August 2010

Internet Sex!

by admin on August 30, 2010

Why beat off to just the internet… FUCKING PHONE-SEX is just like LIVE PORN! You can beat off AND hear ME play with my pussy 🙂 Cum on baby you know how hard I can make you pop? Dr Dru


Internet Sex!

by Dru on August 30, 2010

Why beat off to just the internet… FUCKING PHONE-SEX is just like LIVE PORN! You can beat off AND hear ME play with my pussy :) Cum on baby you know how hard I can make you pop? Dr Dru


He was Mommy’s lil helper.

by daisy on August 29, 2010

Sweet little Al came over to help Mommy around the house today. He always stares at me so I wore something very special for him. My see through white robe with the slit up the side. I wanted to get him really worked up and then make him play with my son Billy, so I did :) I showed him my titties and sucked his cockie until he was ready to put Billy in his hand and show him how to jerk off for Mommy. mmmmh GOOD BOY! That makes Mommy’s pussy wet, then I opened my legs so he could see. I told him if he would stick his in Billy while Mommy watched…. THEN…. I would let him stick his big boy cock in me! So I made him molest Billy then I made him fuck Mommy, such a good little helper! What a BIG boy! LOL Dirty Mommy Daisy


Who wants to buy my little ones?

by Krystal on August 28, 2010

It is Saturday afternoon and my pipe is empty. That means it is time to figure out how to score me something to get high on. Anything. Beggars cannot be choosey. So I guess my son and daughter will have to earn their own keep today. Time for them to put their cock sucking skills to good use, I did teach them how to be the best for a reason. To help support my fucking habit. That is their purpose in life….


WE KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by elle on August 26, 2010

I wish I had a big light I could shine in the sky in the shape of a COCK! So many of you are taking advantage of our “BACK TO SCREW” Special! 30 mins of Phone Fucking Fun for only $49.99 This won’t last long guy’s so call your favorite girl and tell her to take you “BACK TO SCREW!” You don’t really have to say that… I’m just trying to be witty. YOU DO have to ASK for the special to receive it though. So make sure you say I WANT THE SPECIAL or something clever like that :) Sinfully Elle



30 MINS FOR ONLY $49.99


Bar Slut Phone Sex

by Ginger on August 25, 2010

I am a SLUT and proud of it. I love sex – Fucking and Sucking. I can never get enough. I define the word nympho. And I find my cock and fun at the bar mostly. I am the Best Damn Bar Slut around. It seems I can never get enough. And if I can have more than one at a time that is even better. Gang Bangs. Oh My God what a fucking turn on. I love the attention, the feeling of being filled completely. All the cum, all the hands, it’s nasty and so damn good. I am wide open for all kinds of kinky, nasty, slutty fun. So don’t be shy.. let me know what gets your cock rock hard and makes you blow your load like no other. I bet we can make each other feel so fucking good.


You wish huh? You a little B O R E D ? With the “Marriage Bed?” I did a totally hot dude last night who was married. He got one of the “Back To Screw” Specials then he extended it for a while so he could take his time getting me off. He just loved my sweet little pussy and he sucked my nipples until I thought I’d scream! I’m a nasty broad and doing married cock gets my cunt super creamy! I said “so whats wifey look like Daddy?” and he say’s “She not only kept her lovely figure, she’s added so much to it.” LOL :) He was ready for a hot piece of strange and I gave it all to him. I said; “Does she talk dirty to you while you fuck her baby?” He laughed and said “Her voice sound’s like an eagle being goosed.” Poor Daddy! Cum here and let me take care of all your cocks needs baby! I love a fucking horned out married man! Kendall


GFE with a sexy new man…

by nichole on August 25, 2010

It’s all about the GFE. He takes such good care of me. He is kind and loving and very generous. We could talk for hours! I love listening to him. Hearing him talk about his day. He talks about his family. His work. Sometimes guys just need someone who really cares to listen. Someone to love them for who they are. Someone to be their friend, their lover, and so much more. Thank you DV. I cannot wait to get to know you even better. Muah!


Happy and very high pedo mommy today!

by Krystal on August 24, 2010

I really do have a lot of fantastic callers. You sikk fucks never cease to amaze me. I never really thought there were so many perverted pedo’s around like me. “Creative” fucking pedo callers are the best!

I mean from one call to the next its always different. “J” calls me and rapes my ass while skull fucking my little niece. “U” calls me and wants to be mommys little girlie druggie fuckslut“. “P” calls wanting me to turn him in to a faggot pedo rapist. Then of course there is “S” who just wants me to smoke more rocks for him on the phone and tell him about whatever nasty stuff I have done with my little ones over the past few weeks. The list goes on and on. Lots of favorite callers who make every day of being a krack whore pedo mommy memorable. In fact let me go snort another line and shove my finger up my little girls twat right now to celebrate my happiness!



by Tabbi on August 22, 2010

So you say you want a toilet queen well thats me and you can use me as you wish. Let me be your fucking shit-filled toilet make gag on your big awesome loads give me more. You know how much i just fucking love being covered in all your filth just keep dropping those stinky sticky brown logs down my pathetic throat! I just want all of your shit and your warm smelly piss all over me make me lay in all your nasty stuff make me your toilet tonite please!!!!