September 2011

Girls Night

by betty on September 30, 2011

Sookie and I had a girls night out last night. We made a whole day out of it! First we went to the spa for some pampering, we got massages, mani/pedis, the works! Then we went shopping for new outfits and shoes and got all dressed up for a night on the town. We went to several clubs and didn’t have to pay for anything at all. *giggle* That’s one of the perks of being young and hot, the men fall all over themselves to buy you stuff! We took our time deciding who to bring home, it couldn’t be just anyone, we were looking for just the right guy. Finally we found the perfect one! He was tall and handsome and we knew from grinding against him while we danced that he was very well hung too. We brought him home and fucked him all night! If you wanna hear all the dirty details, call us for some hot 2 girl phone sex, and we’ll tell you all about it. ;) If you buy 20 minutes or more, you’ll get 5 minutes free!


Horny House Wife Phone Sex

by reese on September 30, 2011

It’s Friday night and I am ready for some cock. I will be at home answering my phone to phone fuck you until 11 pm cst. Why not call and play with Me. I am a Real Slut and I don’t have any fucking limits. I want to masturbate and cum with you. We can do some mutual masturbation. Or I can tell you about my latest conquests and where I fucked them. I love to share the slutty details. It gets me dripping wet all over again. And I can cum buckets. If I have to be home until later I want to be fucking myself with my toys and with you on the other end of my phone. Let’s do it. I will be waiting for you in Chat. Cum say HI. Let’s both make this a good night.


ABDL phone sex with Krystal…

by Krystal on September 28, 2011

You have been a bad boy and mommy is going to have to spank your little bottom! You know you are supposed to go pottie in the big boy pottie and its as if you don’t even try. Well mommy isn’t changing any more poopie diapers so if you want to poop in them then you can just sit in it and ferment for all I care! In fact not only can you sit in it all day but after your bath tonight you are getting a spanking and no cuddling with mommy tonight or bedtime story for you bad boy!


Daddy’s Girl is Growing Up

by Jessie on September 28, 2011

Daddy’s LOVE their little girls. There comes a time though when that little girl’s body starts to develop and she starts to look like a beautiful young woman. That gives Daddy a whole new playground. A little girl might have the body of a woman but she will ALWAYS be Daddy’s Little Girl. Age Play phone sex is a great way to explore all those naughty fantasies. Admit it, taboo phone sex fantasies get your dick soooo hard.


Gettin’ it in w/ the Sex ED Teacher…

by Precious on September 27, 2011

Sex Education was my favorite subject in school… && even better I had a male teacher! He always handed out condoms to the students just to make sure we stayed safe, but one day I stayed after class. I had to ask Mr. T how exactly do we use this thing? I know you showed it on a banana but I think I need the real thing in order to understand. *giggles* Well I know Mr. T had been flirting with all the girls and I was one of them… but I wanted to take it to the next level. Being the naughty little black girl I am I took a bold step and grabbed his cock. Of course he was shocked, but he didn’t move my hand away. Well, Lets just say next thing I know….

He slips that bad boy on and takes me for a ride on that big juicy cock! He was real good with handling the condom, but he REALLY knew how to work my pussy! Put me in positions I never knew existed… That was the best day ever.

Roleplay phone sex is the best. It always puts my mind to the test to see how creative I can get. Want Some Teacher/Student Roleplay??

This nasty black diva will get it done!


Vacation hot spot

by Lisa on September 26, 2011

There is something so erotic and freeing of being able to lay out in the nude. I just got home from a mini vacation and I feel so relaxed and ready to share some of the hot sexy encounters I had while vacationing. Take this picture for instances. I had gone for a walk around 7am and I could hear rushing water off the beaten path. I followed the sounds through the trees until I came across this hidden oasis. I pulled the branches apart and the scenry was breath taking. I hopped across a few large rocks partially exposed in the water to a dry flat rock just beside the cool rushing stream. I took my clothes off and dipped my feet into the water, it was so refreshing I decide I would slide down into the pool of rushing water.

I emerged from the water there I pulled myself up out of the water onto the rock. I needed to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I guess in the process of meditating I dosed off and I am not sure how long I laid there and slept, but when I woke up there was this polaroid picture of me laying next to me.


It’s a little creepy. whomever it was could have at least woke me and I would have posed or something.





back to school

by kendra on September 26, 2011

 The kids are finally back in school with a normal routine. I am up all night working when my dot comes in and hears me on the phone talking to one of my regulars. She walks over and says “Why are you naked?” I chuckle and say this is my funtime, she says she wants to have funtime with me. How can I refuse with such a pretty little request like that.

I would love to share the juicy details of what happened next, so give me a call and I would be more than happy to give us both a happy ending.


Keeping it in the family,



My little Sissy

by Ramsey on September 25, 2011

I just love to dress up a little sissy boy and make him do all kinds of nasty things. I’ll make you be my toilet, or clean my pussy after I’ve fucked a dozen guys. I’ll get a room full of guys together and make you suck every dick until they cum all over your face. Maybe I’ll even make you play with my furry friends. There is nothing you won’t do for me. I will have you doing things you’ve never even heard of! If you are looking for quality panty boy phonesex you’re in the right place! You know you want me to use and abuse you so call me now!


Housewife Phone Sex

by reese on September 25, 2011

I am a Horny Housewife that can never get enough cock. I call service men for nonexisiting problems with my appliances, and I have delivery boys bring things all the time. I just can never get enough cock. I do phone sex to help my masturbation time. Just because I hate to play alone. So you are horny and I am horny and slutty and greedy and ready to fuck. So I think you should call me and play with me. We can talk about anything you want to get both of us off. I just want to hear you stroke, get excited, and blow your load hard. That will get me off real good. I am naked and waiting. I will be here all evening. Let’s GET OFF together.

I will even give you 5 free minutes on any call over 20 mins. My pussy is already dripping baby. Cum on let’s Phone Fuck. Remember this is Anything Goes Phone Sex.




Cassia’s Ready 4 You!

by cassia on September 24, 2011

He loves the look in my eyes…kinda like I’m saying, “Come Here and Fuck ME!” well, that’s exactly what I’m saying! I want to tell you how nasty and dirty a little slut I can be. We can talk about all the taboo, forbidden things other girls won’t. Don’t worry, you may have a sick twisted mind but so do I! It only makes my pussy wetter! The sound of my voice won’t ONLY make you cum, but it will have you cumming back for seconds, and thirds! lol I’m getting ready for our next Steamy Hot Phone Sex Session! I’ve been rubbing on my pussy all day thinking about how nasty and perverted we can get! I’ll DO and BE anything you want. Your wish is my command.


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