April 2011

Daddy Daughter Fantasy

by Jessie on April 30, 2011

My daddy came to visit me this weekend. It’s been awhile since it’s been just the two of us in one place. I was in bed this morning and I could hear him in the next room masturbating. I had to get out my toys and play with my aching little cunnie. I was fucking my cunnie with my vibe when my door opened and Daddy walked in. He walked right up to me and took the vibe and continued to fuck me with it while sucking on my little clitty. I couldn’t help myself, I had to……


The Coolest Mom Ever!

by Vikki on April 30, 2011

I’m the coolest Mom ever at least that what my son says. He had a little get together with a few of his new friends from school. He always wants to show off and let everyone know what an awesome mother he has….(his words not mines). Since he had planned this little get together earlier in the week, I decided to go and pick up a few beers for him and the guys. No harm in that, I was going to be home and every once in a while I feel teenage boys should have the luxury of throwing back a few cold ones.
Well his little sister wanted to stay up and since it was a Friday night I said what the hell. So I decided since my little munchin was up, I might as well hang and have a few cold ones with the fellas. After a few drinks, I’m easier than usual. I had been checking out the new friends that my teenage son had brought home and I must admit they had quite the bodies, after all they were high school jocks just like my son.
With the music blaring and a few drinks in me I decided I wanted to dance. So I grabbed the hottest one and made him dance with me. Now I don’t say so myself, I’ve got some moves for a woman my age. My little munchkin decided she wanted to be like Mommy and danced too. So while I was dancing and swaying my hips to the sound of the music, I couldn’t help myself or should I say I didn’t want to help myself. I started to grind on that young stud, and slowly take my clothes off piece by piece…..until I was completely naked.
My son’s friends were staring in aww and my little munchkin who’s at the age that she does and says everything that I do, started to come out of her cute little pink pajamas as well. Next thing you know she was naked too. with a house full of guys.
I started to work my way down to my knees, so that I could unleash that cock, I know that young jock was packing in his pants, I wanted to taste it bad, my mouth was watering and that’s exactly what I did. Sucked his cock right there in front of every one. Yes a lot more happened and I would love to share all the juicy, wet details, but what fun would that be, huh? Wanna know what happened, of course you do, you’ve read this far….dial me up and I’ll be more than glad to share every single detail. I’m not shy and I promise not to leave anything out.


Slutty Housewife Phone Sex

by reese on April 30, 2011

This housewife is bored to death. I need some action. My girlfriends all seem to be busy today. The husband is gone. What the fuck am I supposed to do. I hate to play alone. I have lots of toys and plenty of time. But I need a playmate. What do you think? Is your cock in need of some special attention? Do you want to play with a sexy slutty housewife? I am a dirty girl. And I love fucking and sucking. I would love to guide you in a hot masturbation session. Or roleplay your favorite fantasy or fetish. I have no limits baby, no restrictions, no taboos. I am ready to get into some kinky sexy play. Call and take advantage of my 30 min Special. 30 Hot Fucking minutes for $50. it’s a great savings and I promise you a cock exploding good time. Cum with me Baby!


I am running away this weekend shucking all responsibility, and making a run for peace and quiet for just 2 lil day’s. I will be back on Sunday afternoon so catch me Sunday night, I’m not hard to track! And NO! FYI this has NOTHING to do with “the royal wedding!” ugh! Sinfully Elle


I want to play with You!!! Call AleXXX

by Alexxx on April 25, 2011

I’m the kind of whore that won’t be satisfied until I’ve done everything I can to make you feel good. Giving you what you want is what I’m all about. There are no limits here, and I’ve yet to meet a kink I don’t like.

The nastier you get, the more I need it. I’m the tight wet slut you’ve always wanted, and I never say no! Use me for any and every fantasy, from the tame to the extreme taboo, I love it all.

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Snuffed my stupid daughter out!

by Krystal on April 24, 2011

Can you imagine how pissed I got when my daughter fucked up my evening plans? I had a bunch of guys over with a shitload of medicine for me. They all had huge cocks and were going to give me all of that medicine and a bunch of liquor too just to get to gangbang me. Fuck that is right up my dirty mommy alley to get fucked by huge cocks and get drunk and high to boot. I will be damned if just right when we are ready to start my daughter busts in the room crying about some nightmare she had. So my company got pissed at the interruption and left.

I am so fucking sick and tired of this stupid little cuntwhore fucking up my life. She is a waste of the sperm that created her. My friend “87″ was nice enough to video tape what I did to her so that at least I can make a fucking profit from snuffing the little whore out of my life. Her and her little friend that was over visiting. It was a pretty bloody mess and there I was with 2 dead girls and “87″ was nice enough to suggest we could broil whats left of them in the oven to get rid of the evidence. FUCKING BRILLIANT!

TY “87″ for yet another nasty and fabulous call…..



by Kendall on April 20, 2011

Ty you blow my shit away! I know all the girls will agree that your a BAD MOTHERFUCKER! And Sister Fucker, Daughter Fucker, coed fucker ad infinite lmao! Jesus baby you tore my pussy up! I am still thinkin aboutcha and it was yesterday and this is NOT SHIT! I was really happy to hear from you today and when you said you’d call Wed that just makes me wanna rest my pussy up, eat my Wheaties and take my vitamins so I am up for the task of fucking you again! You sexy FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for everything and for sucha wonderful phone fuck baby! Love Your Slut Kendall


Black cock needed!

by admin on April 20, 2011

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Incest phone sex!

by robin on April 20, 2011

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Cock Slut AleXXX

by Alexxx on April 19, 2011

What can I say I am a self proclaimed cock slut. I love sucking, fucking, teasing and pleasing. I guess that is why I am so good at my jobs. Stripping gives me the opportunity to meet so many men. And once I dance and can see or feel that cock getting hard I am gone. That is when I have to have it. I have to take it out. I have to suck, lick, fuck it and get that sweet cum I have worked for. I just have this need to get men off. So when you call me to talk about whatever you desire the only thing on my mind is playing and pleasing and hearing you CUM really hard. I love it. I crave. I need it. Give me a call and give me your cock and all your cum. It gets me off so fucking hard knowing I can do that to men. Just the thought of a rock hard cock makes my pussy dripping wet.