November 2010

Kinky Kendra is here for your every desire

by kendra on November 30, 2010

Hello my stud muffins!! Kinky Kendra is my name and fucking and sucking is my aim. I will do and be anything your little heart desires. I have had a few calls tonight one wanted to fuck my young pre teen daughter in her tight little cunt as I encouraged him to ram his cock down her throat until she gagged. Then I flipped her over so he could slide he thick rod in between her round ass cheeks. She cried out “It hurts mommy, it’s so big!” I just told her to lay there and take it, show the nice man that you can take that big dick. I smacked her ass as he buried his cock deep inside her. She screamed like he might have went deeper than anyone before, I said you are going to lay there and take it and if the nice man wants you to catch all his cum in her mouth you will. She said “Okay Mommy.” But the nice man with the big cock wanted to fill her tiny bald pussy with his juices. He then wanted me to eat his juices from her hot, young box. I did as he wanted. Another satisfied man : )


Who would have thought….

by Callie on November 30, 2010

Who would have thought a cute girl like me carrying around a naughty little secret. Shhhh don’t tell anyone but I love to dress up in my short little skirt and a button up top, I like my ass cheeks to play peek a boo as I lean forward to pick up my lolipop. I love to leave my buttons undone just enough so you can see my beautiful breast popping out. I know how dirty old men can be, they wear them sun glasses that are real dark so their wifey can see them starring at me.

You know the hottest thing is when I was pumping gas in my car the other day, this old guy must have been about 40 or so maybe even older pulled up to the pump on the other side of mine. My gas cap fell on the ground and I bent over to pick it up and as I grabbed the cap I could see him checking out my hot little ass. I slowly stood up and said “Excuse me Mr. can you help a girl put her cap back on?”


Save The Cum, Save The World

by maddie on November 29, 2010

One of my favorite callers has a very good imagination. This fantasy was so much fun!

The Earth’s resources have finally been tapped out and the planet faces extinction. In order to save the human race from total extinction, a few select men and women are being selected for the relocation program. Men will be provided with a large number of women who they will try to impregnate. My brother, very appropriately named, Adam, was selected as one of Earth’s finest and smartest young men to help repopulate the human race. I love my brother very much and can’t stand for him to leave me. I beg him to take me with him. He explains to me he can only take women to breed with him. I tell him that I am young, willing and capable to have his babies. I promise him he can do anything he has ever wanted to me. He can rape me anytime he wants, pussy, mouth , ass his choice. He will never have to ask with me and I will always love him no matter what. I beg him to let me proof it to him and drop to my knees and start sucking his cock like I had been practicing. He tells me he wants to believe me so he’ll let me show him that I’m willing to do anything. He kisses me then lays me down on the floor, laying on top of me. He holds my hands up above my head and tells me it’s too late to turn back now. He starts pushing his cock inside me and it’s so big. It’s so HUGE! I start begging him for more, to please please fuck me! He pounds his cock hard and deep into my pussy for a while before turning me over roughly and pushing me up against the wall. On my knees, my face against the wall he tells me he’s going to rape my ass and it’s going to hurt. He tells me it’s okay to cry but I can never tell him no, no matter how bad it hurts. And it does so much. His cock is SO huge and he forces it all inside me in one thrust. I cry and scream and thank him, thank him for raping me. For letting me prove myself to him. Finally he pulls out and pushes back into my pussy, cumming deeply. I help the cum in me tight for a very long time. Now I can help save the world! Thanks Adam. :)



by Lisa on November 29, 2010

Just imagine that you are deep inside of me feeling my tight pussy wrapped around that cock that never gets drained by your non-fucking wife. And you dream of being with a nasty nympho like me one who will suck and tease you until you explode that big built up orgasmn you have been wishing for the one that your wifey denies you week after week well don’t worry you and i can play dirty as much as your hard cock can take.. So when you feel like your cock is needing to be taken care of just think of me and let me fuck you the way you need to be fucked…


CBT phone sex– your pain equals my pleasure!

by dominno on November 28, 2010

I bet you wish you could wrap your lips around my fabulous nipples don’t you? Oooh no bitchboy you are not even remotely significant enough to deserve such a pleasure. In fact today you don’t even get to service my ass or pussy. Today is all about your pain and my pleasure. More specifically the pleasure I get from causing you pain.

CBT with Mistress Dominno is an experience like no other. I like to tease you unmercifully, keeping your cock as hard as is physically possible. Keeping your balls throbbing and full of that cum I will most likely not allow you to release. That’s right fuckwad, remember this isn’t about your pleasure.

So here is how the experience is going to be unique. I have some bamboo poles that I have soaking for several hours now that are nice and pliable. You will start by jacking your cock for me, forcing it to get hard. None of that enjoyable jacking for you, no I want you to yank and pull on that pathetic excuse for a cock so hard it forces and erection, painfully. Then I will wrap the damp bamboo around your cock like a vine climbing from the balls all the way up to the head. Pulling tightly. Once that is done you will place your cock with the bamboo wrapped around it under a hair dryer to dry it, causing the bamboo to harden. Don’t even think about crying about the heat bitchboy, that will be the least of your pain today.

Once the bamboo has dried and is now a hard twisting stem wrapped around all of the length of your cock you will lay it across the table and I will pull out my cane and start caning your cock, wacking it across the bamboo. This will in turn force the bamboo down in to the throbbing flesh of your cock. Lets just say it will hurt enough that you will be begging me to walk on your dick with my high heels instead. No such luck for you though you worthless piece of shit pansy….my fun has just began….


Cuckold Bitch for your SISSY NEEDS

by Envy on November 27, 2010

I own the little dick that my man has. Not that I want to fuck it. BUT, it’s attached to a body that makes me lots of money to live the lifestyle I have become accustom to. He works 10-12 hour days. He deserves a good reward when he gets home. So, I am sure my cunt is always full of cum just for him. I fuck man after man and bring him a nice juicy cream-pie. As soon as he gets home I make him change into some sexy little silky outfit for me, stockings, garter, the whole bit. Then he gets on all fours and crawls to me and starts begging for that sweet cream filled fuck hole.


Fuck the BarSlut

by Ginger on November 27, 2010

Where are all my fuck buddies? I know the wives and girlfriends are doing the shopping thing this weekend. You should be pounding my pussy and ass with your big hard cocks. What the fuck are you waiting for? This pussy, ass, and mouth are ready to be filled. You know how bad I need it all the time. I am here ready to get this party started. Strip down, grab that phone, put your cock in your hand and call me baby. This pussy is dripping for you. Mmmmmm lots of cock.


Hot story that just made me squirt!

by robin on November 26, 2010

Below is a hot story I just came across that I rubbed my cunt to and had a good hard cum. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I think I now have a brand new fantasy!

Two With Uniforms Please

by mysteriouswoman2

I turned 38 last April, and to my great distress, on the way home from a wonderful, romantic dinner, two police officers pulled us over. One was a tall, muscular, young blond fellow, the other older and dark, and kind of handsome in a sort of European way. Apparently, we were speeding a bit. I waited in the car while my husband David got out and spoke to them briefly. They shone their flashlights on him, on me, and looked at his registration and insurance. NO doubt about it, we were going to get a ticket. Then they told us to leave the car, and get in the back of their cruiser! I was astonished and upset. But David was very reassuring and kept telling me everything would be fine. We climbed into the back of their cruiser, and off we went. I thought we were being arrested, but could not imagine why, and felt very frightened.

The officers did not speak but drove us to a remote area of the town, and pulled into a rather upscale, elegant motel that is famous for its dinner parties. I was VERY suspicious at this point and kept asking questions, but the officers just kept saying, “Please wait, Ma’am, all your questions will be answered.” David did not seem upset at all. We drove right up to the room and got out and went in together. I thought perhaps there would be other officers inside, or some sort of a court set up, but as we entered, David gave me a big hug and said, “Happy birthday honey!”

The officers locked the door, turned to me, and said, “We are your present. We are here to service you and make you come all night long”. I could hardly believe it! One of my all time fantasies has been to be fucked by uniformed policemen, preferably in a group. The older fellow, Officer V, handcuffed me right there, and had the younger one, Officer H, hold my hands down behind my back. David then held my face gently in his hands, looked into my eyes, said “Enjoy this, hon”, and kissed me thoroughly. I could feel both Officer H’s and Officer V’s hands as well, beginning to roam across my body. One of them was touching my breasts and caressing my nipples, but I could not tell who. The other was cupping my ass and sliding his hands underneath the skirt of my dress. These men were strangers to me, but they smelled so wonderful, and I could feel the rough cloth of their uniforms and the knobs from their guns and Tommy sticks and other paraphernalia on their big black leather belts. My knees were getting weak as my arousal took off full force.

The officers laid me back across the bed and hooked the handcuffs to the headboard. David eased my panties off and promptly knelt at the foot of the bed, and began licking on my clit. I was already soaking wet. The officer knelt on either side of me and caressed my breasts, opening my dress slowly and kissing me from time to time. Finally Officer H undid his uniform pants and I eagerly slurped his cock into my mouth. The feel of so many hands on my combined with David’s expert licking and the cock in my mouth pushed me over the edge-I came, hard and fast. David rammed his fingers up inside me to extend my orgasm. I could have cried from the pleasure of it. Officer V just smiled as said, “That’s one.”

Officer V now undid his pants and out sprang this enormous cock. My husband has a VERY nice penis, but this thing was just huge. It was not so much long as wide, thick, broad. He pulled me over onto my side and fed it to my mouth. Officer H behind me was caressing my ass and cupping my breasts, and David was undressing, I could tell, as I sucked this man’s dick. It got bigger while I ate him. I love to suck cock, I love the felling of giving a man pleasure, and I always try to make it last. When he finally pulled back away from me, that thick cock had extended itself to about 9 inches long. I begged him to fuck my pussy with it. David lay down next to me on the bed and turned me the rest of the way over so that I was between his legs, and I got up on my elbows and knees, still with my wrists cuffed to the headboard. I was desperate for some cock in my juicy cunt. David held my head and firmly pushed my face down onto his penis while Office V went around to the foot of the bed and got into position. He slid his pants down to his ankles, but remained otherwise in uniform. Office H was still kneeling next to us, and stroking his own cock, sticking proudly out from the navy blue uniform pants. I adore seeing a man stroke his own cock.

Officer V knelt behind me on the bed, I could feel the weight of him there but he would not put his cock into my pussy. He kept rubbing it across my ass and stroking my wet slit with it, but without penetration. It was driving me nuts. I deep throated David and heard him say, “Do her NOW!”. The there was an immense thrust, and that huge fat cock was buried in me. I had two cocks in me! I came again at once, lunging back against the policeman’s delicious rod and almost sobbing as David’s cock slid in and out of my mouth. I had always dreamed of eating him while someone else fucked me. The cop was pounding me hard, slamming into me and spanking my ass with his bare hands. David suddenly pushed his hips up hard into my face and I knew he was going to come. I deep throated him and drank every last drop as he gushed cum into my mouth. At that moment I loved him more than ever before. Then I felt Officer V stiffen and thrust hard once, and suddenly my pussy was being flooded with hot jism. Both men were coming, almost at the same time, and I loved it!

Officer H reached over and unlocked the handcuffs. My husband rolled me onto my back, cradling me full length against his naked body and holding me in his arms. He hooked his heels on the insides of my legs and pulled them wide open. Officer H then went around to the foot of the bed and knelt between my legs, held wide open by my husband. David had his arms around me and was caressing my breasts and tweaking my nipples. Office V walked over to the side and bent to kiss me deeply, his cock still slightly hard but greatly reduced in size. Office H then proceeded to slurp out every drop of juice from my pussy. This man was a champion pussy eater. He used his long slender fingers and his VERY firm tongue to totally ream out my cunt. I lay safe in my husband’s arms, caressed by four hands, and came repeatedly. It was total bliss. I was moaning and weeping with pleasure. Everytime I would come, David would rock me in his arms, wait for me to come down, and then say, “Again” and Office H would start over. I was helpless and the orgasms got closer and closer together. Officer V was watching, touching me, and stroking his cock, still wearing his uniform shirt. At one point he was helping to hold my legs open, and at one point he was nipping my breasts. There seemed to be hands everywhere.

At some point, Office H pulled me down closer to the edge of the bed and pushed my legs up into the air and bent them back against me, so that I was almost bent double. He then rammed his long, slim cock into my swollen pussy and, holding one ankle in each hand, fucked me harder than I have every been fucked. He went in so deep it almost hurt. His thrusts were hard, fast and very rhythmic, and as he fucked me he began to talk dirty to me. “I am fucking your hot little pussy, ramming my cock into your snatch, oh yeah! You cannot escape from this pounding penis. I am going to come all over you!” It was wild! I could feel David’s cock under my back, growing hard, and suddenly there was Officer V’s cock, next to my face. I eagerly slurped it into my mouth while Office H fucked the shit out of me.

“Oh God yes I am going to come in your wife!” Officer H yelled. “Here I go!” And he slammed one more time into me, then held very still as I felt his balls pull up tight and his cock begin to pulse. The cum was very hot and there seemed to be buckets of it, pouring out of my pussy as he came and came and came. I lost Officer V’s cock from my mouth as I came, too. I think I must have passed out briefly.

Next thing I knew, David had pulled me on top of him, and impaled me on his now rigid cock. He smiled up at me and said, “This is going to last all night long!” Officer V, now totally naked, moved behind me, and suddenly I knew I was about to have two cocks in my pussy. It was surely wet and stretched out enough! I leaned forward over David and Officer V moved into position behind me and slid his enormous fat cock right in next to David’s. Then Officer H came over, stood on the bed in front of me, and fed his limp but very tasty cock into my mouth. I wanted to die right there, with two cocks in my pussy and one in my mouth! Officer H’s cock got considerably harder. They pumped into me until I came again, screaming with the pleasure of three cocks at once.

I know I passed out then. I woke up moments later to gentleness. David was holding me and Office H was gently wiping my pussy with a warm wet towel. Officer V was fixing everyone drinks. There was a short conversation during which time I learned that David has set this whole thing up weeks ago, rented the room, stocked the bar, and interviewed the officers, making sure they understood what he (and I) wanted.

The Office V smiled at me, pushed me back on the bed, and began to lick my pussy again. Since all three men had come already, I was surprised to feel something firm slide easily up into my cunt. It was his tommy stick! Those things make great dildos, with the short handle they have and the smooth, glassy black finish. They took turns eating me out, making me come with the tommy stick, and feeding me their increasingly hard cocks into my swollen but eager mouth. WE all had some drinks and snacks, and they all fucked me again and again. The night went on for hours, at as dawn broke, I woke to find the officers quietly dressing to leave. They both kissed me goodbye, and wished me a happy birthday, then slipped out, leaving me in the bed with my husband.

I still have Office V’s tommy stick, and David loves to use it on my and remind me of that wild evening when I got gangbanged by cops. It was a VERY good night


I hope everyone is ready to FUCK tonight!

by daisy on November 24, 2010

oooOOooOoooOOo Mommy is so very horny! I love the Holiday’s and just how cute my girls look all dressed up like little girlies. I am leaving very early in the morning for Thanksgiving at my family’s house, but I will return on Friday night and be taking calls! I sure hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy yourselves! See you Friday… oh I am on tonight! ;) *wink* Call me now if you like. Dirty Mommy Daisy


She Male Phone Sex part 2

by Blair on November 24, 2010

Ok I finally blogged…. then talked about posting my pic of L and forgot about it, lmao. SHUT UP! So it’s been a while since I blogged… ok I am getting into the hang of it again and throwing his fine ass up here now, lol and expect to hear from Me your She Male Mistress again in the very near future! Mistress Blair