August 2012

Cheating Housewife Phone Sex

by reese on August 31, 2012

My name is Reese and I am not your typical Housewife. For one thing I dispise housewife duties. And I love fucking. Most regular housewives would rather cook and clean than FUCK. Well I am the opposite of that. No time for housewife chores. Just let me fuck and suck. And my hubby is never home he travels for work. He can’t satisfy me when he is home. So we have a mutual understanding that I can fuck and suck who I want as long as I pretend to be his loving wife for business shit. Easy enough. I need cock on a regular basis. Like 3-4 times a day at the minimum. I guess that makes me a cock whore and a cum slut. I will not deny it. Why deny something that gives you so much pleasure. So have you got a cock for me to suck and fuck? I promise to treat it right. I am an eager cock sucker. No man is ever disappointed. Bring it baby. I want it now. Sucking and Fucking Phone Sex with Reese.

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take a walk on the wild side

by Cookie on August 29, 2012

Take a walk on the wild side and let’s get fucked up 2 night!! I have been up on a 3 day run and I think I just seen MJ saying beat it! Strange, must be the coke that has my head a spinning. Down and dirty thats what I like. I love a man or boy that knows how to suck a cock just as good as I do!! I have had a few guys finally pick up the phone and call me and tell me about how much they love to feel a cock grow in their mouth. Fuck it makes my cunt sooo we. I need to get nasty and let my inner slut cum forth and rock out these cocks! Where are my cuckhold cock sucking dick loving lovers at tonight? I can keep a secret very well. One of the hottest things I think about having a cuckhold boyfriend is when I bring back some 10 inch thick cock and shove it in his dirty eagerly waiting mouth. Fuck fuck Fuck.

Cookie luvs Cum


Cock sucking cum Slut She-Male Callie

by Callie on August 28, 2012

So your a closet she-male lover? You don’t want your friends to find out that you want a chick with tits and a nice cock to suck your dick? Who are you kidding anyway you know that if given the chance you would totally let me kiss those lips and and slide down between your legs and pull out your cock and give you a mind blowing blow-job. Oh but wait, if I suck that cock well all is fair in the cock sucking world. You better believe that your sexy lips will be wrapped around my 7.25 cock. Cum on I will let you cream my face, or better yet you can split my ass open and drive your cock, mmm well you get the picture. Let’s stroke our cocks together tonight and shoot our loads where ever we please. Did I mention I can shoot myself in the face, that’s right I am one lucky mother fucker I can suck the head of my cock then cum in my mouth. Bet that news made your cock hard!!! Don’t be a pussy let’s fuck!

Your cocksucking teen cum slut

she-male Callie


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Blood Play

by liv on August 28, 2012

I can look so sweet and innocent, but my blood play is what keeps me happy. I love to find weak men who are enchanted by my beauty. It is so easy to pull them in. A sweet smile, a coy look and lots of bullshit they want to hear. I fill their heads with compliments of how handsome they are and how I would love to suck their cocks and let them in my hot wet pussy. All the while in my mind I imagine what they are going to look like stripped of their flesh. How excited I get listening to them scream with terror. How I love the feel of  their freshly peeled meat and hot sticky blood. The taste is so sweet and salty and it satisfies my every need. And the flesh is so tender and warm when it is still engorged with blood and life. Who will be my next victim? I can’t wait to find out! Ask about my special if you dare call.


Cassia Has A Brown Surprise!

by cassia on August 27, 2012

MmMm, Your a nasty daddy! Want me to squat over your face just like this?? Put your tongue on my pussy and flick it back and forth… OOO Your mouth feels so good. Work your tongue all the way down to my shit hole. Just like that, stick that tongue all the way up my ass! Smack me on the ass and tell me what you want! I love to make grunting noises when I push…gets you all excited for my brown surprise doesn’t it! Scoop them out with your tongue! Hold it in your mouth and kiss me! Give me a nasty sloppy kiss. I’m going to spit some out and rub them on my nipples and pussy! Time to wash it all down…I’ll wash your mouth out with my sweet juice. Squirting out that golden nectar all over your face. Make sure you return the favor by standing over me and using your cock like a fountain!

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Bon Appetit!

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Ginger is back and ready to FUCK

by Ginger on August 27, 2012

Hey Baby, I am back from my beach vacation with the girls and I am ready to rock your cock. I would love to get my drink on with you and get wild and crazy. A little sucking, and fucking or Alot of sucking and fucking. I had a great time with the girls but I could not get my quota of cock with all the girls around. So I need to make up for what I missed while I was gone. Are you ready for some slutty pussy to take care of your rock hard cock? I am the one for you. I have no limits baby. I need to play. One on One fucking or group play whatever you want. Just bring your cock and lots of jizz. This CumSlut is ready.

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Cum with Me.

by savannah on August 27, 2012

You can all of this sexiness at your finger tips. Just dial Savannah directly darling.    1-888-550-5513. Let’s get off together. I cant wait to feel you touching me. I ache to hear you call out my name. I just need you so very badly. Cum with me to my secret world. There we have no limits. We can allow every part of ourselves to be free. Let your desires loose allover my body. Don’t you just want to get away from  everything for a while . I promise when we are done you will leave my world with  a smile. *wink*


Naughty Phone Sex with Billie.

by billie on August 27, 2012

I came home from work yesterday and met my Uncle Ralph. Daddy introduced us. Daddy let me know that Uncle Ralph was going to stay with us for a while. I was told to be on my best behavior at all times and that he was family. That meant I was to make sure all  Uncle Ralph’s needs were taken care of. Now my family is very close and we do everything together. Me being the girl in the house I have LOADS of responsibility’s.

Uncle Ralph and Daddy had me bathe them every morning. I got stuck with lots of Hard Wood. We all got wasted and played our special Breeding game. I just love being the main attraction in that naughty game. They both schooled me on everything I know about being a good little cock sucker. I am very proud of that. I just cant get enough of our family fun. Maybe you would like to Cum join us. We always have room for more. Daddy and Uncle Ralph say a family that play’s together stays together.


Where are my shy guys

by kendra on August 26, 2012

I know you are out there sometimes you send me an IM or an email expressing your thoughts of how you think about your little family member. You have to remember I am a whore my trade and a slut my need. All the family fun that I have to share with you is priceless. I am not shy one little bit. You can trust that I won’t be passing judgement on you. I really get so turned on by hearing just how  twisted your family is also. Call me and let’s get off together.Take advantage of our Back 2 School special for US callers only. 20 minutes for $30.

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