February 2013

Sissy gangbang phone sex

by Tabbi on February 28, 2013

After our last outting it is clear to see that you are ready to take it to the next level of sissy training. So I have arranged a sissy gang bang phone sex for your punk ass sissy bitch self. At least
2 dozen black guys. You want it don’t you. Your little pussy
is quivering with anticipation isn’t it? Just think, 24 cum
loads down your throat making you a true bukkake cum slut and another 24 up your ass cunt. You will be
a total cum slut. I’ll get lots of pics for our album. I
think a good quality video would be hot too. Maybe I could put it on
the internet so everyone could enjoy it. What would all your buddies
think about you then huh?


Ass Play With Kendall

by Kendall on February 28, 2013

  I bet you would love to ass play with me!  I will let you play with my ass if you let me play with yours.  I have a nice big strap on I would love to use on you.  You know how much you want me fucking you up your ass.  I bet you want me to lick your ass for you too.  Well I want you to lick mine in return. So be a good boy and give me a call, and ass play with me!


Extreme ageplay fantasy phonesex with Young Mommy Kendra. I know there are so many of you p-daddy’s out there that just love to hear all about my experiences whoring out my little ones out. Using them for the shear pleasure of you and I getting off. Just think about it, you meet me at the mall and I have her dressed up in a short dress and crotchless panties. I whisper in her ear, she giggles and bends over exposing herself right in front of you. I smile and nod at you and I take her by the hand and we head to the family restroom. You know that your are suppose to follow me if you want to get your p-daddy cock off in this little whore. We make it to the restroom door, we walk in and you come in right behind us. I tell you how much you get your wallet out and give me the fee. She smiles up at you and drops to her knees. She is a eager beaver and as you can see in this photo she is sticky sweet. She loves sucking cock, it’s all good until you try and force your man cock into her tiny hole. Then she cries “It’s to big Mister!” This drives you mad. You say “To bad whore, I own you now!!!”  We get off on Mommy phone sex calls. Let us rock your cock with our phone sex special 20 minutes for $30. This is for a limited time only. One special per day. US Caller’s only. You must ask for the special in order to receive it, that’s the rules.

We are so horny today!!

Young Mommy Kendra


Cuckold Wants This Krack Whore

by Krystal on February 26, 2013

I have a new caller, B that wants to make this krack whore his girl.  He is quite entertaining I’ll give him that for now.  He wants to “court” me by phone in hopes that he can win me with his loyalty and his money.  I’ve decided to let him try.  Why the hell not.  He can also be persuaded to play with little things.  I know he reads my blogs, so here’s a few things you can bring me for starters.

A nice juicy black cock.

A new pipe for my “medicine”. I could use something a little more classy.

And here’s something I’ve been looking at for you.  All I need to do now is pick the color and wait for your cc so I can order it and you can pay for it.


Horny Housewife and Slutty Daughter

by reese on February 26, 2013

Hey Baby, Do you want to play with a Slutty Housewife? I am just that a slutty sexy fucking housewife. And I am always ready to Fuck. Anyone except my husband that is. He is boring and bad in bed. He has a tiny little weenie that of course can’t satisfy this slutty pussy. So I fuck anything and everything I can find. Right now I would love to get my hands on an nice Young Stud that could fuck me good all night long. Most recently I have been fucking around with my daughter’s boyfriends. Now that is cock that can go all night long. Nice and Young and trainable. I decided to stop fighting with my daughter about having Sex. She said she wanted to be like me. So I decided to just let her go. Besides she brings home some real good Cock. And now we have the chance to even share sometimes. I love it. Doubling up with her is so much fun. Maybe you would like that too. Just let me know. I can arrange for her to play with us. Just ask for a 2 girl Call with my daughter. It would make her feel so good to know that someone older would be interested in playing with her too. I am ready for some Hard Core Fucking. How about you?

Kinky Phone Sex Special
20 minutes /$30
US callers Only!
You must mention the Special Rate
2 girl call rates: $4 a min./10 min. minimum
Special with Reese and her Daughter
5 mins. Free with any call over 20 minutes

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Erotic Seduction Phone Sex with Envy

by Envy on February 26, 2013

I will get into your head, and linger there.  I will bring you to the brink of ecstasy only to leave you wanting more.  I will use my curves, my voice, my mind, my body, and my wits to capture your attention and never allow you to stray.  Everything in your life will eventually revolve around me.  I will make it more then difficult for you to get through the day without having erotic thoughts of me streaming through your mind as you try to calm your growing erection.  I will make you crave time with me, make you almost crazed at the thought of me with someone else.  I will use my seductive ways to ensnare you and make you mine.  Nothing else will matter, nobody else will exist.  Your real life relationships will seem trivial and mundane in contrast to what I give to you. 

There is an art to seduction, and you are looking at the Master.


Do not forget about our special. 20 Minutes for $30.00, this applies to US callers only, and you must ask to receive the special at the start of the call.



by Kara on February 25, 2013

Hey boys.  Remember we have our special going on.  It’s 20 minutes for $30.  USA only, and you have to ask to receive it.  Wouldn’t it be great to talk to me for 20 minutes.  I bet I could make your dick cum nice and hard within that time.  We could have so much fun.  Give me a ring!


When in Vegas

by Precious on February 25, 2013

I don’t care what anyone says, Vegas is the best fucking place on the planet earth, and of course the motto. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is totally true but with my big mouth, I like to spill the beans every once in a while. I’m actually still a little bit drunk from this weekend and trying to recover by sipping on this whiskey that I have and I’m trying to get fucked up tonight, and fucked! I had a very interesting weekend for a few friends that’s for sure that always seems to end up with my clothes coming off and my tongue on or in someones pussy and dick. But that’s how I like it, a nice dirty weekend. Want to help finish off my weekend for a great ending? Give me a call and we can get fucked up and fucked together.

Thank god for awesome friends to make my weekend great!


Purrfectly Naughty Daddy’s Girl!!

by karis on February 25, 2013

So my daddy will be home in the morning and I can’t wait to give him hugs and kisses! I’ve missed him oh so much! I am ready for a good spoiling!! I went shopping today,   I’m so ecstatic about wearing the new lingerie I picked out just for my daddy! I am taking things up a notch! I’m usually the innocent one in my sweet little gown! BUT now I  am ready to show my Daddy just what a naughty girl I am!

Don’t you wanna be my daddy? I’m so horny thinking about him coming home to me in the morning! Why don’t you call me and let’s have Daddy’s girl phone sex! You’ll love me! I can’t wait to be yours! 

Ask Me about My Special!? 

20 Mins/ $30


A weekend to remember

by Callie on February 24, 2013

A Weekend to remember first time anal for my girlfriend

A few days ago, my new girlfriend Janis and I agreed to meet a total stranger, for what was going to be our first threesome. How exciting 1st time anal phone sex. We met in the park, and from the beginning it was obvious that the chemistry was there. Carrie, our new friend was petite and very pleasing to look at, both Janis and I were really turned on by how hot she was dressed. For it being so cold outside she had next to nothing on. Carrie had a nice big tits. It was obvious that she had them done. She was very touchy and kept looking at me whenever she touched or made any comments about Janis, as if seeking my approval. Janis’s nipples were fully erect and Carrie could not take her eyes off them.

After a short while we invited her to our house, she quickly agreed. We got the car and Janis sat in the front seat ,while Carrie drove, I sat in the backseat. It was not long before Janis had her hands all over Carrie’s breast and to my delight, as I was getting a huge hard on just watching them. All I kept thinking about was ass fucking phone sex. Up to that day Janis had not had been penetrated anally too many times. I so badly wanted to witness a nice cock fucking my friend’s tight butt hole. While still driving Janis got hold of Carrie’s prick and said to me, Baby this dick is just the right size for my tight ass, it is not too thick but nice and long with a gorgeous mushroom head. Carrie was static to hear this, and promised to oblige. It wouldn’t be long before our new friend would find out that about our double She-male surprise phone sex.  Let me tell you this I am doing a phonesex special 20 minutes for $30 for a limited time, US caller’s only, one special per day. You have to ask me for it in order to receive it. Don’t you fret I can share how this went down, but I will be posting part 2 of this in a few days. I hope that you wanna rub one out together. Your naughty hot teen tranny Callie.