June 2012

Stripper Secrets and Mutual Pleasure

by Alexxx on June 30, 2012

I have been gyrating at the club all night long. I am now in the mood to fuck and suck. Are you ready? You know you want a Slut like me to take care of your COCK. Someone that loves to slurp and suck and then down and dirty fuck. I love pussy fucking and ass fucking. Fill me up with your cock baby. Release your load wherever you want. I am the Stripper Slut that will take it any way you want to give it. Are you curious about strippers? I can tell you stories.  Do you Want to masturbate together? I love to squirt with someone over the phone. I am the slut that will tease and Please. Let’s get started on a Phone FUCK Session right now.


The Filthy Slut is Back

by Envy on June 30, 2012

Have you missed your nasty little slut?
Even a filthy whore needs some R&R boys.
I am so ready to make your cock throb and make your fantasies cum true.
I am going threw withdrawals, it has been to long since I have been your little bitch.
Let me fuck and suck your balls dry.
I am waiting for you don’t make me wait to long or I will have to make you pay.


Sex Therapy with Dr. Dru

by Dru on June 29, 2012

I know what you are going through, you doubt your abilities. You don’t have a clue what women like. Is the G-spot as elusive as bigfoot? Don’t let your lack of experience hold you back anymore. I can give you the insight on all things sexual. Confess your troubles to me and I will stroke your ego and build your confidence with women. I can tell you all the right things to say. I will even tell you things men do that women hate. Call for a sexual evaluation. Still a virgin? That’s perfectly fine baby. Let me walk you step by step through fantasy exploration.


Cheating Wife Phone Sex

by reese on June 29, 2012

It’s the weekend and the hubby is still out of town. That means I am free to do whatever I want. And that leaves things wide open. Because I am a slut with no limits. I truly love sucking and fucking. And I can never get enough. I will play with anyone that wants to play. Maybe I should let my daughter have a party… MMmmmmm young Studs. Now that sounds tempting. But I will never limit myself. How about you? Are you ready to get your cock taken care of? The Sky is the limit with Me. And the kinkier the better. Let this cheating housewife fuck you to exhaustion. Reese is ready to rock your cock. Cum with Me with this special rate: 30 mins/$50. $ave $ave $ave!!!


Daddy’s Lil Whore

by Wrenn on June 29, 2012

Daddy brought a bunch of his friends home today and boy were they all happy to meet me! ~giggle~  They all crowded around me, they were poking at me and they even lifted my dress right up to see my lil bottom! Daddy said he owed his friends a lot of money and that since he didn’t have enough to pay them, he was gonna pay them back with me instead. I was a little scared, but I’m not allowed to tell my daddy no so I had to take care of all of them. I took my dress off and got down on my knees and they were all over me. They filled up all my lil fuckholes over and over till I thought I was gonna pass out, but I kept going till I fucked them all!


Cassia’s Back!

by cassia on June 28, 2012

I’m back from my trip! I had such a blast and boys do I have a story to tell. I swear there was fine men everywhere I went, it was AWESOME! I went to the Bahamas and turn into a total SLUT. If you know me, you know I’m the definition of KINK… I think I taught those island boys a thing or two though.

I got into a bit of bondage, tried some new toys out and pain objects, I made sure I got my holes stuffed by those big black island dicks!

I was in the airport, and I put one of my dildos in my handbag… of course I planned on having a little minute to myself in the bathroom but the security guard found it. I thought they found a bomb in my bag by the way the guard was looking at me. Oh but he had something else on his  mind, he told me he had to strip search me. I proceeded to take off my clothes and he removed my dildo from my bag. He said he had to use this tool to give a thorough search.  If I wasn’t so fucking sexual I would have been offended but that shit turned me on!

I have so many more stories to tell, Make sure you look out for the next one


Get it On with Ginger

by Ginger on June 27, 2012

It’s hotter than a mother fucker here today. So that means its bar time and then fuck time. Why don’t you grab your party favorite and cum play with me. The bar is wide open and anything goes. I am always Hot, wet and ready to play. This bar slut has no fucking limits baby. We just do whatever the fuck feels good. Wet your thirst with me. Ginger the bar slut is OPEN for bizness.

Get your Drink and your Fuck on with Ginger the Bar Slut.  SIzzling Summer rate: 
30 mins/$50.  Be sure to ask Ginger for the special rate when  you call.


Mommy’s Lil Domme

by daisy on June 27, 2012

I wanted to find something new to do with my lil whores, something that no one else is doing, so I decided to make sweet lil Nola a Domme for the day. I dressed her in tight little black leather shorts with a matching leather bikini top, thigh high black fishnet stockings and black leather thigh high, spike heeled boots. Her hair was lookin fierce and her face was made up she looked so fuckin hot! The first client to see her just about came in his pants! LOL He was SHOCKED to see such a sweet little thing looking so mean, but extremely turned on by her. And when she told him in her cute lil voice to get on his fucking knees and lick her cunny he was quick to obey! He did everything she commanded him to do and at the end paid us extra he was so thrilled with my lil Domme!


BBC & A Facial!

by Precious on June 26, 2012

I love big black cock almost as much as big white cock. Even my white daddy Sean loves him some black cock. He paid just to watch me get fucked by this mandingo!  It felt so good, my daddy Sean sat in the love seat with his cock out, stroking, while I had this huge black dick down my throat! I felt like a virgin all over again! He stretched out my holes so good. That big black mandingo pound my chocolate pussy and my white daddy, Sean loved every minute of it. He loves when I tell him how much I love black cock, and I do! I can’t get enough of it! After I swallowed his creamy load, I let Sean jack off on my face! 

Big Black Cock & A Facial….what’s better than that?


Surprise-I’ll Give It to YOU!!!!

by Envy on June 26, 2012

Imagine the surprised look on my face when he walks in and catches me masturbating.

But that is not the surprise he intended.

Little did I know it was going to be the most exciting night of my slutty little life!

Here’s how it went down……..

I am at the peak of finger fucking my sweet cunt, on the verge of being able to taste the sweet nectar of my pussy when he walks in on me.


Fuck me I just lost my nut. Or so I thought….little did I know my nutting hadn’t even begun.

He sits at the edge of the bed grinning from ear to ear with a bag in his hand. He seems a little nervous, but I figure it is because he is embarrassed that he walked in on my finger cunt action.

Wrong again!

To my SURPRISE he pulls out the biggest strap on cock I have ever seen! My pussy is in instant pulse, twitching and getting wet at the thought of it.

Now here is where the big SURPRISE cums in: He asks if I will wear it for him. Now my pussy is on overload, i think he brought me home some nice pink twat to bang.

SURPRISE  he wants me to give it to him. FUCK YEAH!!!

Needless to say the rest of the night I fucked the shit out of him and he fucked the shit out of me. He took that big strap on and kept cumming and cumming. When he was done, he bent me over and fucked my twat till it was sore. The next day I could hardly walk, and neither could he!!

SURPRISE, I’ll give it to you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and I will fuck you too with my new toy. Don’t you want some??? I am dying to use it on you.