December 2010


by elle on December 31, 2010

Last Day for the 30 min SPECIAL! Get your 30 mins for only $50.00 I will be on and off all day and night so check my indicator. I KNOW there are a few HARDCORE HOTTIES on tonight and they will be ready and waiting to make you blow your New Year Load! So if I don’t talk with you till next year….. HAVE A GREAT ONE!!!!! Happy 2011 it’s gonna ROCK! Sinfully Elle


Protected: Want to punish my daughter with me?

by Krystal on December 30, 2010

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Best Friend Sex … Cum and Get It

by Alexxx on December 30, 2010

I met my best friend at my place of work. The Strip Club. She is one HOT Bitch. We have been friends now for a long time. I turned her on to my world of Sex. Stripping, phone sex, etc. Now it’s really hard to keep us away from each other.

I fell in lust with her body the first night I touched her at the strip club. And now we play all the time. A couple times a week she comes to the club so we can pick a Man out to share for the evening. I love sharing cock with my Best Friend. And let me tell you how Sweet her pussy is when she gets turned on sharing cock with me… MMMmmmm so Yummy. Wouldn’t you love to share my best friend with me? Well you can baby. Pick up the phone and let’s have a Kinky Threesome right now. Even at a special rate.

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Neighborhood Party

by Envy on December 30, 2010

While the cat’s away the mice will play. That is exactly what we have in mind. Envy! Reese! Two HOT and HORNY HONEYS just itchin’ to get their hands on your throbbing hunk of man meat! Come on big boy! Let’s rock in the new year like it should be!

Bring it on SPECIAL
30 minutes


Get Your Drink and Your Fuck on with Ginger

by Ginger on December 29, 2010

Cock Slut Ginger

We are coming up on the biggest Party Night of the year. “NEW YEARS EVE”. I plan to get in as much fucking and sucking as I can. And still get my drink on. It is going to be fabulous. I am practicing up. The last couple nights at the bar have been great. Lots of Men are out there drinking to get over Christmas ( wives spending). I am just helping them with their woes. Giving them a little pleasure to help with the wallet pain. Hell who am I kidding I don’t need an excuse to fuck and suck. I just love it. I just help them find an excuse so they don’t feel bad because they fucked the HOT barslut all night long. I will be here if they want to cum back for more. That is what I am counting on for New Year’s Eve. That some of my Fuck Mates will cum back looking for more. So I can drink and suck and fuck in the New Year. Cum Party with Ginger Baby. I will make you feel so good.



by Vikki on December 28, 2010

My stupid ass husband walked in on me with his brother and just like the weak ass man that he is just stood there watching me get fucked by his brothers big fucking cock. And just when i thought he could get no weaker he pulled out his own cock and started to stroke it right there with me his wife getting butt fucked by his own baby brother, What a fucking loser so i whispered in my brother-in-law’s ear lets make him lick up all your cum from my cunt. Now you know he cleaned me out real good and wanted more.. Call me and let me cuckie you too..



by Precious on December 28, 2010

Here’s to sucking and fucking more white cocks in the new year!! I just love taking those creamy loads down my throat and my sticky wet black pussy is so ready to be used and abused. Fuck come on and make me your little black slave bitch!! And u know i am going to let you get some hard dick shoved in your punk ass mouth as well. I know how much you sissy azz white boy’s love to get your tight asses pounded by some phat thick black dick. So cum on and join in the kink with this nasty black bitch but be ready to be tricked if u know what i am sayin..


Time for some cuckolding!

by Krystal on December 28, 2010

Consider yourself cuckolded! I don’t have a monogamous bone in my body. I have tried before, really I did. Married for several years and I think I was faithful for about the first 3 months. Then it was mid summer and 100+ degrees and our air conditioner broke. The fucking repair man was this bad ass biker type dude with a smooth bald head. I really don’t have a “type” but at that exact moment he was it. I fucked the hell out of him all over my new husbands house including in our master bathroom shower and our bed. There was a huge wet spot left on my husbands side and before I could even get the sheets changed my new hubby comes home early from work. Wanting to fuck. He snuck home on his lunchbreak wanting to get a quickie with his wife and here I was with a twat full of sperm from another man.

Well hubby came home with a purpose and it was my wifely duty to satisfy his needs. He didn’t seem to notice, or at least didn’t mention it. He told me that my pussy was extra juicy for him and I almost busted out laughing. If he only knew………


Bend over bitchboy!

by dominno on December 26, 2010

My strapon has your name written all over it. Inscribed down the entire length of the rubber shaft is “BITCHBOY”. That is you. My bitchboy. The pure definition of the word describes our situation. Me being Superior and you being nothing but a fuckwad toy for me to use as I see fit. Your ass belongs to me, now assume the position!



by Tabbi on December 26, 2010

So you want me to be your fucking shit whore and make me your personal little toilet slut well you know how much i fuckin love doing all kinds of nasty filthy scat with all you dirty ass boy’s! Shit thats right down my fucking alley so bring it on!! Wipe my cunt with all that shit and then fuck me with your dirty cock.. Oh but first let me lick it all good for you. Make my mouth your toilet piss all over me let me drink and swallow all your loads of cum and hot piss!! I beg you please give me all that filth i fucking love being used and treated like shit by you. Hell come play with a true scat bitch who loves to get dirty!!!