May 2010

Happy Memorial Day

by Reanna on May 31, 2010

Much love to our brave soldiers


Bring on the Good Times

by Ginger on May 31, 2010

Summer is here. Time to get drunk and party the nights away. I am indulging in lots of frozen margaritas these days. They get me in the mood for hot cock. I also enjoy doing straight up shots of tequila. Body shots are the best. Suck that salt off my titties and lime juice from wherever you choose and down that tequila and then fuck me baby. Bring on the hot summer fun. Fucking, Sucking, Drinking, and Cumming. Sounds great to me. Meet me at the bar. Or bring a bottle and lets get started right here right now. I have the salt and the lime. MMmmm you bring the bottle and the cock. This hot barslut is ready for anything.



by Tabbi on May 30, 2010

I told him that my scat play was on a different level but he was curious so i really had to take him all the way there. Deep down into my nasty filthy world and he fucking loved it, and i knew he would be hooked!! So we rolled around and got all covered with each others pooh and of course i sprayed him all over his face with my yellow golden piss and he went fucking nuts for it he swallowed every drop and wanted more!! I made him my toilet over and over again until he was covered from head to toe in all my creamy wet loads. Now when it was time to make him spill his cum i made him cover his hard cock with my nasty and slide his cock between my juicy tits and just when he was ready to let his load go i reached down and grabbed that big ole cock of his and sucked it all the way down my throat!! Thats when he fucking lost his mind from cumming so hard!! So cum get nasty with me its so much fun!!! and its so fucking dirty…


I am on twitter Baby

by Ginger on May 30, 2010

I am on twitter Baby why don’t you join up and add me and you can hear right away about my daily fucking and sucking. I love to share. Sign up now. Add BarBabeGinger and you will see me on the bar just waiting for your message. Cum on you know you want to. We can talk about it when you call me and you can get 5 free mins with a paid call. I wanna see you on my twitter page following me. Lets keep in touch babe.

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Rock your Cock with Ramsey

by Ramsey on May 26, 2010

I am the perfect kinky Bitch for you baby. I love straight up fucking and sucking and I love switching things up once in awhile. I can be a submissive slut to the right guy. But I really enjoy torturing and teasing little prissy sissy bitches. The best of both worlds. I live life to the fullest. I take what I want when I want it. And I am always ready for a good time. Take a ride with me. Let me Rock your cock like never before. I am just a phone call away. And I am someone you won’t soon forget when we are finished. Do you dare? Cum on you know you want too. Call me and tell me you saw this post and what a freak you are and I will give you 5 free mins with a 10 min or longer call. Rock it with Ramsey tonight.


If your tastes include a filthy, nasty, slutty, whore; look no further. I am Envy, and I am a horny phonesex artist, that’s ready to fuck you until your dick falls off. I get off on the hardcore, I will take your cock anyway you want to give it to me. I also love to strap on my plastic cock and give you some too! I just adore it when a man will take it in the ass for me! I love turning straight guys out, making them suck cock, while I pummel them with my strappy.*wicked grin* I can be an ultra BITCH, with a strap on, showing off my cockmanship, sticking it in every crevice of your hole, until your p-spot orgasm explodes in cumming ecstasy. Then I cum around to the front of you and suck off another fat load of hot, sticky, cum. I bet your balls are so full right now; you’d love a beautiful Mistress like me to be your slut for the night. To seduce you, to take what I want, and leave you spent but begging for more, only to cum back around and milk that cock another time, that’s what you want right?



by Lisa on May 22, 2010

Yes its time for another chapter in my on-going tale of surprise and pleasure given to me as a gift from my naughty children. Last time i was finally inside my hotel room and just turning on the lights!! And oh yes it was very surprising indeed! Because what was in front of this hot horny mommy was indeed just what i had been wanting for some time now. A room full of young twenty something males and sexy ass females all here for little ole me!! I could just lick them all over right this very moment but let me calm down just a little so as to not rush after all i have all nite to fuck and suck as much as i please. And as i told you last time even my naughty kids were there all ready and wanting to play with their dear ole mom. So as the saying goes lets get this party started!! My sweet son was the first to cum over and taste me licking me all inside my wet juicy cunt and let me tell you he really knows his way around his mommy’s clit and he fucks my ass like crazy!! I simply love his tongue darting in and out of my cunt!! Then the next thing i knew i had some hot fucking girls rubbing my tits and sucking on my nipples shit that was so fucking hot to mommy!! I found myself creaming in my panties. My daughters were over on the floor getting gang-banged by about four hard cocked boy’s i just love seeing them get their little pussies destroyed!! Now my son and twoof his young friends are taking turns licking my cunt driving me crazy with their hot young mouths making me explode with my cream all over their mouths!! I know for a fact we will be here all nite making this the ultimate fuck fest!! Cum join us!! call me for more nasty details…


Purrfect Phone Sex

by daisy on May 22, 2010

I have a LONG TIME caller who is one of my very favorite people. He is interesting, successful, mature, very intelligent, and sexy as ALL HELL. I am going to call him Joe for the sake of the blog, because he is very private as well. I’ve only discovered these things about him after talking with him on the phones for the last 5 years. Joe is totally into dance wear, such as leotards, tights, workout spandex, some swim suits, ballerina clothes and shoes, some shorty shorts & yoga pants. It’s so fun to do Joe because he KNOWS what he likes and what makes him cum really hard. He has relayed this info to me over time and now I can figure out where he wants to go with his calls. The cool thing about our relationship is he will tell me, or steer me in the right direction if I get off track. It is a relationship so to speak, I know it’s a phone session but we have a “friendship” if I might be so bold, I care about him! That’s what friends do right? I’ve not blogged about him in a few years so I wanted him to know, if he reads this, how much I appreciate him and love his calls!

Now for the sexy part, lol. We love to tease and taunt Joe. Stretch his cum out until he can’t hold it any longer. We get really nasty too! I love it because he is actually very good at bondage and really likes and appreciates it from all aspects. It’s not easy to learn those knots, find someone with mutual trust, and go about tying someone up! I think it’s very fucking sexy how he does really get turned on by the bondage itself and the struggle of the girl in bondage. Not is a sick sadistic way but in a “oh she is hurting, sad face” way :) We like to dress our subject in dancing attire, then bondage her some, and sometimes we get very nasty with her…. MOST TIMES! We have another guy gag her or fuck her ass. I will have Joe gag her sometimes. I had him tear a tiny hole in her outfit with his teeth then lick her ass, theres been timew when we have even introduced a doggie to the fantasy. ( we mostly like to THINK about the doggie, only a couple times has it really ever played a part in the fantasy.) He has sent me some awesome cartoons and pictures though and I will post a couple so you see what I mean. Thanks Joe for all the good times! I appreciate your sense of fantasy and your articulate mind! Love Daisy


Me and my daughter as sex slaves…

by Krystal on May 21, 2010

He used to own me as a sex slave working in whore houses for him. Being I was a good slave he always gave me all the good shit, kept me high every single day. After a while though I ended out escaping.

Years later his goons have found me and brought me back to him because I owe him tons of money. Only this time I am not alone I have some little ones. 2 little girls. I also have cleaned up and am drug free and living a good life.

As he walks in the room where his goons are holding me and my girls I am trembling. I have reason to be fearful, I know he is a devious and mean man when he is pissed. He sits down and demands for me to tell my youngest daughter to climb up in his lap. I resist at first but he threatens to rape and kill her if I don’t tell her to get in his fucking lap right now. I have no choice, I do what he asks.

Once he has my little girl in his lap he starts touching her tiny little body. I am begging him not to and crying to leave her alone. He points to a pile of c0ke on the table and tells me to do a big line. I am pleading with him not to make me that I am clean now and don’t want to do those drugs any more. He demands for me to do the fucking line as he starts pushing his fingers up in side of my little girl. I do a huge line.

He waits a few minutes and tells me to make my daughter do a line. I plead with him not to do that but he tells me no more c0ke for me if I don’t. Of course just after one fucking line I am addicted all over again wanting more already. I tell her to snort some up in her nose for mommy and to be a good girl. He makes us both do line after line. My little girl is already starting to look like she is about to pass out. He makes us do more and more. Turning us both in to his little addicted puppets to do any and everything that he demands. He tells me that I am back working for him for now on and then precedes to force my daughter as his little fucktoy……right in front of me while I am begging him for even more c0ke…

Fabulous fucking call babe! Can’t wait to play again!


Mommy needs boy juice

by robin on May 20, 2010

Mommy has needs that need to be satisfied. A need for some virile young cock. Any cock will not do today. I need it young and smooth. Hairless cock. Perhaps small but still growing. Standing up so proud and tall ready to shoot a huge load of little boy cum for mommy. That is what I need, now just to go find the little boy who can deliver….