May 2012

PTA meeting at your school

by Lisa on May 30, 2012

I got a letter from the bitches on the PTA board telling me that would like a meeting with me about some things they had heard from some of the parents about you and I. Crying little bitches, they are just jealous of our relationship. I walked into the room and their mouths dropped to the floor when they seen me in my short skirt and tiny top. Miss Lisa, you can’t wear those clothes into the school, we have standards. I looked that unfucked cunt in her face and said Fuck You, I will wear whatever I fucking want too. Now as for anything you heard about me and my son, it’s true and I suggest you mind your own business. If you fuckers think you have something on me, well just know this I have more shit on each member of this board than there are cow pies in the whole state of Texas. Don’t you worry my son, Mommy and you will be lovers forever. You just give me your cock and I will swallow every drop you shoot out of that sexy head! Check out my new site


Mommy Lisa





Bar Slut on the Prowl

by Ginger on May 30, 2012

Hey baby it’s Ginger. Your friendly little bar slut. How about you dump that ball and chain and cum out and play with me tonight. I am tending my bar until I get a better offer. I am your anything goes kind of bar slut. I will fuck and suck all night long if I can. That is why I am waiting around my bar tonight. I need some cock. I have decided to advertise my desires. Check out my new napkins for the place. Do you think it will help me get the cock I need? My pussy sure hopes so. If you are looking for a NO limits Slut who will suck and fuck you all night long I am your girl. Hey and you can even bring some friends. I love gang bangs. Grab a beer and drink with me or just grab some lube and lets get started on some down and dirty fucking.


I am an aminal lol!!

by Vikki on May 30, 2012

I was fucked so good the other day by my Big B that I couldn’t talk at all. When he asked me what I was my response was I’m and aminal *giggle*. I call that fucked stupid, I think that’s the best way! His huge throbbing cock gets me so confused because all I can think about is OMG I’m gonna cum. When I suck his huge cock I wrap both my hand around it and I still can’t cover it all. That’s why I say with a huge cock like that My Big B is the best fuck out there. Now if you can prove me wrong I am willing to try!!



Maddie Will Work Your Body

by maddie on May 30, 2012

I’m an avid workout junky. Flexible, fast, tone, tight…. And that includes EVERYwhere lol. You can just sit there and let me do all the work.  I guarantee to have you squirting all over me with my favorite kind of workout!  My young voice egging you on for more will have your cock oozing with precum.  Let’s be workout partners shall we?  I promise this workout is fat free and my pussy is the sweetest dessert you’ll ever taste. 

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Paying the rent

by betty on May 29, 2012

I was so broke this month I couldn’t pay my rent so my landlord threatened to evict me. I was freaking out and crying, I thought for sure I was going to be homeless until he said that there may be another way we could settle this. I told him that I would do anything as long as I could keep my house anything at all. I knew right away that I would be keeping my house because I saw his cock was really hard and I know just what to do with a hard cock! I sank to my knees and pulled it out of his pants and started to lick it up and down the shaft until finally I took the whole thing down my throat. He was moaning and shaking as he began to fuck my mouth and it didn’t take long for him to lose control completely. He pushed me to the floor and spread my legs to fuck me, when he shoved that big fat cock into my tight little pussy I screamed with pleasure and begged him to fuck me harder! Oooooh it was so much better than I thought it was gonna be, I came over and over and as long as I keep fucking the landlord I won’t have to pay rent at all! I wonder what else I can get for a fuck…


Cum Get Some Daddy!

by billie on May 29, 2012

Now that the holiday weekend is finally over we can get nasty again! Cum on Daddy’s it’s time to get our phone fucking on. I have missed our naughty play time ever so much. Cum to me.  Let me tell you all the sexy and filthy things your little Billie has in store for you. Let my soft sexy voice make that hard Dirty Daddy Dick Cum!


Memorial Day Pussy

by Precious on May 28, 2012

I decided to stay in for Memorial Day, while people were outside cooking on the girl, having fun with family, I was inside, playing with myself. Nobody to interrupt me, just some good ol me time! It felt greeeat! I played dress up and took some sexy little pictures. My daddies always love to see me in something revealing, slutty, but sexy. && so does my man! I knew my boyfriend would be home any minute, and who doesn’t like to come home to a hot piece of ass! I know he would be a little tipsy, and hell I’ve been playing with her all day, a girl needs some dick in her life!

I’m the type of girlfriend that’s down to do whatever. Very adventurous when it comes to sex, and believe me I know how to please my man.

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Bend to my will

by dominno on May 28, 2012

To submit means that you commit yourself to me not only through your actions but through your thoughts and feelings as well. A true submissive can put his own pleasure aside to focus entirely on making me happy. I will make sure that you are well taken care of…I love my pets that submit their will to me and let me have complete control of them. I know that you live to pleasure me and when you are a good little pet I also give to you. It only takes a whisper in your ear, a promise of what is to come and you will begin to bend to my will. Soon you will be begging me for more.I know that your desire is to be my pet forever and if you listen and fuck when I tell you to I know that we will be just fine together.


My teen cunny wants your pervy cock!

by Wrenn on May 27, 2012

I love putting on my tiny little skirts and going to the mall and teasing all the perverts.  I LUV PERVERTS!  If you are a pervert I luv U 2 if you have a pervy cock that gets hard for my tight lil teen cunny. 

I want your pervert cock right here between my little pussy lips, let me help you by sliding my thongs to the side.  Now will you please stuff it in my tight lil fuckhole?  I have been a GOOD GIRL and now I want to be bad with you!


Total stranger

by andrea on May 26, 2012

I was all by myself rubbing and fingering my purrfect little pussy when my phone rang.

I didnt know the number but i picked it up anyways. The voice on the other end was a man

and he asked me to tell him the truth on how I get myself off. At first I didn’t know what
to say I was a tad bit scared, But I am a submissive cum slut so what do you think I did *giggle*.
I told him how I like to take my pants off slowly and start grinding my hips. Then he asks
“Do you use one two fingers?” I begin to tell him how I start to use one finger gently touching
my clit and then I stick a finger in my sweet honey tasting pussy. I know you want to hear more so
why dont you call me.