July 2013

Vanilla Is My Favorite Flavor!

by robin on July 31, 2013

    I started talking to a new caller a few days ago. For this blog I will call him “S”. He told me when he called the first time that he was a “vanilla” kind of guy. As you can imagine, I don’t hear that too often. I asked him what he meant by that. I mean, if you leave out furry friends, p-sex, snuff and foreign objects, isn’t that basically what you have left?  Vanilla? Hell, my favorite ice cream is vanilla. My favorite yogurt is also vanilla. If you think about it, vanilla is the best base to anything, right? I love it as it is, but you can add anything you want to it and it completely changes it. I eat vanilla yogurt every morning. I add banana and strawberries and it makes a slammin’ fruit salad! My point is that vanilla does not have to mean boring! “S” and I talk about all sorts of things. Our calls always end with hot, “vanilla” sex, but it’s never boring. I have a feeling the more we talk and get to know each other, the more we will be adding to that vanilla mind set of his. Never under estimate the importance of a great base. That goes for more than just sex. I use that in every aspect of my life. With a good “vanilla” base you can go anywhere you allow your mind to go! I can take you anywhere you want to go. I’m a kinky step-Mommy, but I am also VERY versatile!


Yes Ma’am!

by Precious on July 31, 2013

I have such a sweet man that calls me very often, he takes great care of me caressing my luscious body and kissing me all over, making my whole body just tingle and vibrate. He makes me feel so good that I think that I might be a little bit addicted to him. I just want more and more. I get so excited when the phone rings and I know that it’s him. I know that we are going to have a great time together. He’s so polite and treats me just like a woman should be treated, with respect and care. He makes my pussy wet, my knees buckle and my mouth part in ecstasy with the things that he says to me when he calls. I’m just itching for another session with him right now. I hope that he contacts me soon and we can get our  little party started! 


Krack Ho Phone Sex With Krystal

by Krystal on July 30, 2013

He teased me with that really big bag of special medicine rocks. He knew how bad I needed them. He was toying with me and making me wait a long time on purpose.  I called him five times before he even picked up the phone.  My hands were shaking as I dialed.  I think he wanted to make sure I was desperate enough to give him anything he wanted for those pretty little rocks.  And yes, I am that desperate.  I would give ANYTHING to get what I need.  He knows this.  When he shows up at my place, he shows me the little bag of rocks.  Those tasty little treats that I need with every fiber of my body.  I grab my pipe and he puts the bag back in his pocket!!  “No!, I need them” I tell him.  I’m looking up at him with red eyes holding out a shaking hand.  “Please… I’ll do whatever you want, just let me have a little taste”.  He just smiled and told me he didn’t want the usual payment from me.  He told me he had a different itch today.  One that only something tiny and tight could scratch.  It’s hard to think when I need my medicine so bad sometimes.  But when he headed towards the back of my trailer, I knew what he wanted.  The only thing tiny and tight in this place was playing in her room.  I looked at him and noticed the bulge in his pants.  It was clear he didn’t want my tired old twat.  He wanted the best thing I had to trade for my rocks.  I put my hand out for the bag of medicine rocks, closed the door and walked away.  I had what I needed, fuck the rest….


Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex with Jessie

by Jessie on July 30, 2013

My momma left me and daddy when I was just a small small girl. Daddy and my brothers always looked out for me and taught me all the things I might need to know. Until, I started to turn into a woman. My brothers knew nothing about how to treat a girl. They would wrestle with me and boss me around. They would hold me down and tease me until I was begging them to stop. One day they were doing it and daddy got very upset with them because they made me cry. One of my brothers grabbed one of my puffy little titties and squeezed until I had bruises.

Daddy took me in his room and sat me on his lap and told me that it was time I stop fighting with my brothers and start acting like a young lady should act. He reminded me how good it feels when he treats me like a a woman and I was eager to have that type of relationship with my brothers as well.

Daddy called them into the room and had them sit on the bed while he played with me. Telling them THIS is how you touch a girl. I could see their cocks getting so hard. Daddy said, “well, come on, take those cocks out“. My little cunt instantly got wet watching my brothers jerk off to daddy playing with my pussy.

Daddy told them from now on, he will be teaching them how to treat me and I will be learning how to suck cocks other than his. My brothers shot load after load of cum that day.



Red Headed Slut Kira

by kira on July 30, 2013

  Are you up for some office phone sex?  I sure am.  Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into your office and find a pretty red headed slut just waiting for you to fuck?  Well I am that red headed slut that would be waiting for you.  We can be as nasty as you want.  I would never tell you no.  I want you to bend me over your desk and make me your bitch.  Choke me while you pound my wet cunt, tie me up and call me nasty names.  I love it!  People will be wondering what is going on behind your office door.  They will have their ears up to the door listening to you pound the shit out of me.  Now doesn’t that sound fun?  Give this red headed slut a call, and lets make it hot!


Sissy Boy Neighbor: Phone Sex with Maddie!

by maddie on July 30, 2013

So I have this naughty neighbor  who I can always see peeking out the blinds at me! He loves to watch me in my back yard. Especially when I’m out tanning or by the pool! I am such a tease I love to take ice cubes from my lemonade and trace my belly button with them as he watches. *giggles* Well one day he got brave and asked me if I wanted to come over. So of course my naughty little self just had to see what I could get out of it! He offered me some orange juice and vodka so I was sure glad I came over! I barely get the opportunity to drink! So I drank up! And I even had another one or two.  Well before you know it I was feeling naughty and of course I just knew he had to be feeling the same way. So I sat down beside him and started rubbing on his leg and moved my hand to his crotch to find I felt hardly anything at all. I thought to myself “well this is different.” So he stood up and turned away from me and said “I’m not sure you want to see whats under there and if you do you can’t tell anyone Maddie” I just laughed and said “well okay” He pulled down his pants and was wearing a pretty little pink pair of panties!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I never knew our neighbor was a sissy boy! I had never played with a sissy boy before. But it turned out to be loads of fun! I had so much fun teasing him and rubbing on him. I made him cream those panties so good. But if he wanted to cream his panties he had to lick them clean afterwards! That was super fun watching him eat his own juices! This slut had a good time watching this sissy! Are you looking for some sissy boy phone sex with a naughty little slut!?

Get the 38 Special Limited Time Offer and U.S Callers only! 25 mins for $38! ~ Maddie


Bad Mommy potty play phone sex

by cassia on July 30, 2013

 Well I got in trouble with the boss! I was late to work and had to bring my little girl along with me. My boss wasn’t too pleased but I swore I would do anything to keep my job. Even if it takes giving myself away to keep it. My boss wasn’t satisfied with just me, though. He had to have a taste of my little dumpling too. I held her hair back and calmed her down so she could take his big man cock and get it over with. She sucked him off until he was hard enough to fuck her little poo hole. Then I had to watch her poor little ass get stretched open until she soiled herself all over his cock. My little girl had to take it and then watch her Mommy do it too. “Come here little girl, see how mommy does it…” I licked every bit of her little girl poo clean off his cock. My little girl was a little shaken at first but got more comfortable with it once she saw how much Mommy loved it. I’m a very bad mommy, aren’t I? My little girl wasn’t exactly innocent to begin with,  I just broke her in early. All my kidz will start working for me once they reach that ripe age. After all, they’re going to have to take care of themselves somehow when they’re grown like Mommy.
-Bad Mommy Phone Sex Cassia

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Party Phone Sex Whore Andrea

by andrea on July 29, 2013

Summer Time is Party Time and I want to get all kinds of crazy! All I need is a good party, a few cigs, and a couple of drinks… then I’ll be feeling fine enough to fuck. If I shovel a few more drinks down me I can be the party slut. You all know how I love taking as many cocks as once.
I need them all. 

What else do you think I’d be doing at the party? Well, let me give you a hint… it starts with your glory and it ends in my hole. The great thing about glory holes is I don’t have to know who is on the other end of the stick. There are no strings attached, everything is strictly about sex. I can suck ‘em, and get fucked, and then go on with my night. That’s a good time in my book.

Sometimes I think I’m worse than guys when it comes to sex. I’m always playing them as much as they think they’re playing me. I just happen to need cock every day of my life. I am addicted to partying, sleeping around, and phone sex too. We all have our needs right? So for a limited time you can get yours for cheap. Get your piece while you still can. 


Alexxx’s Stripper Party Phone Sex

by Alexxx on July 29, 2013

Stripper Party Phone Sex. Cum get you some.

I had a wild private party that I had to strip at this weekend. I had planned to do it alone. But then something told me It might be a bit much for one girl so I grabbed my BFF and she went with me.

I am so glad I brought her because there were 30 men there. Even that is a bit much for me. The night started off real slow. The men were sober. But of course as the booze flowed the inhibitions dropped and the cocks started to get hard.

Stripper Party Phone Sex 

We started out working the room. Just dancing around. Stopping once in awhile to gyrate against a man or two. Until it came time to do our show. I knew this crowd wanted some Girl on Girl and that is what we were prepared for.

So my girl and I gave them an unforgettable show. Lots of making out while stripping. Then she took on the dominate role and proceed to use me as her bitch. The Men loved it. I loved it too of course. Any chance I get to eat pussy I am happy. I knew we had them where we wanted them and it turned out to be a very Good Evening.

Lots of Cock was Sucked and Fucked. And lots of coin was made. And we even booked another Party for next weekend. I am glad my BFF is such a good sport when it comes to me eating her pussy. I will bend over for her anytime. Wanna hear the dirty sexy details? Give me a call Stripper Party Phone Sex is so Fucking Hot!!!

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Daddy’s Boss

by Wrenn on July 29, 2013

    I knew daddy was having his boss come for dinner, and I really felt the need to seduce him.  I wanted daddy’s boss to fuck my tight pussy.  I had a good plan too.  I decided to go in the kitchen and wait for daddy’s boss to walk in.  I got naked and leaned over a chair and started finger fucking my wet cunt.  I could hear daddy and his boss talking in the living room.  I moaned a little bit and I know they could hear me.  My daddy knew what I was doing.  His boss asked him what that noise was and he said not sure go check it out.  So my daddy’s boss came into the kitchen and seen me finger fucking my pussy.  I looked at him and smiled.  I walked up to him and grabbed his cock, and said, don’t you want to slide that hard cock inside my tight little pussy.  He was lost for words.  I pulled down his pants and took out his cock and started sucking on it.  He didn’t push me away.  I then went back and leaned over my chair and took his finger and stuck it inside my cunt.


  I looked back at him and smiled, and said now don’t you want to slide that hard cock inside this tight hole.  He grabbed me by my hair and stuck his tongue down my throat.  He then took his hard cock and slid it inside my cunt.  He fucked my tight little pussy so long and hard.  I know my daddy was so proud of me, getting his boss to fuck my pussy.  I know daddy’s boss loved my tight cunt.  Hee Hee.  I am such a freaky little slut!!