August 2011

When you walked through my door begging to be my slave I bet you didn’t realize you were going to be paying me to make you in to a faggot. Forcing you to become a cock slutpuppy. Even more amazing is the fact that you actually loved every minute of it. You loved the fact that you could hide behind the facade that I made you get drunk first. I am sure tomorrow you will try to convince yourself that you are not really a dicksucking fagboy, but we both already know better….welcome to your new world of being a cumdumpster for me!

You are paying me for a life changing experience!


Rock Your Cock with Reese

by reese on August 31, 2011

This slutty housewife wants to rock your fucking cock. I am a horny slut and I can never get enough cock. You will like me i am kinky and wild and have no limits. Just give me your cock and I will do anything. I am a greedy little cock sucker with a dripping pussy. Come on lets fuck I need all my slutty fuck holes filled up right now.


Daddy’s Pride and Joy

by Jessie on August 30, 2011

Daddy started showing me off the moment I was born. The took those sweet first pictures in to work and showed all of his friends. Now Daddy has new friends; special friends. He tells me to call them Uncle because Daddy treats them like brothers and brothers have to share. That’s what Daddy says; brothers share. So sometimes Daddy let’s them play with me like he does. The special touches show me just how much Daddy and his brothers love me. Touching my little bald cunnie and letting me touch their private parts. I love my Daddy; are you his brother too? You can be, Daddy doesn’t charge too much to be in his family. Come on, let’s play! Daddy is running a special just for all you “P” perverts out there….

15 minutes for $20

(For a limited time for Jessie only)

Certainly I am worth that!
Daddy says I am worth more but this is to just give you a little taste.


Mommy has been a bad girl!

by robin on August 29, 2011

Mommy promises to do whatever you say if you just let me out of this cage. I am thinking to myself that something is wrong with this picture, I am the mother and you are my little boy. So how is it that you have stuffed me in this cage like some animal bitch in heat?

So I am in here now, what is it that my little boy wants to let me out? Whatever it is…..please….I will do it!


My 1st Call…. AMAZING!

by cassia on August 28, 2011

New nasty slut here! My first call was AMAZING! I was his naughty little step daughter. I barged into the bathroom to brush my teeth and my uptight stepfather was on the toilet taking a shit. Oops… Did I interrupt you daddy? *rolls eyes* Little did I know daddy had something planned for his naughty daughter. Told me to come to him. shoved me down on my knees and made me suck his cock right there while he was taking a shit. OH MY! I gave him a nice rim job after he finished, used my tongue as his tissue paper. && to finish me off he pissed in my mouth and then came. I had cum and piss tripping down my chin. Hmmmm just how I like it. I’m a nasty little Toilet Slut. Come violate me in the worse way. Let’s have some nasty kinky ass fun.


Submissive Black Girl

by Precious on August 27, 2011

With a body like this?? How could you resist! I know you been dying to get a taste of this black pussy. Well now is your chance. Come taste me, tease me, fuck me and fill me up with cream! I need a big juicy cock like yours in my mouth. I’ll be your nasty little slut and let you do anything your heart desires. I’m a NO Taboo NO Limits Black Slut… so bring your ass over here and let me be your fantasy girl.

Your EXTREME Submissive Black Girl…. yup that’s me.


You will be my full-time sissy fagboy……

by Krystal on August 24, 2011

I predict that it won’t be long before I turn you in to my crossdressing fagboy. Sure you wear panties in private where no one knows your sissy secrets, but soon that is going to change. My #1 goal is to turn you in to a full time sissy and my personal fagtoy. I will dress you up every day and then turn you in to my cock worshipping party favor. I have LOTS of friends with horny cocks more than willing to pay me to use your faggy fuckholes. You can be side by side with my little ones on your knees making momma money. …….. …


Hi I’m Sookie! I’m the newest addition to Purrfect! I’m barely 18 and I can’t wait for you to pop my phone cherry! I have had a lot of experience with making men happy. I am dying to push the envelope for you! I have no limits and I love hearing how wild our fantasies can get. My favorite thing is roleplaying. I love to hear of a dirty fantasy that would never happen in a million years and play with my lil cunnie for you. I keep it bald and smooth just the way you like it! I love to dip my finger inside and bring it to my lips to “taste test” it for you. I want to kiss your aching cock and wrap my lips around that throbbing head. I want to run my hot little pink tongue around your ridges and glide my little mouth up to the hilt and take you all in. I want you in every tight little hole I have and show you that this innocent little girl can talk dirty and be as wild as you can imagine. I love the taste of cum and I love having a big load shoot deep inside my tight little cunt. Can I have yours?


Nurse Kara saves the day!

by Kara on August 23, 2011

He looked like he was on the verge of death. It was certainly my duties as a nurse to make him feel all better. I start out with straddling him and giving him some extra special mouth to mouth. Instantly I sense just a little improvement and he certainly seems to be *perking* up. I am certainly encouraged that maybe I can save my patient!

One thing I know is that slutty tendencies always makes a guy cum back to life. The tent under his hospital gown looks quite intriguing so I decide to get a closer look. When I pull up the gown I am pleasantly shocked to see just how excited my little kiss really made him. Not that his cock needs any resuscitation but I decide it certainly couldn’t hurt. So I wrap my lips around the head and begin stroking it in to my mouth while sucking more and more of it. Suddenly his eyes pop open, its a MIRACLE!

I am so ecstatic that he is awake that I decide to celebrate. It is time for a *Welcome back to the living* celebration. I straddle his cock and start sliding down it just as the Dr. comes in the room. The Doc is so happy his patient is awake that he is game for the celebration already in progress and joins in. I don’t know who’s cock I enjoyed more but this nurses pussy is one happy cunnie!


A Family Affair

by Vikki on August 23, 2011

I started teaching my daughters at an early age how to please a man in every way. Everything from doing his laundry and cooking for him, to giving him the best sex of his life! My girls are experts at sucking and fucking,they know every trick in the book. They both grew up learning from their daddy and brothers the best way to get a dick hard and now they can’t pass a cock without wanting to get on their knees and suck it! They decided to join me here at JRS so they could learn the best way to get a man off over the phone. They’re new to phone sex so help me teach them all they need to know to be a great pso! We’re waiting by the phone,can’t wait to hear from you!