October 2012

Trick’s On You~The Treat’s For Me

by liv on October 31, 2012

Tonight is my favorite night of the year. I am dressed to kill and on the hunt.  No one is concerned about my outfit or would ever imagine my prop is real. Halloween was tailor made for those of us that live to be accomplices. I have butterflies in my stomach with anticipation. Tonight I will find sweet young things to bring home to you my love. The younger, the better. We will bring a whole new meaning to the words Trick or Treat. I know you are waiting patiently at my place for the candy I am bringing home. I will start early and bring home one at a time. We will keep them captive and at the end of the night we will feast. I plan on taking one for my own in the woods next to the house.  All the others I will share. I don’t know which one will be my very own special treat,but I do know what I will do to the little thing. I will take them into the woods that are in between my hunting zone and home. I will beat them mercilessly and while they are bleeding and begging I will fuck them with the barrel of my gun. What a shame if it were to “accidentally” go off when I cum…then I will enjoy the feast of blood and flesh, sweet and warm and just a little salty.  I already have a bag ready at the very spot it will happen. It is packed and ready with everything I will need to enjoy this blood lust and to get cleaned up after and go back on the prowl. How many little fuckers can I get my hands on tonight and who will have the special honor of being mine, all mine? I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out. Baby your going to be so happy tonight and so am I.  When the night is done and the sun is rising, we will sleep contentedly and dream of our night of fun.


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Daddy’s Girl or Daddy’s Submissive Slut…

by Jessie on October 31, 2012

Daddy’s girl is growing up fast! I am not that sweet young thing that used to fuck daddy on a regular basis. I’ve always searched for a relationship to compare with the one I had with my daddy and I believe I have found the direction I need to go. I heard about the book 50 shades of grey and started doing a little online research. I continue to find myself looking for an older man. A Dom Daddy! A man who will know what I need and teach me how to be a good little submissive slut. Are you the type of man who is looking for a young girl to train up in the right way? Cum try me please. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed; but, if you are, I take punishment so very well.
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by Kendall on October 31, 2012

Trick Or Treat you fuckers!  I decided to have my own sweet treat this Halloween.  I was hungry for something sweet, like a threesome.  I invited two hot guys to my house to play with me.  I wanted to taste some of there sweet candy.  I let them have my holes.  It was so fucking hot!  They fucked the shit out of me.  It was so much fun having two cocks inside of me.  This was the best Halloween ever for me.  Wouldn’t you want to hear more about my threesome?  I bet you would.  So why don’t you give this hot slut a call so I can tell you more about it!!!!


Caught In The Act

by andrea on October 30, 2012

I was walking passed my step brother’s bedroom the other day and just couldn’t resist going in and looking through his things. We’ve been flirting like crazy lately and I’m so curious to find out what gets his cock rock hard. The way he looks at me, it makes my pussy so wet. His stares are so intense, it’s as if he’s going to devour me at any moment.

I’m going through his dresser drawers next to his bed. I see a envelope with pictures. Looking through them  I see that they’re all of me! I didn’t know he was taking pictures of me out at the pool, watching DVDs laying on the living room floor and changing my clothes in my bedroom! He must have been hiding in my closet and waiting for me to get undressed. I’m so shocked but also incredibly turned on knowing he’s taken all these images of me. He has them next to his bed where I know he looks at them while and he’s stroking his dick. My imagination is racing when I  hear his bedroom door slam shut, and I spin around and see him standing right behind me!

I know I’m caught red handed and I try to run out of his room but he catches me and grabs me around my waist and pulls me into his arms. He looks straight into my eyes and tells me what a naughty little slut I am going through his things. My heart is beating so fast and I can feel my panties are so wet. He tells me that bad little sluts need to be punished and all I can do is to let out a soft moan and tell him yes,  I need him to punish me.

He has me pushed up against the dresser drawers and I feel his hand sliding up underneath my little mini skirt. He can feel that my panties are just drenched and tells me that he knew I was a nasty whore as he rips them off me in one quick motion. He’s standing so close behind me and I can feel his cock is so hard and I push my ass up against it. He whispers in my ear that he knows my dirty cunt is aching for him to fuck me. “I watch you walking around the house in your little booty shorts , tight mini skirts and little nighties.  You’re just been teasing me, now you’re  going to get what I know you’ve wanted too”.

I want to be a dirty, nasty slut  just for you and obey every order you give me. Treat me like the cock sucking whore I am and fuck my tight little cunt so hard and so deep. There’s nothing I won’t do for you, Master just please fuck me.

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Slutty Stripper Phone Sex

by Alexxx on October 30, 2012

Are you looking for a No Limits Slut? I am your girl. I strip for a living. And I love every fucking minute of it. Fuck being the operative word. You see every man I dance for ( and women ) I look at them as a sexual conquest. Can I get them turned on enough So that they beg me to fuck them? Most of the time I can. But there are still those men that say they have morals. Fuck then what are they doing at a strip club getting a lap dance with a raging hard on? They came to get fucked. But  just a little shy. I make it my misson to get them over that shyness. To tease them so much they blow their load before they leave. I love my job. I work myself into a frenzy getting them ready to fuck. Some will only let me give them a hand job or suck them off. But usually they come back for more later. My pussy is dripping right now thinking of all the cocks I have sucked and fucked at this club. Oh and did I tell you I love when there are groups of men that come in and want me to dance for all of them. Mmmmm yeah lots of cock for this slutty pussy. Let me tell you all about it baby. Call Alexxx right now.

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Dirty Mommy Halloween Treats

by robin on October 30, 2012

My favorite time on Halloween is later in the night when the bigger boys show up with their friends for candy. I give them special candy……. and I hide it all over and inside of my body. I buy a lot of tootsie pops. They fit nicely inside of me. The boys line up for my pussy and ass pops! I feed them to my step son all the time. Cum on over tonight and get a lil’ taste of older pussy. It’s the best kind!  Invite me to your party and I will be the entertainment….


Spend the Full Moon with Nasty Nichole!!

by nichole on October 30, 2012

                    Full Moons always make me soooooo horny!  

The big bright pulsating light shining down on my slick wet cunt as I lay here READY for my Master!

                OOOOoohhhhhh, I can’t wait to be filled with your cock or to have your pussy in my face! I love all kinds of sex!

I want to talk to you about your sweetest desires and your darkest fantasies.

I will worship and obey; beg and plead; I will take all the pain You can dish out. I will be your good little pain slut.

Your submissive cumslut Nichole can take it ALL in! 

Let’s bask underneath the warm glow of the Hunter’s moon as you hunt down MY ass!

I would love to be your helpless prey.

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by kira on October 29, 2012

  I’m waiting for all my my masters to call me.  I want to please someone well today.  I’m feeling really wet and horny today.  I want to be on my knees for you and I want you to tell me what to do.  If I don’t do it right I want you to spank me until I do.  I want to be told what to do.  I don’t mind feeling a little pain with sex either.  I want to be treated like a dirty little whore.  I want to be your whore.  Don’t you want to treat me dirty?  I want you to be my master, I will be at your feet when you tell me to.  So why don’t you give this little whore a call and be my master!!!!


Teen Tranny Callie

by Callie on October 29, 2012

Smoking hot teen tranny phone sex. This Halloween let’s get fucking freaky. I just got the word that my grandparents are going to be gone for the next two weeks. I am going to play hooky from school and call my dealer and get fucked up while they are gone. I want to see how many guys I can get to cum over and let me suck and fuck them. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a hard throbbing cock in my mouth. Once that mother fucker gets to throbbing my little pussy-ass starts to secrete with anticipation. Do you like to hear a hot teen tranny masturbating while you stroke your cock? Give me a call before 10-31-12 and take advantage of the Fuck’otober Special 20 minutes for $30. Limit ed time offer for U.S Caller’s only. I call per client per day.


Friday Freak Fest at Gingers!

by Ginger on October 26, 2012

Hey all!
It’s the weekend before Halloween and you know what that means. PARTY!!  woot woot Cum on down to Ginger’s and get your drink on tonight. I’ve been playing around with my costume all day and I know you hot horny fuckers can’t wait to see what trashy outfit I have thrown together this year. I promise it won’t disappoint. It’s time to cum on down and play. My juicy slut cunt is just waiting for the after-hours (if I can wait that long) fucking that the back room is going to see. We will send all of those teeny boppers home and I will show you how a horny mature slut like me does it up on the end of that rock hard cock of yours baby. Cum as you are or put on something to make my cunt drip. I am thinking there will lots of Magic Mike costumes this year. Can you rock something that fucking sexy baby. Bring your game and I will dance on that fuck pole all night long!
Easy Sleazy Ginger   *muah*