May 2013

My new neighbors

by Reanna on May 31, 2013

I was out hitting my crack pipe in the alley when I heard a door slam. It was the hot blonde woman who moved in next door. She saw me and made a beeline. She pulled a twenty out of her bra and asked for a hit. Well why not. I figured it might an investment- this bitch looked like she might be able to eat pussy just how I like.

Well they got the double wide next door, ain’t that fuckin cute. I’ve been in this joint 6 years and I didn’t get no double wide. Well what the fuck ever. This girl has taken a liking to me and we hang out just about every day so its like I get to enjoy the nice ass trailer but I don’t have to clean it. Except a little here and there- I might be a trailer park hussy but I got some class and I clean up after myself.

This girl has two little twats running all over the place climbing curtains and shit and then holy fuck!! guess what I heard from a fella down the street! Hahaha he said Keep your kids away from that

place. That motherfucker in there is a registered pedo! So now I know that little lady has a a real big secret she is keeping for her man. Hehehe I got some secrets of my own and little does the rest of the hood know what my new plans are…

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lil’ karis needs to fuck

by karis on May 31, 2013

He is gone and I sure do miss sucking on his yummy hard cock. I’m a cock worshipping teen slut– its all I care about and I love to try new kinds. My boyfriends’ cock is not as big as my Daddys’ is- but I love him so much. I know its bad I am fucking other guys on the side (and getting paid for it)  but I can’t help it. I don’t want to break up but I need a lot of good sex.

When we are together we can’t stop having fun! We are constantly kissing, cuddling, hugging, and playing games with each other. Last night my friend Carrie invited us to a party and I felt like I should go to be a good friend. We got there and ended up on the doorstep but when I started to knock he grabbed me and kissed me- he said “do you really want to be here?” and I could tell by the glint in his eyes what he really wanted to be doing! So we ran off holding hands. “Lets go swimming..” “But I don’t have my swimsuit! And I’m not wearing panties…” it did not take long for him to convince me that we didn’t need clothes. We do it everywhere all the time.

He is gone for the summer. I have not been getting what I need to stay happy! I need to be used and fucked and have plenty of dick to suck. I’m super great at giving head– I love the feeling of it sliding against the back of my throat and deep down in there. I don’t mind if you choke me on it- I am not you girlfriend. You are free to play with me in ways ou could never even dare with her. That’s what I fucking love about phone sex. Abuse me. I promise I have miles of skill on that bitch girlfriend- I’m the kinky slut who can get you off harder. I need some new men to help get my fix- try this hot little body out for size. I guarantee I fit just right… nice and tight.



by dominno on May 31, 2013

Our personal energy moves outward from us and connects with others of like resonance, determining both whom and what we’ll attract in life. Each of us is like a little radio station, constantly broadcasting signals about ourselves and our lives. The people and situations that match those signals are the ones that will tune in to us and be drawn into our life experience. It’s a magical occurrence when someone crosses your path and the magnetism of your energies combined is the result of longings you weren’t consciously aware you had.

In truth, what we call chemistry –  is actually more of a resonance; a matching of signals and personal vibrations. Long before you arrive at an experience in life, your energy has sent messages about you to the people you’ll be interacting with. It announces you to everyone, revealing that part of you that others relate to on an unconscious but very compelling level: your energetic nature.

I recently connected with someone whose energetic nature has been calling to mine. He’s smart, thoughtful, sexy, capable, guarded, married… and cautious. He turns me on in a way so primal and all consuming, brightly burning hot and so, so… scary… and he struggles with the dichotomy of wanting more and fear of getting in too deep because he thinks that brightly burning hot is dangerous…

It’s what your spirit asked for, and it’s here. Cum into that subspace you can’t find with her.



A cougars fantasy

by Tabbi on May 30, 2013

I have a fantasy of being spanked -in a very particular fashion- by a rich man wearing an expensive suit. Expensive things turn me on, men with class and manners always grab my attention. I imagine I would show up as his well paid call girl. But instead of arriving to him greeting me at a door it would be a maid. She would look at me with a somewhat perturbed manner and silently lead me into a luxurious home where I would have my own private suite. She would acknowledge that I needed to remove the clothes I came in, bathe and put on the ones left for me in the dressing area.

I gasped when I saw the “clothes” I was intended to wear because it was the tiniest outfit of lingerie I had ever seen. It gave my stomach butterflies and my pussy became wet. I walked over and fondled the rich items, all in my favorite color, Gold, laid out in a box on tissue. Obviously very expensive and brand new. I hurried to bathroom when I found every thing a girl could dream of- the tub was huge and had jets, and delicious smelling bath gel waited for me. I didn’t take long washing and I certainly wouldn’t want to disturb my hair much. After a perfect 10 minute soothing warm dip, I slowly oiled my entire body, did my make-up, and chose my scent. Jasmine and vanilla. I like to be remembered as smelling like a sweet exotic garden. I walked nude, to the boudoir where the boxes of beautiful lingerie lie waiting to be placed on my silky smooth, taut, tan skin. I was startled to notice a man sitting on the end of the bed. He was attentively watching my every move. Had he been there all along? I had, after all, been highly distracted with the luxurious interior of the home. I regained my composure quickly and he told me to continue to dress. I made eye contact with him and gave him a glinting, meaningful glance as I turned on my heel to the clothes and proceeded to dress with my backside turned to him- obviously demonstrating my submissiveness. He seemed to watch me part way through my task and then I heard the door close, as he almost silently disappeared. I suddenly noticed a card to the right on the table. It said in hand written classic script. Come downstairs for dinner once you are dressed.

Dinner? I was going downstairs for a dinner dressed in this?

This was going to be very, very interesting.

Hear about dinner in my next blog,

more pics here darlings

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If you’re answer is Yes-Well, I know just what to do with you little adoring cucky!
If you’re answer is: No- I just want to fuck the shit out of you Tabbi. I want to titty fuck your
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Naughty Nurse Kendall

by Kendall on May 30, 2013

  I am such a naughty nurse.  I did some volunteer work at a local hospital.  I dressed up in a really slutty nurse uniform.   LOL…  I helped make the rounds and give medication.  I ended up in this one guys room who was really hot.  He was recovering from a car wreck.  I took one look at him and smiled.  I told him I had the right medicine to cure him.  I closed the door and the curtain.  I took out his cock and started to suck on it.  Damn I am so naughty.  My pussy was dripping wet knowing I was going to fuck this guy right in his hospital bed.  His cock was rock hard.  He forgot all about the pain he was in.  He had to have my wet cunt.  I told him to fuck me hard.  It was so hard not to be loud.  He pounded my pussy so hard my juices were just flowing down his cock.  He was so fucking ready to cum, but I told him to hold it a bit longer so it would really build up.  I wanted a fucking big load of cum in my cunt.  When I told him he could cum, he exploded.  I had so much fucking cum in my cunt that it was running down my legs after I left his room.  I just can’t help myself I love to fuck, I am just a naughty little whore!!    I have the cure baby, come and get it.  LOL…


Skanky Krack Whore?

by Krystal on May 29, 2013

People tell me I’m a perverted, skank slut.  I don’t see what’s wrong with that, do you?  I don’t judge them for being tight ass, boring house frows do I??  I just happen to know how to have a good time and how to get what I want/need.  I do what I have to do to get my happy meds.  Some people take a pill, I grab a glass tube.  We’re not all that different.  Ok, I sell my mouth, pussy and ass for what I need and they just put out for their husband.  Same thing only with one man.  I like variety, don’t hate.  And sometime I have to bring out my special little playthings to get what I want.  Why should I keep them all to myself??  As long as I get what I want I could fucking care less what I have to do to get it.  The brats do what I tell them to do.  I kinda think they like it sometimes.  Of course that could be the happy tube talkin.


Tender Love & Care with Betty!

by betty on May 29, 2013

For all the married lonely men out there. I sure am seeking some attention. I just love having a lover. Being able to please you in ways your wife never will be able to. Your secret is safe with Naughty Betty. I love the way you admire my sexy firm body. Your wife just wish she looked half as good as me. I know your tired and work all the time. I can feel the frustrations of life built up in you as you fuck me! My sweet lover just needs a little extra love and care. I’m sorry you’ve been all forgot about. Betty will surely take good care of you tonight. I just love Naughty Phone Sex. I want you to tell me all about your dirty thoughts and life. Tell me how much you love my body and want to take care of me. I’ll be sure to tell you all the things you need to hear. I’ll do whatever you want. It’s all about you tonight!  So sit back and relax and let Betty take care of you…  Betty,


My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

by Kara on May 28, 2013

I invited my best friend and her boyfriend over to hang out.  Well what she doesn’t know is that I really want to fuck her boyfriend.  I know he thinks I am hot and wants me too.  He is just loyal to her.  Well as naughty as I am I decided to put a sleeping drug in my best friend’s drink.  LOL..  I made sure she drank every drop.  She was looking really tired and ended up falling asleep in the chair.  Well after she was out cold, I decided to get her boyfriend to fuck me.  I seduced his ass.  I flaunted my body in front of him and sat on his lap.  He loved it when I wiggled my ass on him.  he got hard instantly.  I took off my top and he started to suck on my tits.  He said he has always wanted to fuck me.  I told him my pussy was wet and ready for him.  He was afraid his girl friend would wake up, but I told him don’t worry she will be out for a couple of hours.  He then threw me on the couch and fucked my wet cunt while his girl friend was passed out on the chair.  LOL…  How naughty of me.  I am such a bitch. 


I got my Dirty Daddy off  tonight. I guess I will share a little of our play time together with you. Teeheheee. Daddy came home from work and came up to my bedroom. Mommy was still at work.  Daddy asked me bring him the pile of my dirty panties. I did. I always do what Daddy says. He hopped up on my bed and told me to lock my door. Oh yay! Daddy is going to play sniff and stuff with me. This is our favorite play time game. I would like to play with you too! I have no limits. I am one naughty little bitch! Teehehe. Cum and breed with me Daddy!


Another day as a Toilet Slave

by cassia on May 27, 2013

Toilet Slavery isn’t an easy job. There are so many things I have to do in order to keep a potty master feeling happy and refreshed. Today is the season of the golden showers so my potty master has been especially happy. I got all dressed up for him in my pretty little stockings and panties and modeled them for him to see. Once he got a good view he made me sit on my toilet and rub my little pussy until I felt it get wet. He watched me while I tinkled through my little panties and got them soaking wet for him.  I rubbed my little clit through my soaking panties and fingered my asshole for him too. He couldn’t stop screaming my name as he watched me give him a little show. I am guilty of being a toilet tease with him sometimes. It’s all a part of my master plan to keep him addicted to my sweet piss and spankable ass. Don’t you think so too? I’ve got a spankable ass waiting for you to give me a call. I will be your potty slut AND take a doggy fuck. I think I’d do anything that gets your socks off. Call me!!! 888-770-5377