March 2010

Mean mommy phone sex!

by Krystal on March 31, 2010

You shouldn’t be such a bad little brat and mommy wouldn’t feel the need to punish you. Pull out your little boy cock and put it right here in mommy’s mouth. As soon as you put it in my mouth mommy chomps her teeth down on it and bites it hard! I laugh as you scream out loud and my pussy gets good and wet from hearing you beg mommy to stop. When you try to pull away and run from mommy it pisses me off and I snatch you back and smack you hard in the face. Such a bad little boy!! Now stroking your cock for mommy you dirty little wanker, make mommy proud!


My New Site Rocks!

by Ginger on March 28, 2010

I feel like I do sometimes when I change bars from my regular, because maybe some stalker is after me, or some dumb bitch whose man I fucked on the pool table, wants to cut to up my pretty face with a beer bottle. After Ginger gets the last word in, it is time to move on, because things just escalate after I cold cock that bitch with a pool cue. So anyway, my new place rocks! Free beer, pussy on tap! Well, nearly. Stop by and see me at Easy Sleazy Gingers. There is always a good time to be hard, er had.!
Loves, Gingah!


SluttyPhone Sex with Bar Babe Ginger

by Ginger on March 22, 2010

I am a lot of things but a good girl I’m NOT! I just want to make that perfectly clear. Good Girls don’t have fun. Bad girls get it all because they aren’t afraid to go after it. I love fucking and sucking and I can get it anytime I want. I work and hang out in a local bar where cock is plentiful. Everyone knows me there. And they all know that I am easy and sleazy and will show them a real good time. My sexual play does not stop at the bar. I also love to masturbate. When I am home and away from a hard cock I love to masturbate with my toys. I would love for you to share that with me. I am multi-orgasmic and enjoy playing for hours on end. I would love to tell you all about my sexual adventures and also what I would like to do with you. I am only a phone call away. Why don’t you pick up the phone and let’s get started on our own kinky sexual playtime. I am wet and ready to cum with you. Over and Over again.

Slutty Ginger


Brats for rent…

by Krystal on March 19, 2010

Anyone want to rent my fucking brats? Seriously, the little fuckers are getting on my last damn nerve today. My pain in the ass daughter needs a dick slammed down her throat so she can shut the fuck up. My son….he needs his little ass raped or something to calm him down. They are both so hyper today that even getting high isn’t helping me relax one damn bit. Time to take another hit before I kill them….



by Precious on March 18, 2010

I get so wet just thinking about having hot naked ass sex with about 3 nicely hung vanilla boy’s.. Hell it makes my chocolate pussy cream all in my panties. And i just love it when i get my ass fucked really deep just love feeling all that cum going up in my tight little brown hole!! So cum let this hot nasty bitch fuck u boy’s real good and suck all that warm juice down my throat. I will do you good!! so damn good til u will be begging for more. Cum and play with me i will be waiting all nice and moist 4U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wink! wink..



by Lisa on March 13, 2010

Last night was a good nite for me and all my young boy’s and my horny ass son. They really fucked mommy good and hard i can still feel their wet dripping cum all inside my juicy cunt and i fucking love it. My son made me suck his cock and all his young friends and those boy’s gave me so much hard cock they just loved going up inside my tight little shit hole and it felt so damn good to mommy. I just love it when they all cum over to see me and they never leave until they have fucked me real good and hard. It’s just the way i like it. Maybe the next time they come over i will ask them to bring along that big furry creature named butch and that way we can really have some nasty fun!! If you know what i mean!!W.I.N.K!!!!!! Call Me..


Weekend FUN with GINGER

by Ginger on March 12, 2010

The weekend is here and I am ready to rock your cock baby. That’s right. Ginger the Bar Slut is ready to go out on the prowl. All my holes are ready to be filled. I need some Hot Raw Action. Call me lets get into some hot kinky slutty sex. Most of you know how I roll. The more COCK the better. I am as kinky and dirty as they cum. And I never seem to get enough fucking and sucking. So join me anytime you see me online this weekend. And I will rock your cock like no other. Lets do it Baby.

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Fucking annoying brats

by Krystal on March 11, 2010

OMG my bratty kids just got home from school. They are so loud and annoying. This is why I need to find some cocks to have shoved in their mouths just to shut them the fuck up.


Fisting phone Sex

by Kara on March 5, 2010

As you can see a pussy can be stretched immensely and still bounce back to be nice and tight. I love the “packed” feeling that having a big cock or fist up in my cunt offers. I love it to be so big that my hole is gaping open from being fucked so good. No worries though a few kegel exercises and my twat is back to being nice and snug and ready to grip and hug the next cock!

Go ahead and just shove that big cock or your fist up in me and see how well I can take it. I like it dirty and rough.

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Bar Slut Ginger

by Ginger on March 3, 2010

I am Ginger the kinky bar slut. You know the one that hangs out at the bar almost every night. Working her way through all the men there. Getting free drinks. Kissing strangers and getting man handled by anyone and everyone. And loving every minute of it. I am the party girl. I love sex, i love to drink, and have a good time. Combine the two and you get a Bar Slut. That’s me. I love cock, sucking and fucking. More than one at a time is even better. I dress sexy and slutty you can pick me out in a crowd. I am the one kissing and hanging on the men. I might disappear for a quickie in the bathroom or in a truck or car outside but I will be back for more before last call. Call and play with Me the best bar slut around. Nothing is to kinky or nasty for me. Let’s get together now.