March 2012

Big Cocks for Kara!!!

by Kara on March 31, 2012

I am the best lil blonde cock sucker you have ever met. I’m a mother fuckin Princess but I am not too proud to get on my knees and suck a nice fat cock. I love wrapping my glossy pink lips around the head and teasing it with my tongue. Wanna see how far I can shove your cock down my pretty throat? I’m awfully fuckin horny and and wait for you to wave a huge cock in my face. The bigger the better. Can you impress me? If you have a big cock and are dying to have some pretty lips wrapped around it then give me a call. I am so eager to play with that big cock I will give you 5 minutes free with any call 20 min or longer!


Fuck Fest

by Ramsey on March 30, 2012

Erica came over today and we had a really dirty fuck fest. There were so many men to play with it got a little crazy there for a while! We had guys pushing and shoving just to get close to us, all of our fuckholes were filled over and over again. It felt so fucking good to be filled up like that! Me and Erica came so many times we lost count, I don’t think we ever wanted the night to end. We sucked and fucked every single guy there, no one left unsatisfied. By the time we were done we were covered in cum it was dripping from every hole and we could barely move. I know I’ll be sore tomorrow but it was totally worth it!


Come Milk Mommy Kendra

by kendra on March 29, 2012

I just love that I am still able to lactate 4 years after having my baby. I get so turned on by how hot my tits get when I am getting dicked down. They begin to swell up with milk and the longer I wait to express them all over your face. You naughty little boy, you just love taking Mommy’s big nipples in your mouth. Now get your ass over here and drink Mommy up.

Kinky Mommy Kendra is waiting for her dirty son to relieve all the pressure in her cannons.


My sweet lil asshole is yours…

by kira on March 29, 2012

  There we are on that big ship you work on sneaking around and finding places to play.  Your the boss so its not that hard for you to get some privacy.  ~smiles~  You bend me over and tongue my asshole in all kinds of places and some times I look over and see your guys watching us.  It turns me on so much to know they are watching us.  A bunch of guys that have been out to sea with no pussy, and they all wish they could fuck me .  Will you share me or keep me all to yourself?



Happy Hump Day!!!

by Ginger on March 28, 2012

Are you looking for a Hump Day Fuck? Here I am. Ginger is ready to suck and fuck. This Bar Slut loves all kinds of kinky sex. From Gang bangs, Bukkake, girl on girl, anal, oral, and so much more. Anything goes with this SLUT. I want cock all the time. 24/7. So bring it baby. Let me suck and fuck your cock no one does it better than Ginger.

Cum Play with Ginger : Hump Day Special : 30 mins/ $50  “Good Only with Ginger” Ask to get the special rate.


My pussy craves my son’s cock!

by robin on March 28, 2012

As your teen cock slides in and out of me I must admit all I can think of is how nasty of a mommy whore I am being.  I am now officially an incest mommy, fucking my own son.  Right now at this very moment my own son’s dick is plowing me from behind.  Can we say OMG?  You are pulling on my hair and smacking my ass and at this very moment I feel dirtier than I ever have before in life.  What the hell was I thinking going all of these years without your boy cock?


Precious So Tasty!

by Precious on March 27, 2012

I’m pretty much down for anything. Nothing is off limits, in fact I’ll try anything once. I got this call….said he had a special fantasy and I should go along with it so I did. He picked me up from a bar and took me back to his place. Nice mansion, and a big beautiful kitchen!  (we were in there most of the time). We had a few drinks and chatted a little, then the action started. He started kissing my neck caressing my thighs and ass. He went into the pantry and brought out some olive oil. He instructed me to take off all my clothes very slowly… and I have to say it was kind of awkward. He was looking at me like a piece of meat. He picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter and started covering me in olive oil. He rubbed my perky tits all the way down to my nice round juicy booty. Then he began to tie me up… very kinky to me, and I like kinky so I continued to go along with it. He also put a ball gag in my mouth. and He said he didn’t want the neighbors to hear me screaming…..He picked me up put me on this nice big tray and then went and turned his oven on. His manison was pretty big so, could you imagine how big his oven was??  He leaned over and started to eat my pussy, telling me I taste sooo good. & I was enjoying it…but a little scared about what was going to happen next… the last thing I remember him saying was, “But I know you will taste so much better fully cooked!’


Cassia Your Nasty Toilet Slut

by cassia on March 27, 2012

 Cassia is my name and dirty phone sex is my game! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get a little nasty and I love to get nasty! Ever had a blow job while your taking a shit? Ever had a personal toilet slave willing to do anything for you? Ever needed to take a piss but there was no bathrooms anywhere? Well, that’s why I’m here. Let me be your Nasty Toilet Slut! No more running out of toilet paper, or not having anywhere to pee. My mouth is for your disposable. Stand over me and give me that sweet hot lemonade! I’m ready to be your nasty, dirty, filthy cunt. You can use me any way you like, take your dirtiest fantasy and I will fulfill it.



by elle on March 27, 2012

Wow have I gotta sexy MILF-tastic site for all you mature phone sex lovers. This Mommy is a hand full I am telling you! She is flat out steamy sexy and outta control! She’s never met a dick she didn’t love. It’s Lisa and her new site is the site is fun and full of nasty posts that will make willy scream for you to free him! She’s a DIRTY Accomplice to any fantasy role-play…Check it out! And way to go LISA! Woot! Congrats on the Awesome new site! She’s a great fuck and really fucking nasty so if you like it raw and uncensored, if you want a whore for all seasons, call this hooker today! I fully recommend her….. BIG TIME! Sinfully Elle!



Welcome to the Block…

by Envy on March 27, 2012

I love being the naughty Girl that lives next door, teasing all of the Husbands and Daddies at neighborhood bbq’s …

Today we had one of those bbq’s that i love so much it was to welcome our new neighbors , The Jones family. And lets just say that  i gave Mr. Jones a welcome that he will never forget.

Mr jones needed to use the Restroom and since we were all at my parents home i decided to show him the way. I even let him use the one in my bedroom. Once we were in my room i closed the door behind us and said * Mr Jones, i know that you have been checking me out all day long, and by the looks of that bulge in your pants i think you like what you see. Mr. Jones just stood there shaki ng his head saying that i had it all wrong and that i happened to be way to young for him  and he was a happily married man…

Well Mr. Jones if you don’t do exactly what i say i am going to march right outside and tell everyone that you tried to touch me…. You wouldn’t he said… Oh yes i would. so get over here and make me cum..  He complied first he stripped me out of my little denim shorts then he slowly undid my shirt and threw it onto my bed…And before i knew it i was riding his mouth and cumming all over that tonge and beard of his… I came so hard just knowing that his wife and my parents were outside that he had to muffle my screams with his hand..  Then Mr Jones sat me on all fours on the edge of the bed and gave me the hottest doggie style fuck that i have ever had.. Shooting his hot, creamy load inside my tight teen pussy.

After we were finished i put my panties back on without cleaning up and skipped back out to the party.. I felt like such a naughty girl. And every time i saw Mr’s. Jones kiss her husband that day i wondered if she knew it was my sweet little pussy she was tasting.