December 2012

Cum and Get a Piece of Reese

by reese on December 31, 2012

This is your neighborhood housewife party girl. And I am ready to party and suck and fuck. It’s New Years Eve and I want to go out and find some Cock. Hubby is out of town once again. I get so hungry for Cock. My girlfriends and I are going to go out later when things get busy. I am sure I will be able to find me some Cock then. I have been having a great time with my girlfriends. I don’t even mind sharing a cock now and then. And I am really starting to like a little pussy now and again as well. I enjoy 3somes with some of my girlfriends, and orgy type situations. And when I can have a couple guys all to myself that is even better.  I am a self proclaimed cum slut.  I love having Cum all over me, and dripping out of me and I love the taste of it.  I am a true fucking slut.  That will never change. So if you are looking for a real Cock Whore Cum Slut I am truly your girl. Why don’t you try a Piece of Reese.  You won’t be disappointed.  Ring in the New Year with Me.


My New Neighbors

by maddie on December 31, 2012

We have new neighbors. The Father is hot, the daughter is hot, and the wife is butt fuck ugly.  I’m not sure what the opposite of the term “over chicked” is, but man that woman’s husband is way too hot for her.  So, me, being the friendly sweet neighbor that I am, decided to go over there and introduce myself.  I took over a basket of muffins (major Freud reference there), and knocked on the door.

The person who opened the door was Hailey (the hot daughter), I could feel the walls of my pussy convulse.  She is beyond YUMMY!  While I was standing there introducing myself, I heard her Dad yell, “Hailey, who is it?”  She invited me in and took me into the kitchen to meet her Dad and Mom.  Her Mom looks fine from the back but when she turned around to smile at me, I almost dropped the muffin basket.  I’m going to have to take a pic of her sometime and post it so you can see why I was so shocked.

So after a little while, Ms. Ugly said she had to run out to get her nails done, and asked if Hailey and I would like to go.  We both said yes, Hello free Mani/Pedi! We are sitting there, and start to talk to Hailey about her Dad, I told her that he was very good looking, she just said she knew, and that he liked to flirt a LOT.  After a little while, Hailey got up to use the bathroom, I picked up her iPhone and texted her Dad real quick giving him my number and asked him to text me that it was important.  Then I deleted the text I sent.

On the way home from the salon, her Dad texted me back.  I told him that I didn’t have the time right now, but I would text him later on.  Later that night I sent him a bunch of suggestive pics, and my suggestive I mean pics of me plunging a dildo in and out of my ass. I wonder if he will call me and ask me to bring over my own muffin for him to eat, and hopefully I can get Hailey to join in.



New Years Eve Party Favor

by Ginger on December 31, 2012

Let’s Bring in the Fucking New Year right. They say whatever you are doing at midnight on New Year’s Eve you will be doing the most in the coming year. So I say we should be fucking and sucking as the New Year Rolls in. Are you Game? I am going to line up my cocks for the night early in the evening. I want to make sure I get the biggest and the best. I have had most of the cock that frequent my bar already. So no surprises there. Hopefully there will be some new Patrons that hang around until the STROKE of Midnight. I will gladly help them Stroke at Midnight. Ha! Ha! Ha! A girl has got to go after what she wants. And everyone knows what Ginger wants. Cock and CUM. Because I am a cum guzzling slut. Why don’t you get your drink on with me and then get your Fuck on with me. I am wide open and ready to Party Baby. Ginger will do you right. And all night. I will be available on New Years Day for after party fun as well. Get it On with Ginger. Bring in the New Year Right.


Family fun playtime fantasies

by kendra on December 31, 2012

 I am the Family fun Mommy Princess. Do you just love it when Mommy’s like me tell you all about their hot family play time with her little ones? What about when Mommy whore’s them out to the highest bidder? How much would you pay to play? I have had so many offers and yet no one has made the right offer. so for now she will remain fully flowered and in tact. I want you to think about how sweet the nectar of her little honey box would be running across your lips. The fullness of her soft pink untainted lips. The smallness of her unchartered opening. I want to help you impregnate her young body. Look at how tiny she is, so innocent looking. Yet she is ripe for the picking. I will dress her anyway you want to please her new Daddy. She has a soft, cute little voice and giggles so sweet and when I spread her open to taste her first thing in the morning it is like honey from the hive. Mommy Kendra wants to give little K a need Daddy for the New Year. Will you be the one to help us live out our family fun playtime fantasies over the phone ? Let’s see call us and let’s make a deal.

Young Mommy Kendra   


Can’t Wait To Bang In The New Year!!

by karis on December 31, 2012

I can’t wait for Daddy’s New Years Eve Party! Daddy loves showing his princess off to all his friends. I’m such a Daddy’s girl! I’m excited to see what special outfit Daddy has picked out for me to wear! And he always provides my favorite pink champagne! I like to watch all the sexy rich men and women dance and get drunk! They always find there way to our guest rooms and I can’t help but peep in on them. 

The life of being a spoiled little Daddy’s girl is the best!  I am so ready to party and be a naughty little girl for Daddy! Maybe he will bring his friends! My little cookie is soaking wet thinking about it! Let’s make it happen. Bring in the New Year with a Bang!!!!  

Happy  New Year Daddy!! 



Glory Hole Slut

by Alexxx on December 30, 2012

I am a full blown cock slut. I worship cock. Being a stripper I can get almost all the cock I desire. There is an occasion where I am still left wanting. So to remedy that I just go down to the local adult book store and visit the Glory Holes. Yes indeed. There is cock of all kinds there. And there are all kinds of people just waiting on the giving and receiving end. So it can be a lot of fun. I have taken friends with me. I think it is so hot to see a man on his knees slurping on a big fucking cock coming through one of the holes. Men sucking cock can be so hot. A man on his knees beside me. Damn. I am a true slut but that just shows me a man can be a Glory Hole Slut too. How about you? What turns you on? Would you like to play with me and tell me all about it? Anything goes with this Stripper Slut.


Cum get nasty with Tabbi

by Tabbi on December 30, 2012

Finally its the week-end and all i want to do is find something exciting to do.. and fellas i know you can help me out with that can’t you?? cum on make my day and night by all means lets get real fucking nasty together.  I know i am willing to take you where you’ve never been before that is if you are ready for an experience that could drain you and your cock empty!! That’s right bring all your deepest nastiest shit to me i want it all lets get real messy! the more you cum the better it will be for me. lets make this week-end fucking hot !! i know you want too so cum on lets get this shit started I’m waiting ….Don’t make my wet cunt wait 


Sookie’s such a tease but she can please

by sookie on December 29, 2012

Teasing is always so fun. My girlfriends and I like to go out dressed in short skirts or tight shorts and tease guys till we can see that bulge in their pants. We have this game and whoever gets the most guys hard wins. The winner is the first to get her pussy licked by all the other girls when we get home. When i win, because usually i get the most guys hard with how hot my tiny teen tits are, i have all my girlfriends stick one finger in my ass and hot cunt. My girls love fucking this teen cunt!

I have such a good mouth for sucking dick too. I always have something touching my lips when I’m around guys. My finger, a pen, anything that draws attention to my mouth and make them wonder what it would be like to have my mouth wrapped around their dick. Sookie is too much of a tease  hehe, I love to imagine anything in my mouth a hard cock, i practice swirling my tongue and swallowing because all good teen sluts swallow ;)

I’ve been such a naughty tease today well usually its all the time, but im looking for a hot daddy to tease and please . Maybe you should teach me what happens to young girls when they tease as much as I do.



by liv on December 28, 2012

Her breasts were soft, nipples tense,
Pussy wet, waiting in suspense

His cock was erect, long, and thick,
Body hot, wanting to be kissed

Fingers worked their way down his spine,
She reached around to his member, so sublime

Breasts pressing on his warm back,
His hands reached for her moist crack

She slid around to his front,
Hot fingers felt on her cunt

A shudder came from deep within,
She reaches, wants to be closer to him

Hands hold his cock tight,
Her mouth on the tip, feels alright

She massages up and down,
While her tongue dances around

He wants to be inside her wetness,
But enjoys her hands on his penis

Oh, why does she tease him so,
He feels so ready to blow

One more stroke, she makes him cum,
Juice on her fingers, sticky and warm

There hot bodies press together closely,
His jam warm and slippery

A shower they will take together,
Completes this adventure into pleasure.


Mommy Vikki

by Vikki on December 27, 2012

I am such a slutty Mommy. My son owns me. I am his fuck slut and he has been taking advantage of that over Christmas break. And I won’t deny I truly do love it. I am a submissive whore. I can’t get enough of J’s cock ever. It’s so big and feels good in my slutty mommy pussy. He told me if I was a real good slut for him he might bring home some friends for New Years. I am so excited. My pussy drips at the thought of more than one cock. I love my son’s cock but getting even more really makes my pussy drip. I need it. Sluts like me need lots and lots of cock. And getting all my slutty holes filled at once is a whore’s dream cum true. I am just a submissive slutty Mommy Whore. Do you have cock for me?