September 2012

I love dick!

by sookie on September 29, 2012





Do you have a big hard cock ready for  my tight pussy, Do you want your big cock sucked dry! I dont think any man can handle my tight teen mouth, I love to suck and jerk that hard cock onto plate where I collect every spurt and drop of slippery cum that oozes out, and  I lick and suck  it up and into my mouth where i swish it around before gulping the entire load down my throat. Im  hungry for more, but is there a man that can fill me up? How about you daddy blow your load all over my face, and let me lick it up, I will try my best to behave but you might have to teach me a good lesson, If your dick can handle it!


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Making a big mess

by Kara on September 27, 2012

*giggles* I really am a cum slut at heart. All I need is a big fat cock to suck on. I am so sick of losers with small cocks who are only good for their money. I like real men with real cocks! I want a cock that can fill up my whole mouth! Cumslut phone sex at its finest.  It feels so good to wrap your hands around a huge dick and start stroking. My panties sure are squishy today. I guess I am in the mood for some real men. Are you a real man? I want to hear you stroking that huge cock of yours for me. The bigger the better! tehe We are having an awesome special 20 minutes for $30.00 and that is plenty of time for us to both cum hard. Make the most of today and lets play. 


Her first gangbang

by daisy on September 27, 2012

I decided it was finally time for Steffi’s first gangbang, she’s been fucking for over a year now and she has turned out so much like me that it’s scary! She is an eager lil slut, shit bring her a toy or a new outfit and she will do anything you ask her to, she’s easy to please. She was a little nervous when I first told her about it, but she’s loosening up, I told her if she just relaxes it will be a blast, and besides they are ALL bringing her presents so I know she is going to have a great time. When the guys started to show up and give her presents, she forgot all about being nervous and really started to enjoy herself like I knew she would. They took their time with her, starting off really slow and before long she was begging for more and more of them to fuck her, she wanted them stuffing all her holes at once! God I have never been prouder of my lil girl than at that moment, she was really living up to her full potential.She took care of every guy there like a champ and now she’s already asking me when we can arrange the next one! I guess that old saying, “like mother, like daughter” is actually true!



by kira on September 26, 2012

  Where are all my masters out there?  I’m waiting to be at your feet, doing whatever you want me to do for you.  I will make you feel so good.  I will suck on your toes if you want.  I want you to spank me hard if i don’t do something right for you.  By the way, did you hear about our special yet?  It’s our Fuck-tober-fest.  It’s 20 min for $30.00.  You have to ask to receive it.  I will let you have your way with me and do whatever pleases you.  So why don’t you give me a call and be my master.


Hot Stripper for Lots of COCK

by Alexxx on September 26, 2012

I had another wild night at the strip club last night. I love my job. I have been stripping at this club for awhile now. Everyone knows everyone here. So it’s easy to pay the bouncers off to look the other way. I am a rule breaker. When it comes to cock I will fuck and suck it every chance I can. I love dancing and seducing men into fucking me. For a little bit of a tip you can have my hot wet pussy. If you have a big cock sometimes a tip is not needed. I love big cock. And I love double penetration. I love it when a group of men come in and want me to dance for them in the back room. Anything Goes, no holes barred. I am all for gang bangs. I love the taste of Cum and will suck a cock dry. If you are looking for a complete cock whore I am your girl. When I get home after working I am still turned on. I need more. Wouldn’t you love to hear all about my adventures in the back room? I will tell you about the cocks I sucked and fucked while I masturbate with you. Sound Good? Come on baby. Let’s squirt our loads together.

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Fratboy gangbang

by Ramsey on September 26, 2012

Last night was soo fucking hot, I got really fucked up at a frat party and ended up fucking the entire fraternity! It all started with a phone call, I get my coke from a guy that lives there and he called me up to tell me he had some really good shit so of course I was like I’ll be there in a second! *giggle* I can never say no to some good fucking coke! When I showed up they were all fucked up cus they had been partying all day long and boy were they happy to see me. It was a total sausage fest, no girls there at all except for me of course. Well I couldn’t leave all those sexy fratboys all drunk and horny like that now could I? I got up on the coffee table and started stripping and that was all it took, they were on me like a shot! I sucked and fucked every single guy there, it was super super hot!! They were all satisfied at the end and I got my coke for free too, what a night!


Phone Sex with A Bar Slut

by Ginger on September 25, 2012

My name is Ginger. And if you are looking for a slut with no limits here I am. I am a bar owner that enjoys feasting on all the cock I can. Working in a bar gets me a lot of attention. And a lot of variety. So I have many a story to share. When I am not at the bar I am here at home close to my phone with my toys. Ready to get down and dirty with you. My pussy is constantly wet because I constantly have sucking and fucking on my mind. Wouldn’t you love to play with a real slut that knows just what your cock needs? Ginger is wet and ready to show you a fucking good time.

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Goldenshower Phone Sex with Cassia

by cassia on September 25, 2012

MmMm I love when daddy calls to hear me pee! I made sure I drank a few glasses of water too! As I start to pee, I put the phone down by my pussy so you can hear it. Does that get your cock hard daddy? I would love to make you my toilet. You look so good drinking my golden juice! I love to see it splash in your face. Drink it all up, don’t miss a drop! I love golden showers!…giving and receiving! That’s right, its my turn now! I want your pee all over me, spray me like a fountain daddy! I’m your nasty pee loving whore!

I love being a filthy slut for you!

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Time to do the chores

by Tabbi on September 25, 2012

I had a lot of chores that needed doing outside this weekend and you know I don’t like to get dirty so I needed to find man to get it all done for me. I knew just how to do that too, trust me, I am an expert when it comes to men. I went down to the barn and got comfortable in a spot where I knew I would be seen by the hot cowboy that rents my guest house. Once I got naked and started to rub my pussy it was only seconds before he showed up and asked if there was anything he could do to help, I told him he could start by getting on his knees to lick this pussy. Boy he did NOT hesitate at all! He had his face buried in my pussy and was eating it like a fat girl eats cake and it felt fucking amazing! I let him fuck the shit outta me and when we were all done he did all the rest of my work for me too. Now THAT is the way to get chores done without breaking a nail!


Savannah Sucks You Off. Cock Sucking Phone Sex.

by savannah on September 24, 2012

I’m craving a nice hard cock to suck. Can you bring me yours?  Just thinking about having your cock in my mouth is making me so moist.  I like the way it feels when your cock grows in my mouth.  Feeling my mouth stretch as you grow bigger. Oh my! I cant wait much longer.  Cum bring that hard cock to me now.  Let me suck you off!