May 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

by elle on May 29, 2011

Post Bin Laden Memorial Day is really nice! I never really knew I needed closure for 9 11, but I did! Popping Bin Laden ass was a great score for USA and a real morale booster for the country. I know it’s strange cheering a mans death but face it… He was the devil! lololol Hope everyone has nice picnic’s and party’s. Time for summer!!! Let’s all get naked! Sinfully Elle


Humiliation phonesex with Mistress Dominno

by dominno on May 28, 2011

I am an image of perfection. Perfect tits, ass, pussy, mentality and personality to name a few. A Goddess in every way. YOUR GODDESS! Claiming me as YOUR GODDESS does come at a price though. You should first know that I am going to ruin any resemblance of self esteem you may have. My favorite fucking thing to do is crush my slaves mentally and emotionally. HUMILIATION is the name of the game motherfucker! You are nothing but a worthless piece of shit bitchboy faggot to me and my job is to make sure you know it by the end of our conversation………


Mommy needs pounding!

by Reanna on May 28, 2011

Young boys know how to eat my snatch just right. My sons friends have proven that one by one. Well actually on occasions a few of them at a time. Teen cocks gangbanging my dirty mommy holes is the highlight of my week. My slutty holes want it and my demented mind must have it….its like an addiction. Hard, rough and all the time!


Daddy’s Girl Phonesex

by Jessie on May 28, 2011

Summer Vacation!! Woohooo…Today is my first day home with Daddy. Mommy went off to work and Daddy and I have spent the whole day in bed exploring each others bodies. It’s been too long since Daddy’s big dick has been in my mouth. I have swallowed a lot of jizz already today but if you have a load for me I am ready to play with you too.


Dirty little girl

by Cookie on May 26, 2011

Cookie luvs cock

It’s in the wee early morning hours and I am horny as fuck! I thought I had met my match a couple weeks back with with hot fucking caller and my mind was blown by yet another nasty fucker, Charlie. From the beginning I could tell that Charlie meant business. He wanted me to explore the corners of my nasty, dirty little mind. I reached deep inside my mind and found out that there is this place that is so fucking nasty I surprised myself with the level of orgasm that I could reach with him. I came so hard that my pussy juices squirted out of my cunt like a water gun, squirted right on to the mirror that I use as I am masturbating in front of. We got down and dirty and fucked for quite some time. My pussy lips were so red and swollen, they were super sensitive to the touch yet I wanted to keep on going and going. If only I could have wrapped my legs around his head through the phone he would have been drowned in my juices. Imagine pussy juices running down your cheeks because there is so much cum squirting from my hot pussy.
I think I will start working this pussy over right now.



I swear these guys are getting sexier and sexier! I love guy’s; young, old, thin, chubby, bald as long as they have a decent size cock and a really hungry mouth we are fine! I have been so fucking horny this week. I just lay in my bed in my sexy nitie, or my naughty nitie is what I call it. Getting so hot on the call….. I slowly touch my throbbing wet pussy. The heat escapes it and it feels so smooth and warm. I open it up and push a finger tip inside, mmmmmh yeah mutual masturbation is fucking awesome and I’m ready NOW. I love to rub my pretty pussy and finger myself while I listen to you jerk that cock. I can hear the thumping, the faster breath, your moans, and cry’s, so sexy. The panting, and swearing. Jesus baby you are right in my lane! I let you hear my wetness over the phone, you can’t believe how soaking wet I am for you. Alot of times we talk about my daughters and fantasize about one or more of them joining us in the family bed, and we cum to these thoughts me sharing you with my daughters and you love me watching you fuck them. As you can see I’m really fucking wound up and ready to cum! Call me and let’s cum really hard together. DirtyMommyDaisy


Slutty Housewife Phone Sex

by reese on May 25, 2011

I am a kinky housewife that has no limits. I crave cock. I love sucking and fucking. And I will tackle any cock in front of me. My husband and I have an open relationship. He knows he isn’t enough. And he travels a lot. So I spend my time with girlfriends and we are always on the prowl for cock. There isn’t much I won’t do to get that creamy load. So why don’t you pick up that phone and let’s get started on a Hot Mutual Masturbation Session. Tell me what your hard cock truly desires. Nothing will shock me. And I love to please. Cum fuck this crazy sexy slutty housewife.


Shopping for COCK!!!

by Precious on May 25, 2011

Im a lil diva, SO WHAT!!! Ive got something for all you little white boys out there. I am a black woman and Im proud of it, I love white men who love black women… and more than that I love white men who love ME!!!

I met this guy at the grocery store. He approcahed me from behind. As I turned to acknowledge him, I immediately saw his sexy physique through his clothes… He looked me up and down as we chatted for a while in aisle 7. He asked me if i was single and I told him I was. He isnt. He has a wife and kids, but the white bitch doesnt please him like he knows I can. Well, thats what he told me. I told him to put his money where his mouth was. Take me to dinner, swipe a card or two and then I would give him the best pussy he has ever had.

Things didnt go quite like I planned. Instead of coming to my house, I went to his. I undressed for him right there in the living room, so he knew what he would missing if he fucked up. I saw that 8 inch white cock grow into a bulge in his pants. My pussy started to moisten, and then I couldnt resist. I dropped to my knees and I put my face in his crotch… then I wrapped my lips around his cock and pulled it all the way out his pants… My pussy became wetter and wetter as I slathered his cock with my mouth juices… Then he yanked his cock out of my throat…

I turned around and there was his wife… in the doorway!

She said, “Is this what you do when Im not home?”

To be continued… when you call!!


I need a good fucking

by Cookie on May 24, 2011

Here it is a Tuesday night and I am in dire need of a good proper fucking. It has been a minute since my midnight lover has called and fucked me every which way but sidesway. I love the way that we fuck together. His voice echoes through my mind and I feel his thick throbbing cock slide deep in between my legs right into the entrance of my pussy. I can feel this the heat of his cock pressing up against my cunt lips. I rotate my hips to thrust into him, I begin to fuck his cock with such vigar. I need a good fucking now!
Cum find me in our chat room.


Punishment for my slave….

by dominno on May 23, 2011

What in the world made you think you were worthy of touching me without permission? Have you lost your fucking mind? Seriously, I can’t believe a little slimeball slave as pathetic and worthless as you are thought it was ok to just reach up and touch my Superior pussy. I probably need to disinfect my Goddess twat from having a worm like you even fucking near it.

I told you that you had a punishment coming. Not only am I going to enjoy spending that huge gratuity I made you leave me but you are required to call me back in the next 24 hours or the gratuity will be double next time. Just wait until you hear what I will be doing to you in our next call dirtbag little dick fucker!