February 2011

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

by Ginger on February 27, 2011

Everybody knows it’s no fun to drink alone! Pick your poison and call me for a session of Forced Intoxication Phone Sex. What’s that you ask? That is when you get so wasted you lose all control. Let me take you from sober, to tipsy to sloppy drunk. By the time I get done I will be your Fetish Phone Sex addiction. You will be a Ginger alcoholic with a raging hard on begging for more! Let’s see how many shots you can take like a real man. I’ll pour, just open your mouth. It’s time for another round. And I will take full advantage of that raging hard cock of yours. Let’s get started right now.


Goddess Envy wants YOU!

by Envy on February 26, 2011

Seriously I am so tired of whiny ass men. Spending all kinds of money with me then crying cause the wife found out and now she has his balls in her purse until further notice. TAKE THEM BACK BITCHES!! Do I have to tell you EVERYTHING. Go to your neighborhood drugstore or your local BOX-MART and get a prepaid visa/mc. It only takes a short time for it to activate and then you are out of trouble and can give your balls back to ME! I will put them on a shelf with the rest of my testicle collection. Just what would you boys do without me? Now scoot! Go buy a gift card, you can stroke when you get back and the ole ball and chain won’t even know!


Fuck me daddy!

by Wrenn on February 26, 2011

I have a bunch of homework to do today. This little schoolgirl needs some daddy dick to motivate me to get all this work done. Maybe while I am reading these 6 chapters I have to do I could have your daddy cock sliding in and out of my little cunnie doggy style while I beg you to pound my teen twat even more…



by nichole on February 26, 2011

Winters can be so long and lonely. I bet you are looking for someone to share these chilly winter nights with. You have been alone in that big bed for way too long. It’s time to let me in. Take off all your clothes and snuggle in that big warm bed. I will meet you there. Naked! We will spend the whole day “getting to know each other”.


Dirty mommy wanting to be used !

by robin on February 25, 2011

Mommy loves to be used and abused. Tie me up and fuck me silly is my wish for the night! Invite over all of your friends that are looking for a nasty MILF to drain their balls and run a nasty train on all of my wet holes. This mommy is wet and ready to take all of your loads!


Fuck me!

by Kara on February 25, 2011

Think of me as your personal fucktoy. Your “go to” girl when your balls need to be seriously drained. I like it raunchy and I love to be fucked hard and can take every single inch that you can dish out….give it all to me!


Party time!

by Krystal on February 24, 2011

Tonight is going to be one hot party night. I have a fuckfriend of mine coming over I haven’t seen in years. He is bringing me some X and a bottle of tequila and I am gonna get FUCKED UP! The fun part is going to come after we are fucked up though. Lately we have been watching some porn together while chatting on messenger occasionally and I have noticed a pattern of him picking out movies with young girls. Now of course those girls are all legal aged but I notice he has a thing for the little school girl outfits and little girlie looks. So I am thinking he must be a P-perv just like me and I plan on introducing the idea of including my daughter and maybe even my son in to our evening of partying. In fact I am almost positive he will be in to it and our evening is not only going to be nasty as hell but I plan on being one satisfied mommy. I also remember from years ago that he has a nice dick and some fabulous pussy eating skills.



by Precious on February 23, 2011

My callers just love making me a nasty fucking black slut and being a cum whore for them makes my pussy cream. I always find myself callin them white boys my master now that really gets those vanilla cocks hard and all they want is to slide that dick in my black sweet dark cherry. They love dat shit and you know i have all kinds of moves for that ass all i have to do is dance all over that white dick and you know we black gurls got dat rhythm!! And when i squeeze my tight pussy around that white cock you will be fucked completely not half ass if you feel me. I am so fucking ready to be fucked. And i know you want it badd…


GFE Phonesex with Nichole

by nichole on February 22, 2011

Nichole for LTR/GFE

Tell me, are you lonely? Are you missing that intimate connection with someone special? Me too baby. Let’s talk about it. Let’s get to know each other. Let’s talk about our hopes and our dreams. Let’s build our futures knowing that there is always someone in our lives that really cares.


Worship your Goddess

by Envy on February 22, 2011

More and more I find myself looking forward to the opportunity to use that body that used to belong to you. Now it’s MINE. You belong to me, my sweet little obedient pain slut. I have so much more in store for you. Our new found relationship is only just beginning.