June 2013

Gangbanging my big black ass..

by Precious on June 30, 2013

I went to a house party this weekend, I did something that I’ll never forget and experience something totally different and out of my character. I met with one of my guy friends and we were having a great time and I got a little bit tipsy. He had so many hot friends at the house party, that I just couldn’t stand it. My pussy was throbbing just thinking about all of them and how hot they were and wondering how big their cocks were as well. I got so hot and bothered that I told all of them they could run a train on me if they wanted. Long story short, I ended up my legs behind my head with all of them taking turns filling up my black pussy!



Trash, Flash, and Anything related to Cash!

by Ramsey on June 30, 2013

All of the fetishes you’re into honey, I’m alllllllllll about! From PVC to Leather, Furries to Diaper fetish! I switch it up a you please sweetness! Ramsey is the raunchiest girl you’ll meet in this biz!  I like it, I’ll try it, and baby I think you’ll like it even more after we do it!!! Right! I love for all of my callers to be ULTIMATELY satisfied over and over, time and again.
 Nothing to lose here boys, Just Freaky Fun! I’m your whore at your disposal! Fuck me funny, fuck me weird! Let’s go back and forth, Doesn’t matter to me, I’m ready for it all baby!

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Sunday a day of Rest?

by Ginger on June 30, 2013

Oh hell no. Sunday is the day to Party. Get ready for the week ahead. Get your drink on with Me and then lets get our Fuck on. End the weekend just right. And start the week off even better. I am the Bar Slut party girl.anytime is a good time to drink and fuck. I am wild and free and Anything Goes with me. I am sure you have encountered women like me before. Don’t be intimidated. We are just out for a good time. So enjoy it. Bring your Cock to Ginger Baby. I promise to take real good care of you.

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Sir keeps a CLOSE eye on me…..

by nichole on June 29, 2013

Naughty Nichole. Completely slutty Nichole. Only the biggest whore you’ve ever known. When I’m bad. … I’m very bad and require major punishment. Many people come up with new and inventive ways to punish their painslut, but “Sir” has been the most creative to date! His “zipper” effect has truly gotten me into some major pain situations. I deserved it but, Wow, the punishment was majorly intense and he was relentless about me counting correctly per spanking and between swats. I was allowed to play with myself and EVEN CUM this time. I am very grateful for his continued instructions..and can’t WAIT to hear from him, or YOU “sir”. A painslut of a different variety, Naughty Nichole is here for you.


Slutty Mommy Vikki

by Vikki on June 29, 2013

Look at my perfect Ass. Ripe for the fucking. I am a slut for cock. I will take it anyway I can get it. My son supplies me with a lot of Young stuff. I love his cock. I think I am addicted to it. He uses it to get me to do anything. He really doesn’t have to make me do anything. I am just a Slutty Whore that can never get enough fucking Cock. So when he isn’t home or there isn’t someone available I do this Phone thing. And Masturbate. I love getting off on the phone with complete strangers it’s a Huge Fucking turn on. So if you are young or old we can play. I have lots of toys, and lots of things to tell you about. So Pick up the phone Baby. Mommy Vikki wants Your Cock Now !!!


Let Ginger Rock your Cock Baby!!!

by Ginger on June 28, 2013

No one does it like Ginger Baby. Let’s get busy. I am ready to take good care of some Cocks tonight. A little drinking, and a whole lot of Fucking. Sounds like a Purrfect way to get this weekend started. You won’t find a dirtier girl than me. Anything Goes. I love all the cock I can get while working my bar. I have a back room just for SEX. Tonight I am home until the bar gets busy and then I am there. So until I leave how about playing some dirty little Fuck Games with me. Pull your Cock out and pick up the phone. I will pick up my phone and pull out my toys and we can get this Private Party started Right now. Do it baby!!! Your cock will thank you for it.

Sexy Sucks and Licks Baby,
Ginger Devine @ your Service



Kara Had LOADS Of Fun!!

by Kara on June 28, 2013

I had so much fun last night.  A few guys I know wanted to have a gang bang with me.  I was really excited.  When I got to  the one guys house they were all ready for me.  I thought that there would be like 3 guys but 5 were there.  I couldn’t believe it.  They all grabbed me and took my clothes off.  They touched me all over and started to lick on my wet cunt.  They all took turns tasting me.  I put one cock in my mouth and jacked two of them off in my hands.  Soon I had one in my cunt and one in my ass.  It felt so fucking good.  They all took turns fucking my sweet holes.  Soon they all just wanted my tight little ass hole.  They took turns pounding my ass until they were ready to cum.  They made me get on my knees and all 5 of them shot cum all over my face.  I have never had so much cum on my face before.  It was fucking hot!!


Time for breakfast!

by Envy on June 28, 2013

What better way to start the day than by eating my delicious pussy? I just love having my pussy licked up and given LOTS of attention to. Waking up in the morning to a face buried deep in my pussy is so fucking hot.  I love the feeling of still being in a sleepy state and slowly coming to reality while my pussy is being taken care of. By the time I realize what is going on I am ready to squirt my pussy juices all over that lucky face!  

Eat up. There are people starving and wishing they could dine on such a heavenly pussy like mine. 



Purrfect Phone Sex 2013-06-27 23:28:27

by andrea on June 27, 2013

Time to party! All the drunk sluts will be out this weekend in their best dressed chugging shot after shot until they find someone to go home with and fuck. Or is that just me? Give me a dozen shots of tequila and I will have my tits out with guys sucking navel shots out of me. I will let the boys fight over who gets to take this naughty drunk skank home for a good time. I may just be a girl to go home with baby but I got a lot to offer for a night.

You’ll be screaming for jesus when you get to bulldoze this tight little cunt I have. You won’t have to worry about getting some with this hot and easy booty call just a ring away. You guys like what’s sexy and convenient, your addiction to me will get stronger. Look at my yummy drunken holes open for fucking 24/7 and you don’t need a stupid relationship to have your fun. I always wear slutty dresses or skirts to have easy access for public fucking. If I have something you want then come and get it. This fuck slut is begging for that cock!


Always Nasty, Cassi

by cassia on June 27, 2013

This may come as no secret to you but if just in case you didn’t know, I am a total whore! Some of my favorite kinks are humiliation, abuse, BDSM, family fun, sex slavery, and even potty play! I get down and dirty nasty girl style. I have No Taboos so if you are feeling freaky I can talk about almost anything with you! There is so much fun no taboo phone sex can bring us. I am not too proud to admit that I am a whore. In fact, I like telling you how much of a whore I am when I am being a nasty girl for you on the phone! I am the biggest Phone Sex Whore that I know. I have done absolutely nasty and unspeakable things for men on the phone, anything for some money!
Isn’t that what a whore does anyway? Find out NOW how much of a whore I really am!