January 2013


by Kara on January 31, 2013

    My daddy’s friend came over to the house, but my daddy was not home.  So he asked me if  he could wait.  I told him he could and let him in.  I was wearing a short pink skirt and a white tight shirt.  I also had a pair of thongs on.  I offered him something to drink and when I went to reach for the glass it fell.  Well when I bent over to pick it up I could tell he was looking up my skirt.  I turned around and said, did you like what you seen.  He blushed and said well, yes very much so.  I asked if looking at me makes his dick hard, and he said, oh yes.  I said well daddy will be a bit yet, so do you want to fuck me.  His jaw dropped, I said it’s ok daddy lets me fuck his friends.  So it didn’t take long and he was naked and hard.  He then took me to the couch and pulled off my skirt and shirt.  he then licked my pussy first, then he stuck his fingers inside of me.  Well after that he put his cock inside my wet pussy.  He fucked me so hard.  He said I had the best pussy ever.  Wouldn’t you love to be my daddy’s friend?


Voyeuristic Behavior

by maddie on January 31, 2013

Daddy has been sneaky.  He put one of those hidden cams in my room and caught me masturbating.  There is a rule that Daddy has, and it is that I am not allowed to masturbate without his permission.  It’s not a bad rule, but Daddy says that my pretty cunt belongs to him,  and so does my sweet juice that explodes from inside me when I cum.  I didn’t know that he had been watching me all this time.  If I had not found the videos I wouldn’t of even known he had been doing it.  Now, I am not sure if I am going to get into trouble for using my hands and toys on myself, or if Daddy likes to sit back and watch.  Maybe that’s why he hasn’t said anything to me, I will have to be more careful about breaking the rule.  I can’t ask him because then he will know that I know about the hidden cam.  I’m not sure what to do.



Super Bowl Weekend Is Coming!

by robin on January 30, 2013

I love this time of year.  I have been the half-time entertainment for my son and step-son on Super Bowl weekend for a few years now.  They throw a huge party every year.  Their friends start showing up on Friday night and keep cumming until the game starts on Sunday.  Last year there were 27 boys here!  You can imagine how much fun went on around here.  I didn’t walk right for weeks!  They do a pool and place bets on how many cocks I can get to cum during half-time.  Last year my son won the pool, he guessed I could get 10 to blow and I did!  This year I’m going for my personal best of 15!  I figure if I tease them all during the first half, then they will all be ready to explode in a few minutes.  Of course, if I decide to take on 3 at a time (why waste holes?) I bet I can up that number to 18 or 20!  They know they can bring little friends too.  At the pre-game party on Saturday night they are going to feature me and some furry friends as the main entertainment.  This is new this year, I can’t wait to show all my talents off!


Tie me up. I’ve been VERY bad……..

by nichole on January 30, 2013

I lied to you.

I didn’t come home as requested.

I went out.  and……..you know what happened………It always does.

I’m a dirty cumslut. I know I’m not supposed to disobey you but I did and now I must be punished.

I didn’t wear the right dress tonight and that too will earn me a lashing.

I’m so sorry Master J, You know that I am trying……..but you also know how VERY BAD I can be………

Naughty Nichole LOVES you and your instruction, Why are you so far away from me???

I’m a subby lil whore ready for your dominance. Won’t you please help me feel pure again???

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Addicted to Mommy Lisa phone sex

by Lisa on January 29, 2013

You finally came to the conclusion that you are addicted to Mommy Lisa’s phone sex. Mommy loves it when you call me while you are in the bathroom sneaking to call me when your wife is home. How does it feel to be so addicted to me that you can’t even get hard with your wife or girlfriend anymore? You need me to help you fulfill all your extreme Mommy son phone sex fantasies, remember that! Hot MILF phone sex is what you think about all day every day, you need me, you desire me, say it you are addicted to me. You crave Mommy’s wet tongue sliding in and out of your ear and mouth. You think about kissing Mommy’s lips, mouth, neck big titties and sticking your tongue in Mommy’s wet, tight pussy. Then you think about Mommy coming to your school and fucking you in the bathroom stalls while school is in session. You are a nasty fucking Momma’s boy admit it!


The First Of The Month Is Cumming

by Krystal on January 29, 2013

Hey all my naughty friends.  Do you know what time it is?  It’s almost the first of the month and guess who needs a lil help making the rent again?  I’m also getting real low on my medicine, if you know what I mean.  I got some real tiny, sweet treats for you.  You don’t have to worry.  If they don’t wanna play, Mommy will make sure they do anyway.  You know how much I love to take a lil medicine and join in the fun.  I been a p-Mommy from the start.  Cum on, let’s take these brats and have us some fun!


Forced bisexual phone sex

by Callie on January 29, 2013

Forced bisexual phone sex with me hot teen tranny Callie. Your wife went to the community board at your local grocery store to try and find a babysitter for the weekend. She called me up for an interview and she hired me right on the spot, she said that I was the most qualified out of all the girls she and contacted. She said I want you to meet my husband before it’s offical. I said  no problem I can hang around for a bit my ride won’t be back until I call them. She said no worries one of us can give you a ride home if needed. When you arrived home she greeted you with a kiss and said this is Callie. You looked over at me with such a surprised look, you extended your hand and said nice to eat you, I mean nice to meet you. Sorry I am a little hungry after work. I thought oh I will give you something to put in your mouth that will satisfy more than you hunger. Your wife got a call that her mother was ill and she needed to go attend to her. She asked if I could watch the kids while you ran her over there. You were gone for like 2 hours and when you returned I had already put the kids to bed and he told me that your wife needed to stay at her mothers and you all wondered if I could possibly stay the night to help with the kids if you got called out to work. I said I could and you showed me to the guest bedroom and I giggled and said why must I sleep in there? You gave me puzzled look and said where else would you sleep. I said with you of course. I dont think that is appropriate for you to want to sleep in my wife’s bed with me. I reach for your crotch and gave it a slight squeeze and you were beginning to grow. You tried to pull away and I walked you back into your room. Your voice began to stammer, Call…Callie please you shouldnt do this. I quickly slid my hand down your pants and grabbed ahold of your smooth cock and I leaned in to kiss you. You were speechless. Undo your pants now, you did and out sprung my hand around your beautiful cock. I began sucking it feverishly and you could not hold back and so you started thrusting into my mouth. I pushed you back to sit on the bed and I turned to have you examine my shapely ass up close. You kept trying to tell me to stop but you couldn’t resist me. I took your hand and slid it into my panties and you should have seen the look on your face when you realized I have a hard shaft too. Hey now, stop this I am not gay. I said oh baby you don’t have to be gay to enjoy a she male cock. Listen I know all about you married men and your secret fantasy about sucking and sucking chicks with dicks. And tonight is your lucky night you will be my bisexual lover for this night or I will tell your wife that you tried to rape me. Now open your mouth and feel my cock grow inside that hot juicy mouth. I am into forced bisexual phone sex with married men. Call me and I will share with you how this all ended.  



Neighborhood Whore

by daisy on January 29, 2013

The women in my neighborhood are so fucking judgmental, I swear.   Every fucking time I go outside I can see them gathered on the lawn a few houses down, just watching me. They have nothing better to do than to spread rumors around about me and my girls; granted; most of the rumors are true, but I can’t help it if they left themselves go, and their men want to spend time with a woman who has a body that they jerk off to every night.  Or the fact that they get to enjoy some “family time’ if they come over to my house.  My girls are perfect, they have been trained up correctly, they enjoy their time with me and someone else.   This past weekend we had a new family move into our little neighborhood.  I went over there to welcome them, and one of the fugly neighborhood wives were over there, I heard her whisper to my new neighbor as I was leaving, “Stay away from Daisy and her girls, they are the neighborhood whores.”  This just made me smile, I made sure to stop by the moving truck where her husband was helping the new family unload their things, and made sure that I grabbed his ass in full sight of his wife, then gave him a hug and a kiss on the neck.  The look on her face was priceless.  I wonder what she would do if she ever found out that that very night her husband was in my bedroom spending some much needed ‘family time’ with us.




by kira on January 29, 2013

    I’m looking for a master to play with me, some age-play.  I want to be that naughty girl for you.  I want to be that teen dream, girl next door, babysitter, daughter.  What ever it may be.  I want to be at your command.  I want to please you.  I want to make every fantasy you have come alive.  I love sex.  I need a master to please.  I’m sure I can please you well.  Give me a call, and let me please you!!


Mommy Reese and Her Daughter

by reese on January 29, 2013

Hey it’s your everyday Horny Housewife Reese. I am trying to get my fuck on. But I have had some difficulty lately. You see I have this teenage daughter that keeps honeying in my territory. She flirts with every man she sees. Including the service men around our house and any male she comes in contact with. I am so over it. Last week I let her have what she was working so hard for. I knew that mechanic had a huge cock. I have fucked him before. She took her car in for repairs and ended up doing the mechanic. I found out when he told me about it. And then had balls enough to ask for a mother daughter duo. So I thought I would teach her a lesson. I took her with me when I had some minor work done on my car. Then I told her requested her for payment on the bill. She pretended to be shocked. I said I heard you would know just what he needs. As we took her back to the office she pretended to be unaware what we were talking about. Until He took out his cock and told her he loved how she sucked him off last time. Once it was out and in front of her she didn’t hesitate to drop to her knees and slurp it up. Much like me she could not turn away a big hard cock. It only took a few minutes before I decided why shouldn’t I join her. We shared his big cock. Sucking, licking, his balls his cock… needless to say a good time was had by all and my little girl learned a lot from her mother and her mother learned a little too. I have decided it might not be so bad to have her working with me to get that cock. Instead of against me. She is a Hot little Tart. And can attract younger and older cock. So Mommy may reap even more of the benefits. So far we have had some great times. Wouldn’t you love to have a Mother Daughter fuck fest? Just call and request a 2girl session and we will take real good care of your cock. Mommy Reese and Reanna.