January 2012

Slutty Phone Fucking

by Ginger on January 30, 2012

I am the perfect PhoneSex slut for you. I love to get kinky and nasty. I am a bar slut and will fuck just about any cock any where anytime. I love hanging out at the bar and finding cock after cock to fuck and suck while I enjoy my beverages. If you see me in the bar just buy me a drink and cum on over you can just about bet I will jump your cock shortly after we make contact. I just can’t resist. I love to fuck and suck. Nothing is hotter than having an audience or participating in a gang bang. I love to be the center of attention. I am the perfect party girl. Cum on baby let’s fuck!! Ginger is Wet and Ready.


Beer ‘n’ Boners

by billie on January 30, 2012

Hey guys its that time again. Yea I need to get drunk and fuck like monkeys. I get so busy and tired of working and puttin’ up with my bosses bull shit, that I need to pound down a few brewsky and get butt fucked. I am getting wet just thinking about your hard cock in my mouth. Jammin it into the back of my throat. “Fuck Me” I need a beer. Give me a call and we will get right to it. I just want to fuck. Don’t you ever just want to fuck no chit chat, just some hair pulling ass smacking good fun. Butt Fuck Me Billie


Your Pain Slut Cassia

by cassia on January 28, 2012

I love  being Totally Fucking NASTY! No limits, no holding back…I want to go all the way with this fantasy. Listen to me scream while I pour hot wax all over my nipples and clit. I’ll be the purrfect pain slut for you. You want me to pierce my nipples? my pussy lips? my clit? Your wish my command. I love doing the most extreme calls ever! You will be amazed at how wet my pussy is for you. Dripping fucking wet as you abuse my precious little pussy. Shove your fist up my ass! Twist my freshly pierced nipples!

Make me cry…..


Bi Cuckholding Fun!

by Kendall on January 28, 2012

As you all know I’m a freak and love anything that has to do with sex. I was wondering if you would like to join me in some cuckholding sex. I would love to play with you and my bf. It would be great to set him in a corner and make him watch. You can give it to me hard in all my holes. He may get a little jealous at first but it will be OK. He’ll get over it when I force him to suck your cock and eat your cum. I would luv to see him do that. I think it’s time for our to call me for some fantasy phone sex. Don’t a lot of men would do this in real life and fantasize about it. We can make all your fantasies cum true!!


Cock slut Phone Sex with AleXXX

by Alexxx on January 27, 2012

I want to feel your hard cock slide into my tight hole and fuck me deep and hard while I am screaming for you to fuck it harder. Ass fucking turns me on just as much as getting my pussy fucked. Does your lady let you fuck her ass like I would let you fuck mine? I bet not.

Come get what she won’t give you.

What gets me even hotter is to have both my holes filled up. I am in total exctasy when I have my toy stuffed up my pussy as your slamming your huge big cock deep inside my ass. I love it when your cock is nice and big and fat also, no size is too intimidating for me, Cum and give it to me big boy!!


Kinky mommy Robin

by robin on January 25, 2012

  Mommy phone sex like your cock has never experienced before.  I am the best of both worlds.  I love to be that sweet mommy who plays with her little boy and teaches you all of the naughty things all growing boys need to know.  I also have a mean side that will come out occasionally to punish my little boy for being such a bad boy.  Whichever mood strikes me may be up in the air, the one thing that is certain is I will tease you unmercifully and have your little boy cock standing straight at attention and begging for mommies nurturing touch…


Spoil Me!

by betty on January 24, 2012

Do you want to touch this beautiful body, act out your wildest fantasies with a partner that does way more than just lie there? I’m not your boring old wife sweetie, I am a wild young temptress who knows how to please a man! All I ask in return is that you spoil me. I want a man who will pay bills for me and buy me any pretty little thing that catches my eye. I deserve only the best in life, I will not settle for less, so if you are not ready to take care of me in the manner I am accustomed to move on to the next girl. Believe me sweetie, I am worth every penny! My sexy voice and perfect body will drive you wild as I push your limits and expand your sexual horizons. You’ve never had a phone fuck like this before, no boring vanilla sex here! I want to get wild, go crazy, explore all the fantasies you have been to scared to try. Give in to temptation baby, pull out that credit card and get ready for the ride of your life!


Smooches to my sugar daddy!

by Kara on January 23, 2012

My new sugardaddy loves for me to cuckold him. Well I wouldn’t say he loves it, he would rather be allowed to fuck me but unfortunately his cock is inadequate. He knows his baby needs a nice big cock to fill up my juicy holes.  I humor him though and let him pay me to walk around naked in front of him.  If he throws enough money in my direction some times I will reward him with a little taste of my sweet pussy or ass.  Only occasionally though, the less satisfied he is the more effect me pulling his puppet strings has…..


Makin It Juicy!

by Kendall on January 23, 2012

Yummy! There’s nothing like a cold juicy Popsicle. I love sucking on in and making it melt all over. Would you like a lick? You can rub it all over my body. Don’t forget to get in all my cracks. Make sure u stick it up my ass and fuck me with it. You can eat it out of my ass. MMM I know you like to eat my ass. Maybe I can eat your ass too. Are you into scat? I had some the other night. I ate it all up while he was fucking my mouth. I am a kinky freak and I would luv to do fucked up phone sex with you.


Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex!

by Wrenn on January 23, 2012


  I put on my little nightey and pretty panties and walk around teasing daddy until I get what I want.  If I want to go to a party with my friend, I just tease daddy and he melts in my hands.  Literally *evil grin*.  If I want a new pair of jeans or a new iphone, I just hop on his lap and giggle and bounce until he gives in.  He ALWAYS gives in.  On the occasion that he tries to hold out all I have to do is take his daddy dick in my hand and whisper in his ear while stroking it and I can get ANYTHING I want……. 

Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex with baby girl Wrenn!