July 2010

Role Play Phone Sex- Elle

by elle on July 29, 2010

D. That was sure an exciting call the other night. I loved the “court room drama” aspect of the call and how all those family’s of my victims were there to punish me. I deserved it being a violent, deadly, pedo accomplice! All those family’s waiting to take out their pain on my hide, very sexy! I ran across a picture that reminded me of something one of the guy’s did to me and I wanted to show it to you. This was one of my favorite parts when he stuck the hooks through the meat of my tit’s and made me hang from the court room ceiling. Your so much fun and I love chatting with you so very much! I hope we speak again soon, I love the way you get me tortured! Sinfully Elle


Fucking TWITTER!

by daisy on July 26, 2010

Well I have managed to tweet myself right off of TWITTER. I am just to fucking nasty for them. My friend said “make a new one, fuck them!” but I like my name… DirtyMommyDaisy. I dont know what my new twitter name would be. PedoPlay? PedoMommyDaisy? I’m sure those names would go over GREAT on Twitter. We need to make an XRATED twitter. Somebody get on that and let me know when I can join. I love to blog and tweet about my nasty ass incestuous life and phone sex. I don’t see what the big fucking deal is. All those Twits are just marketing themselves, why can’t I?



by Lisa on July 24, 2010

My family and i are going to the farm this week-end and we are all excited about our trip. The last time we went there was so much to do. So this time we plan on really getting wild and kinky with all our little furry friends! And my daughter and son are really into all that shit so i know togeather we are going to have some really hot nasty fun. I just fucking love visiting the stables those beast just love me and of course mommy will be very good to all of them. My son says he will be filming the whole week-end and i just can’t wait to have my wet tight holes filled up with all that goo and its really thick and yummy!! Call me and let me tell you all about it…


College slut always having fun…

by Kara on July 22, 2010

College is truly a blast I must admit. I am truly blessed that I really don’t have a hard time keeping up with my classes. That leaves more time for having fun for me.

I am on the volleyball team. The guys love us volleyball girls even more than the cheerleaders, which I also am. So long story short is I get a LOT of attention, which I love. I am a huge flirt and I love to tease. I love putting on my tiny little volleyball booty shorts and checking out all the attention I am getting. I thought the boys went crazy over the cheerleading short skirt, no they love the booty volleyball shorts way more.

So back to how great college is. I spend all my free time at the beach hanging with my friends, going to parties and out on hot dates. In fact I do a LOT of hot calls while I am out having fun. So don’t be surprised if while I am playing with you I am also playing with my friends, at the beach or even possibly in the middle of fucking. Yes I will let you listen in if you happen to get lucky and catch me in the moment.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a college slut because to be honest all the girls are sluts. All of my friends are pretty much sluts and we all like doing lots of slutty stuff together. Including group sex, gang bangs and I even did my first circle jerk at a party last weekend. OMFG that was a lot of cum. I felt like I was double dipped in jizz batter and ready to be deep fried. Just thick gobs of cum every where. Yeah it was crazy………and yes I would do it all over again!


Hilarious shit!

by Krystal on July 22, 2010

Ok so this video is fucking hilarious, pathetic fucker. I am high as fuck and can’t stop laughing.



Good little girls know what daddy needs!

by Jessie on July 21, 2010

Daddies have needs too and sometimes mommies just don’t understand that. They are busy working and shopping and bitching so that leaves lots of time for me to play with Daddy. I meet Daddy’s needs like mommy never has. I have all the things she used to have when Daddy first fell in love with her. Now, her looks are long gone and Daddy’s little girl is Daddy’s biggest turn on. Let me do all those things for you that turn you on Daddy. Cum play with my tight little bald pussy. I promise I won’t tell mommy.

LAST DAY BEFORE VACATION special 5 minutes FREE with all calls 15 minutes or more.


Hot Titty Sex with Ginger

by Ginger on July 20, 2010

Maybe I should change this bar into a Titty Bar. Everyone loves looking at a good rack. It’s one sure way to get the men in here. Advertising show your tits for free drinks. Ladies love to drink for free. And a bar with topless women draws a lot of Horny men. And one thing leads to another and pretty soon everyone is taking it off and the sucking and fucking begin. That’s when I close the bar down and have a nice big Orgy. Give me a call and let me give you the play by play. Anything goes at Gingers. And there certainly is no shortage of tits, pussys and asses. Cum with Ginger tonight.



by Lisa on July 20, 2010

Mommy was really naughty last nite and i would love to keep having that kind of kinky fun every night of the week. This is how it all started for mommy!! I was driving over to this small town to pick up my son and his girlfriend and on the way there my car had a flat so what was a girl to do? I was not about to attempt changing this tire after having my nails done that day. So i got out of my car and stood there just waiting for help soon cars started slowing down and most of them were men and some very young boys and it really made me feel good that so many of them wanted to help me out!! I tried using my cell phone to call my son but no signal in this little country town. So i decide its getting late so i had better take the next offer of help and get going. When the next car stopped and asked if i needed help i simply said yes please if you don’t mind he was very young looked about twenty if that but sort of nerdy looking. He got out of his car and walked around to my car and asked if i had a spare and i said yes gave him my keys and waited for him to change the tire out. Once he was done he handed me the keys and i thanked him got in my car and tried to crank my car and nothing happened i kept trying no luck and i am so glad the young man had stayed he walked over took a look under the hood and said to me i really don’t know much about cars but let me take you into town and have someone come out and take a look at your car. Now after being stranded for about 2 hours now i am just ready to go so i lock my car and climb into his big ole truck and off we went. About ten minutes later he pulls off the road and grabs my breast and tells me not to be afraid and that he won’t hurt me all he wants is to have me give him his first taste of pussy!! And that i reminded him of his mom and how he always wanted to fuck her!! So now i am really getting upset so i decide to just give him what he thinks he can handle.. But also i plan on getting even with him so i fucking start sucking that young hard cock until he almost came then i stopped and showed him how to lick my creamy hot cunt once i had denied him of shooting off that load about three or four times i convinced him to let me tie his hands up and of course he let me and once i had him tied up real good i opened up the door and laid across his face and made him lick my cunt until i came so hard then i rolled his ass out of his own truck!!! and thats what he gets for trying this dirty mommy!!!! come try me if you dare!!!


PEDO daddies wanted for baby girl fun

by Jessie on July 20, 2010

My sweet little bald pussy is looking for new daddies to make me their little girl. I am getting ready to go on vacation but before I do I need some special attention from my daddy. My little bald pussy is so tight and my little asshole is even more tight. So bring that PEDO daddy cock and come on over and fuck your little girl.


Rock your Cock with Ramsey

by Ramsey on July 19, 2010

I am every man’s wet dream. I am a kinky switch. Which means I can be dominate or submissive. I enjoy both extremely. I am a nasty, kinky, naughty, no holes barred type of girl. If it feels good let’s do it and do it and do it. I will try anything once. I am insatiable. And I love to be playful, tease, tempt, and even torment sometimes. I think you will love my wicked ways. Give me a try I promise you won’t be disappointed. Let me Rock your cock.