July 2012

So you think you can prance? I’m qualified to make that determination since I’m the real deal, as in a chick. I can help you with soooooo many girly things and more importantly I want to, really I do! I so love my little prancers.

So, tell me girlfriend. I bet you’re home all by your lonesome both excited and ashamed on what you’re about to do with me You’re either in panties or waiting for me to um you know, help you, encourage you to slide them on.

They feel super soft don’t they? We girls love soft things like panties and bras.

I know how to put on nail polish, lipstick, makeup and far more importantly I know what you should buy! How to coordinate your attire, hose, all of it. I can teach you! After you’re all dolled up you can flip on your webcam and prance for me – sissy.

Once you’re done with that we can do other things… secret things… things that feel very good and very, very naughty.

Wanna be girlfriends?

Call me, don’t keep the doctor waiting, you silly!


So you say your not gay….

by Lisa on July 31, 2012

Well well well once again I come home and find you in my room on my bed with a pair of my panties over your head, wrapped around your cock and you are wearing a pair. I approach the bed and say with my stern voice. “Just what do you think you are doing young man?” You stammer and relpy “Oh Mommy, I, I, I am sorry. Mommy please don’t punish me!!” I instruct you to roll over and get that bottom up in the air, do it now!! You roll over panties still on your head. I pull my panties down off your bottom and commence to giving you a good spanking. With each impact landing perfectly on your ass cheeks, you can see the impress of my hand fingers and all. “I think you rather enjoy, getting your bottom spanked while sniffing Mommy’s panties!” “What is it about my panties that turns you on son?” “Do you secretly wish you were a girl”  ” Oh no Mommy, I am not gay or confused. I just, well you see Mommy, it’s like this…..” 

Tell me son what is it? Don’t be afraid to tell Mommy about your secret panty worshiping. Let’s talk about it and you can know that Mommy will always keep your secrets. This Mommy is soo into panty worship phone sex. Mommy will even let you buy some of her worn panties all you have to do is ask.

Mommy Lisa awaits your call.

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Work For It

by andrea on July 31, 2012

I was lying out at the pool in my tiniest string bikini when I realized I completely forgot to mail our house payment last week. It absolutely had to be deposited today and the office was about to close. I threw on my Daisy Duke shorts & a little half shirt and drove as fast as I could to get there in time.

 I could see the Manager locking up as I ran to the door. I begged him to please let me in, he stared at my full round tits in my tight shirt and said he’d be happy to work something out. My pussy immediately got so wet at this unexpected situation. He looked about 50 something but still had a nice muscular body and I couldn’t wait to offer my willing little snatch up for him to devour. We had the whole office to ourselves, so we could get as loud as we wanted. I begged him to fuck me, anything he wanted I would do willingly. He lifted me up on his desk and pulled off my top and started sucking on my hard pink nipples. I moaned out loud and told him to bite down harder, make them bleed. I had my legs spread out for him,  rubbed on my swollen wet clit and gave him a juicy lick off my fingers. He got just one taste and it drove him wild, he pulled out his thick rock hard cock and slide it in my tight cunt so hard and deep.

I’ll get off pleasuring you and will help you act out your most erotic fantasy no matter how twisted or dark it is.  Let’s start now, please call me soon.



All Day Phone Fuck with Ginger

by Ginger on July 31, 2012

Baby, I am so in the mood to fuck. I am home alone all day today. I need someone to play with. Won’t you take time from your busy day and get off with me. I am a no holes barred slut. I love sucking and fucking. Which I am sure I will be doing later at the bar. But my slutty pussy needs cock now. So come on let me make your day so much better. Get off with me now. My pussy is dripping wet thinking about your cock in your hand.

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I can be whoever or whatever you want, Master

by nichole on July 31, 2012

I know my place, and I certainly know Yours, Master.

I crave the hand of a strong Man who can turn me into his object of pleasure.  I want to serve you, cater to your every need and make you the happiest you have ever been.

You, of course, know all about me.  And you know I am an actress.  I can be anything or anyone that you want anytime.  I can be Your naughty secretary, bad daughter, or evil boss who needs to be taught a lesson.  Perhaps You bought me at a slave auction, and are forcing me into extreme servitude to sell me again.

Whatever You want, that is what I will become for You.

And I will take such pleasure in it.  I revel in roleplaying with you.  Please, Master, call me!

On my knees,




Stripping for Daddy Phone Sex!

by karis on July 31, 2012

Oh Daddy, I missed you so much!

But while you were gone, I practiced and practiced in front of the mirror stripping for you!  I know how hard you work, Daddy.  I just want you to sit down right here while I turn on the music.

Where did I learn to strip?  Oh, Megan’s mom has this video that she doesn’t know we found.  Its called Strip Class – Learning to Dance Erotically.  So we practiced together, stripping down to nothing.  And it also showed how to do lap dances!  Don’t tell Megan’s mom though, or she will get grounded.  I know how good you can keep a secret, Daddy.

I don’t know how good I will do, Daddy, but I hope you like it!

Want me to make you happy like you deserve, Daddy?  Call me!

Hugs and Kisses,



Hotttttt sexy fun with Reanna

by Reanna on July 30, 2012

Come here! I have something to tell you. I have seen you watching me for a long time and I know what you want. My hot 36 year old body makes you shiver. I know you have been stroking it thinking about lifting up my skirt and finding my secret treasure.


  I know you want the sensual side of what a mature woman can give you. At night you lay there thinking about what it would feel like to touch the curves of my body and how your tongue would feel gliding down my chest to find my soft supple breast and my hard nipples.


   I know what you need and I have the experience and patience to teach you how to truly please a woman. I will show you how to bring a woman to orgasm over and over. I am what you want and what you desire. I am the woman you want and the woman you need!

Call me and let’s get started on our journey of exploration.



by Kendall on July 30, 2012

  I’m so alone right now!  I can’t help but to have the urge to masturbate.  I love to put my fingers inside my wet tight cunt hole.  It feels so good!!  I would rather have a big fucking hard cock inside of me right now but I guess my fingers will do.  Oh boy, I better lick my fingers off, they are so full of my pussy juice right now.  Oh man does it taste so good and sweet.  Wouldn’t you like to taste it?  I want you to call me so we can have some real naughty phone sex together!  I would love to cum with you!! *wink*


Dirty Girl Phone Sex

by Alexxx on July 29, 2012

I am an Anything Goes kind of Girl. I am enjoying this phone sex gig. I strip for a living and get lots of sucking and fucking. The phone gives me a chance to masturbate with you. And share with you all my adventures while stripping. I have a very high sex drive and it seems I am always sexually charged up and ready to fuck. I am a kinky girl. Actually no limits here. I’m a naughty dirty girl that wants to play with your cock right now. Cum with me Baby. I love ass play and all kinds of other dirty kinky things.

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by kira on July 28, 2012

I was on pins and needles all day waiting for you to come home, I knew you were gonna be pissed at me because I broke your laptop. It was an accident, I swear! I was running to let the dogs out and I tripped on the cord and it smashed on the floor. I was sooooo upset that i broke something of yours that I just sat down and cried. I knew your punishment was gonna be really bad this time and I was scared but excited too. You saw it as soon as you walked in the door and immediately pulled me across your lap to spank me. It hurt really bad, but was making me so wet! You spanked me until your arm got tired, then threw me down and fucked my poor lil puckered asshole until you came. And now I’m sitting here with a throbbing, dripping wet cunny wanting to cum so bad but you won’t let me. I sure hope my punishment wont last too long!