April 2013

The Best Fuck for your BUCK

by Ginger on April 30, 2013

This dirty fuck slut is looking for some cock. I am a bar bitch that never gets enough. Night after night I take on cock after cock in my bar. But this Milf Pussy is never ever satisfied for long. I love Gang Bangs, Bukkake, anal, oral, all kinds of kinky shit. Some I can’t even mention here. How about a beer for a blow job. You get the beer I get to give you the blow Job. MMmm yeah baby. This Bar Slut loves to suck and fuck. I guess that is why I have the bar. It gives me ready access to Cock most anytime. I have a back room at my bar all ready for us to get down and dirty. Not that I have never fucked out on the bar or the pool table. Closing time at my bar gets pretty interesting. I love it when guys hang around for last call. Or last ball. Whatever you care to call it. Last fuck what the heck. Come and get a piece of the action with Ginger the Bar Slut.


Anal Whore Kendall

by Kendall on April 30, 2013

  I so love anal sex, I am a little anal whore.  Last night I stripped at the club and I couldn’t help but notice this one guy staring at my ass.  I went up to him and gave him a lap dance.  Well as you know it’s no touching, but I broke the rules.  I took this guys finger and stuck it right in my ass hole.  I whispered in his ear asking him if he wanted to fuck my ass.  I could feel his cock get hard.  I told him to meet me in the private room.  I went back there and waited for him.  I was so fucking horny, I needed to have a cock in my ass.  He came back to the room and I locked the door.  I pulled his fucking pants down and told him to fuck my tight ass.  I stuffed his dick right in my ass.  He fucked my ass so fucking hard that he made me squirt from my pussy.  I begged him to fuck me harder.  He ended up giving me a big load of his cum in my ass.  Can I please be your anal whore?  Call me, and pound my ass!!


It puts the lotion on it’s skin…

by liv on April 29, 2013

Getting together with my friend Scout is always such a treat to me, not only is she one crazy sadistic bitch like I am, but we also have the same love, DRUGS and Booze. Being able to get a hold of her and playing our favorite games together it was I crave and anticipate when we join forces around 2 or 3 times a month together.


Our favorite game that we like to place is called “Catch EM” Scout and I cruise around and try to pick out the most innocent looking little one and take them back to our lair of torture. There we tie the little one up and snot, smoke and inject many different substances to have a sense of euphoria and out of body experiences to make the experience more thrilling and spiritual.

We tie her up and use knives and all different objects on that we have to our availability and watch her squirm and scream while we make out and fuck each other and we torture this little angel. In the end we’re covered in so much blood and other fluids that Scout usually looks at me and says “The blood is such a perfect color on me” I giggle and think that she’s perfectly correct in thinking this logic. Come join us in our escapes and have the time of your life…




I Woke Up In A Cage

by robin on April 29, 2013

And they tell me I will remain in this cage until they are bored with me.  The last thing I remember is I fell asleep on the sofa reading a book.  After that things got a little fuzzy.   There was a cloth against my face.  I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t think and then everything went black.  I woke up in this little cage.  I looked around and there was another woman there also.  I tried to talk to her, but all she did was look at me.  They said they’re not going to hurt me, they just want the use my body whenever the mood strikes them.  One of the boys said he knew my step-son.  They went to school together.  He said he would listen to my step-son’s stories every night and stoke his cock off.  He has a son now and he wants him to have full access to a true P-Mommy.  This is sounding better and better all the time.


My Daddy’s Friend

by Wrenn on April 29, 2013

  My daddy’s friend stopped by last night.  He said that I looked just like the girl he had a crush on in high school.  He said she was little and sweet just like me.  He made me blush.  My daddy told him that he could have me if he wanted.  He then asked me to sit on his lap and wiggle my little ass around for him.  He lifted up my skirt as I was wiggling around.  He said I had a nice little ass.  He took his finger and rubbed around my little ass hole.  He then stood me up and took off my skirt and panties.  He loved my bald little pussy.  He got right on his knees and started eating my pussy for me.  I have to say it was good!!  He then bent me over and took out his hard cock, and stuck it right in my tiny ass hole.  He just had to have it.  Daddy watched as he fucked my ass.  I sure made his high school wish come true!!


Daddy’s Girl In Training

by sookie on April 27, 2013

We have a new foster sister with us this week very cute and curvy. Daddy said I need to feel her out to see if she will be a good little girl and keep our family secret. Of course I like keeping Daddy happy so I agreed I also know that if I can get her to “join” the family. He will reward me by burying his face in my soft little cunt licking it, rubbing it, teasing it making me squirm and moan. Daddy needs to get what he wants so I can get what I want. Who wants to help me gain the trust of the new girl and help me break her in for my Daddy. Give me a call so get started on the Daddy’s Girl In Training..


Mommy Fuck Slut

by Vikki on April 27, 2013

Are you looking for a Mommy Fuck Slut? A Sexy Older woman that you know for sure can satisfy your hard cock. I am the Mommy for you. I have had a lot of practice with my Son and his friends. I love Sucking and Fucking and I would do it 24/7 if I possibly could. I know how to treat a hard Cock of any age or size. I have had a lot of experience. So if you are looking for a Slut that knows how to please I am the one for you. You will love my curving Mommy body. My big tits, and shapely ass. Mommy Vikki is ready to take real good care of your Hard Cock Baby.


What would you do for Cookie?

by Cookie on April 27, 2013

What would you do for Cookie? I mean we all know that you are addicted to my sweet pussy and my naughty nature, but how far are you willing to go really? I have a few bi-lovers that call me and share their adventures of weekends’ past. And in return I share with them what a cum-slut I have been myself. It is so refreshing to talk to guys that are not afraid to own that they love sucking cock just as much as I do. Hell some of them even suck cock better than I do, yes I am a bit jealous of their deep-throating gymnastics. Cock-sucking, cock worshipping of large and in charge cocks is what is in store for us this weekend. My bi-lovers will be here with me all weekend while I am working taking your hot phone sex calls. There is only a few more days to get my phone sex special 30 minutes for $50, this special is good for US caller’s only. One special per day. You must ask me for it in order to receive it. Now if you are a lover that likes to party and talk longer than 30 minutes I can hang with that too. What’s better than getting fucked up, watching porn and sucking cock with my bi-lovers. If you got a cam we will watch you stroke your cock while you listen to us sucking and fucking. Let’s fucking get off together.



His potty mommy…

by cassia on April 26, 2013

The first time I laid eyes on my handsome little man, I knew he would be the one for me. His big eyes called out to me and so did that little button nose. He was perfect for me! I can’t believe we have been together this long and still, all I do is think about my sweet little curious msn. He has always be infatuated with momma. The first word I heard from his mouth was “booby”… he probably got that from his big man hehee~
Ohhh, yes, I remember the time when he first spied on me taking a shower. He was such a young thing back then. When I caught him, he didn’t try to deny it. He owned up to the fact that he loved watching his momma shower and that made me love my sweet little man even more! He wanted to know about every part on my body, the name, the taste, and the reason for it. I showed him every part of a woman and he caught on quickly. What a smart little man he is!
I let my little man explore more than just what he could see and touch! He got to explore all the different tastes that mommy had too. My sweet little man loves all the tastes that come from a pretty pussy, as long as it comes from his momma! I can’t lie… it’s nice to have my own toilet slave for my off days! Who would want to waste this yummy nectar of momma’s? Sweet little Man, I can’t wait to talk to you again. Don’t grow up and forget about momma :’)!


Listening to the blues getting drunk

by Lisa on April 26, 2013

Mommy loves listening to the blues and getting drunk while waiting for you to come home and penetrate Mommy. By the time you get home Mommy’s cunt will be good and wet. When I drink it makes me thirst for your young hard cock in my mouth. This weekend I want you to bring all the friends over that you can find and Mommy wants you to pull a train on me. Then after Mommy’s cunt is creamed filled up, I am going to take you upstairs and bathe you and put you in my clothes. Then I am going to present you back to your friends as Mommy’s little slut. Oh the thought of how humiliated you will be in front of them is making me super turned on. Hurry home lover boy and give Mommy the proper fucking she deserves. You know how much Mommy is into our family fun playtime.