to my big bubble butt and just stare that the glorious ass right in front of you. I want you to tell me how much you need it and want it and that you crave something so beautiful. I mean let’s face it, a black woman’s ass really is God’s gift to men isn’t it? What man you know doesn’t like a woman with a nice healthy butt? So, get down and worship! I know you can reist my ass and my beautiful face!

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HOT MILF Fuck Phone Sex

by robin on September 24, 2013

    That’s what one of my callers last night said. Just the thought of how high my sex drive is and how much I love to fuck drove him nuts! As he touched my body he told me how much he loves MILFs. What’s not to love? We’re hot and horny all the time. We love to fuck those hard, young cocks, but we will also fuck any good looking man that shows an interest. I will admit it’s hard to keep my appetite satisfied. A few days a week I have delivery boys that scratch that itch. I also cruise the local hotel lounges. I find all kinds of interesting, horny men in hotel lounges. Away from home, they’re all horny and wanting something a little different. Then I walk in. My tits are popping out of the top of my dress and my heels are high. My whole demeanor screams HOT and horny MILF to fuck! I sit down and cross my legs. As I do I let them get a little peek at my purrfectly trimmed pussy. There’s no guessing as to why I am there. It’s apparent as soon as I walk into the room. Have you had your HOT MILF fuck today?
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Making love to Mommy

by Lisa on September 24, 2013

In the middle of the night I am pleasantly awoke by the soft hands of my young son caressing my big swollen titties. I feel his warm breathe upon my body. I lie there with my eyes closed waiting for him to be brave enough to guide my legs apart. I think ahh Mommy son  phone sex, yes yes yes! His tiny fingers fumbling around trying to find the golden treasure of Mommy’s love box. My love box is so moist by the time he finally gets my panties off and his fingers press my engorged lips apart. It doesn’t take him long to push his fingers inside of me. As he feels me getting wetter and wetter he slides himself up towards Mommy’s face and whispers in my ear. “Mommy I want to make love to you and make you pregnant, I love you Mommy. I want to grow inside of you Mommy. Oh Mommy you are making my young cock so hard for you!!” How can Mommy resist those words? Family fun phone sex always makes me cum soo hard.

Do you wish you could make love to Mommy too? Call me and ask me about my new Fuck-tober  phone sex special, 30 minutes for $50, US caller’s only, and this is a limited time offer. One special per day and you must ask Mommy for the special in order to receive it. Cum on son climb on top of me with that young, hard, throbbing cock and make love to me and impregnate me tonight. I am waiting for you and you know how much Mommy craves her son’s cock.


Andrea Loves Age Play Phone Sex

by andrea on September 24, 2013

Daddy’s little girl is feeling naughty! I am so eager to do anything and everything with you daddy! I am happy to be your young little girl, dominant daughter, or submissive slut. Yes, I am still young and not as experienced as you daddy but I have a lot of fun to offer. I have made it my duty to keep feeding my hunger for sex and learning everything I can about it! I enjoy age play and re-living the same scenarios that happened to me as a growing girl.
I’ve been getting a lot of calls from old daddies asking me to be their little girl. Don’t doubt that I am the purrfect submissive slut for you! Whatever it is that you desire, I’m on top of it baby! I will let you play with any part of me. I love to hurt AND feel good. We’re not just getting dirty daddy… we are gonna get wet and sticky! You know who to call for a good time! Andrea