November 2011

Spreading Rumor

by Vikki on November 30, 2011

I love spending time with my daughter Rumor, we’ve always been really close. She stopped by today in tears she was so pissed off. She told me that she had her crush over earlier, they we’re finally gonna fuck, but he was terrible in bed. She told me that it was over way too quick and now she was horny and frustrated. I told her to come here,sit next to me mommy would fix it. I gently took her panties off and spread her legs while she was begging, please mommy make me cum. I began to kiss and lick her dripping wet slit and slid my fingers deep inside her, she was moaning and grinding her pussy against my face. It didn’t take long for her to cum all over my face and I eagerly licked up every drop! She leaned down and kissed me deep before she ran to get her strap-on, she put it on and pushed me down to the floor. Then she fucked me until I was screaming with pleasure! It was incredible, the only thing that would have made it better is if we had a Daddy to play with, is that you?


Lets bypass all of the limits!

by Kara on November 30, 2011


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Once you have sampled my sensual voice and alluring personality you will never be the same again. Perhaps that sounds a little conceited but that is just part of my charm.

Once I know some of your dirty little secrets , rest assured I will be taking you to levels of forbidden pleasure you have never known. My main goal is going to be to explore and push both of our limits. We will have one nastytabulous good time and I am sure your cock will be smiling for a long time after the call is done….



by billie on November 30, 2011

I’m an incest slut and I’m a total whore, but I had a call that made my cunt so fucking hot. My Daddy J made me kidnap and fuck  my sissy. hahahhahaaahahaha LOL it was soooo fun! I didn’t even realize what a lil devil I am, and Daddy he really rewarded me afterwards, mmmmh. She was being a lil bad girl and we made her do all kinds of nasty things, hehe! I know Im a bad girl but Daddy loves it when I’m so very bad! I wanted him to be proud of me so I did some really nasty things to sis. You will have to call me to find out how bad I can be! hehehe Your ready for some nasty incestual fun huh Daddy? We can always dispose of her when we are finished with her hahaha!

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Phone Sex with a Hot House Wife

by reese on November 30, 2011

I am not your typical house wife. I am married to a wealthy man. So I don’t have to work, keep the house or take care of the kids. I am easily bored with my house wife role. My mind is more focused on fun. And that fun is in the form of fucking and sucking and having all kinds of kinky sexy fun. My girlfriends who are house wives as well are just as bored with the life as I am. We get together everyday. And go out looking for COCK. Sometimes we score sometimes not. When I come home without I still want to fuck. That is when you cum in handy. The phone is my connection to a Great Masturbation Phone Sex session. I get my toys out turn on my phone and play and play until I am exhausted from cumming over and over again. I Have lots of Phone Playmates. I am always looking for new ones. Wouldn’t you love to join my stable of Hot and Horny Men that love to get off with me over the phone? Anything goes with Me. I am kinky, slutty and insatiable. Let’s fuck right over the phone. Reese will be waiting.


Submissive phone sex with Slut Kira

by kira on November 30, 2011


Nothing gets my cunny worked up more than being able to actually here my pervert callers jackin off!   That sound of your hand sliding up and down your cock just drives me crazy!

That is why I do my very best to be the nastiest fuckwhore I can be, so you will stroke extra hard for me. 

If you were feeling generous towards your submissive slut you could make my night  by demanding to let you hear me slam my dildo in my wet cunny.  *smiles*

For the best teen Submissive Phone Sex experience your Superior cock can handle please Master give me a call @ 1-888-300-0055

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Phone Sex with Alexxx the Whore

by Alexxx on November 29, 2011

I don’t mind being called a Whore, a slut, a bitch. I am all those things. Call it like you see it baby. I love cock. I love to fuck and I love to suck. I am a stripper by trade. I want your cock. I work for cock night after night. Not many men walk away from a private dance without fucking me. Men never turn away pussy. And I am always offering myself up everytime I dance. And when I am not dancing and I am either at the glory hole,  or on the prowl for cock, or home masturbating on the phone to get this pussy off over and over again. I am as kinky as they cum. So pick up the phone and Cum and FUCK me right now. You won’t be disappointed. There is no faking here. I want to get off with YOU. Cum and get it.


Lets all get high!

by Krystal on November 25, 2011

“Krystal do you really get high?”  Ok so here is your answer.  Of course I look horrible after a 72 hour binge at this point but it is what it is.  I promised a picture of Krystal at her fucking worst and I delivered.  See that is the best fucking thing about working here at Purrfect…… our boss lets us be who the hell we are, no faking necessary! 
On that note I was a good mommy on Thanksgiving and was 100% sober all day long.  Well Thanksgiving is over and today is fucking party day.  My dude brought me by a nice 8ball and I am ready to rock n roll!  With that being said….



~Happy Thanksgiving~

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Thanksgiving Fun with Cassia

by cassia on November 24, 2011

Whats better than phone sex after a good thanksgiving meal? heehee Well I’ve spent the whole day cooking and now I’m ready to rub on my pussy and talk to my daddies! This year’s Thanksgiving has been awesome! I still have some of my banana pudding left, *winks* Maybe I can take some of that and we can eat it…off of each other. Food Play Phone Sex always turns me on, especially if we are getting nasty in the kitchen! Call me… We will have some naughty kinky phone sex fun.

&& 2 make it even juicer I have a Thanksgiving special for you guys!

45mins for the price of 30!

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Make this Thanksgiving extra awesome for me and YOU!

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Traveling to Granny’s house for Turkey day

by Callie on November 24, 2011

I just got off a long late night flight, I have to tell you it was an adventure the whole time we were in the sky. There were so many older men flying with their wives and kids. The best thing about being a she-male is that I can get away with so much. Like I asked to sit in the back of the plane so I could be close to the bathroom. I had come up with this dirty little plan before the plan took off. I needed to make some cash to buy some gifts for the upcoming holiday. I figure if I sat by the bathroom door I could spread my legs just enough to tease the daddy’s on the plane and maybe I could sneak into the bathroom with them and give them a nice blowjow and make a few extra bucks. Once the little light went off for us to be able to get up and walk around I positioned myself to have my legs opened enough to let the daddy’s know that I was open for business. The first daddy made his way back and paused when he seen what I was showing him. I winked at him and nodded my head toward the bathroom door, he smiled and I got up and went into the bathroom first and then he followed right behind me. As you know there is not much space so I sat on the seat and he peed in the sink and rinsed his cock off and then I proceeded to tell him how much and he paid me and I got busy slobbering on his cock. It took no more than 8 minutes for him to blow his load down my throat. He washed his cock and hands then opened the door, to the next daddy waiting outside the door. This went on for almost 45 minutes and finally as the last daddy was exiting from the bathroom, there stood the Pilot of the plane. He came inside closed the door and said, my turn little lady. I said I will do you if you do me in return. He said why sure that seems like a fair trade, little did he know about my 7.25 suprise. I blew him nice and long and he lasted the longest of all the men. When he was ready to blow his load down my throat I looked up at him and smiled and he shoved his cock deeper down my throat until all of his cum ran down the back of my throat. He smiled and put his cock away and told me to sit on the sink cause he was going to lick me good. I sat up on the sink and when he pulled my panties to the side, he didn’t act surprised at all, I said did you know I had a cock? He said but of course I did I know about all the people flying on my plane. He wasted no time he devoured my whole cock with one motion. He held it so deep inside his mouth it felt so fucking good, it must have been turning him again cause he started rubbing his cock.

You will have to call me for the rest of the details my cab is here and I must get to Granny’s. Oh by the way we have a special for Thanksgiving until Sunday November 27, 2011 45 minutes for the price of 30 minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love and Kisses,

Callie the hot teen chick with a dick,



Please Pass The Cool Whip

by maddie on November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Please pass the cool whip I need to make sure it’s up to par! I’m the Official Taste Tester for Thanksgiving and I need to know that all the meat that’s given out is up to Purrfect Quality ~Giggles~.  I love Oral Phone Sex and nothing makes me happier than taking you balls deep in my mouth and sucking out all your yummy creamy filling!

Please pass the cock and cool whip because I am so hungry! Hurry now and get our Thanksgiving Special!  45 Minutes for the price of 30 Minutes!!