October 2010

Dirty Mommy Daisy

I have had several of you call me and tell me how hot Halloween make you and how hard your PEDO cock gets for all these little girls walking around dressed up like sluts! You have the purrfect Holiday going on today, Call me and we will invite some of these little slutty baby girl’s into our home. I just love the ones dressed up like Hannah Montana, Britney Spears, raven all those little ity bity pussies in tight revealing clothes, naughty nurses, gogo dancers, princess’s we have all of them to choose from! Let’s have them in for candy and some trick or treating fun! I’m sure I can make them do tricks for us Pedo Daddy!


I discovered my lover is a pantie freak…

by Kara on October 28, 2010

I decided to sneak home early to get a quick quickie from my boyfriend before he left for Europe this afternoon. I quietly crept up the stairs towards my room and as I approached the room there he was wearing only my favorite red boy shorts. He was standing directly in front of the mirror twisting and turning, grinning as he admired himself in my panties. I didn’t have a clue that he was a pantie freak! I have to tell you he wore them well, they looked damn good to me on him, and I thought he thought that to himself as well.

“Damn I look sexy today?” I heard him say to himself.

He returned to the mirror, and he slid the panties down to just below his balls, the silky panties looked so good on him. Then suddenly he must have seen me as I was standing there watching him in the mirror. “Baby I hope you don’t mind I just love how these feel, on me.” He said as he winked at me. Because I wasn’t in the room, I couldn’t see he had already laid out another set of panties and a vibrator too.

He stared into the mirror, then slowly turned around so he was facing in my direction and he began to stroke his cock.

He had a raging hard-on that he was slowly jacking running his hand up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the head. I could see as it slid through his fingers he would give it a little twist.

I was getting so wet watching him, I was dripping, if I hadn’t been wearing panties and shorts myself I’m sure I would have left a puddle on the floor.

What he did next shocked me. He reached over on the bed and scooped up another pair of my panties and stuffed them in his mouth. Licking and sucking all the juices out of them. I immediately recognized them as the dirty pair I had just taken off and threw in the dirty clothes hamper this morning.

Then he takes them back out of his mouth and does one long exaggerated lick of the crotch as he grins at me. He then takes that pair and wraps it around his shaft and starts yanking it like crazy and seconds later a thick stream of cum squirts all over them. He grunts one last time as the last drop oozes out and then throws those now cum drenched panties back in the hamper.

I decide right then to walk in and see just how feminine my little pantie slut will go. I open up my closet and start pulling out every thing from lingerie to hooker boots for him to prance around in for me…..



by Lisa on October 27, 2010

He wanted to play really sick twisted games with my little ones and it turned mommy on so much that i creamed in my sexy red thongs. The things we made them do was hot and nasty!! First i made sure they couldn’t get away by tying those young bodies togeather with my nylons he really loved that then it was time to taste those little morsels. I watched him as he pushed his long tongue in my little ones bald cunt and it looked so fucking juicy!!! Then it was mommy’s turn to taste yummy!! We licked and teased that little pussy for a long time then we moved on to my little man he was just laying there watching what we had been doing with his sisters cunt and his little cock had gotten hard. Just what my nasty sick friend wanted just to have that cock in his mouth what a treat he got to drink all of his boy milk!! I know you want to find out what we will do to them next so give me a call and join in on the fun….



by daisy on October 25, 2010

He is such a cute friend of my step son’s, he is way underage, not even a teen yet *giggles* I just adore teasing him he has such a cute little hard cock. I made him dress up for me this morning wearing a pair of My panties, one’s I wore and got all sticky and juicy watching my daughter fuck, I had these pretty pink panties on while she licked and sucked my boyfriends cock then when he dove deep into her little baby slit, I rubbed the panties on my cunt and got myself off. These are the panties he is wearing now, so wet and creamy right by his ball sack. He rubs his balls and then smells his fingers so he can smell my pretty Mommy cunt. I have his pose himself on the bed for me while I call in my daughters, I have 4 of them and they all vary in age (I will tell on the phone) I make them do little striptease dances and playfully one at a time push their little girl pussy’s right into his face, They move his panties to the side so Mommy can watch his little bald cock and balls. Mmmmmmh I love that little boy cock! We do so many more naughty things why don’t you call and have Dirty Mommy Daisy all to your self little boy?


Phone FUCK Special

by Ginger on October 22, 2010

I am in the mood for something Special. So cum with me for $38. That’s 25 hot fucking minutes for just $38. I know you are looking for a great Fuck and this is the best for your buck. Cum with Ginger right now. This special will be over soon. Don’t pass up the best FUCK you’ll ever get.
‘ Ginga’


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I am a BITCH

by Envy on October 21, 2010

The 38 Special is BACK!
25 fun filled mins for only $38.00

What does B.I.T.C.H mean?

Three guys and a lady were sitting at the bar talking about their professions.

The first guy says “I’m a Y.U.P.P.I.E, you now….
Young, Urban, Professional, Peaceful; Intelligent; Ecologist”

The second guy says “I’m a D.I.N.K, you know….
Double Income, No Kids.” The third guy says, “I’m a R.U.B., you know…. Rich, Urban, Biker.”

They turn to the woman and ask her, “What are you?”
She replies: “I’m a WIFE, you know….Wash, Iron, Fuck, Etc.”

So, just exactly what is a BITCH?

I – IN

So ladies, next time somebody calls you a bitch…….


And say Thank You!



by Precious on October 20, 2010

Iwent to a frat party over the week-end and i was the only black mama in the house so you know i had a really good time. And you know all the white boy’s wanted to take a ride on my chocolate ass! When they started giving me those damn mixed drinks my hot ass was ready to be fucked hard. Soon those vanilla boy’s were passing me around like crazy and thats when the fun started for my black ass. I had cum all over me and in my mouth and they loved makin me the nigga whore for the nite and i was more than happy to get fucked by all that white dicks hell yeah!!! all those white bitches were trippin that i was getting all the cock and i could give a fuck! as long as my sweet tight holes were filled up with hard white creamy cock. Cum taste this chocolate its finger licking good…



by Tabbi on October 19, 2010

My caller said he was a little nervous playing scat with me for the first time but it didn’t take long before he was fully into it. I really gave him the works! he really enjoyed the warm enema that i prepared for him. Once that water and nozzle went up his tight shit hole he begged me to give him more and more. And soon he was squirting all his nasty load of creamy mess all over the bed and cum was all mixed with it yummy!!! He says he can’t wait until the next time we play dirty games and i sure will give him what he needs lots of stinky nasty shit play.. Want the real scat play call me!!


Sweet Submissive Nichole

by nichole on October 19, 2010

I like when my body molds to your touch. It undulates; it sings; it dances my secret places, making them wet and pulsing. I like my body under the fire of your touch. I watch it slip into passion. I love how it feels as your fingers glide against my flesh. I like the way my body moves under your gaze; fragile, submitting, seducing, responding, begging to be filled, explored and touched by you.

I like my body when I see it reflected in your eyes. Quivering as you gently touch my shoulder; I dance to the demands of your touch. I like my body as I watch it sing for you at the edge of madness; it explodes over and over. Caught in your arms to be lifted and used again and again for your pleasure.