February 2010


by Tabbi on February 28, 2010

I hate being fuckin bored and when i do get bored things get out of fucking control. Which makes me do all sorts of freaky nasty shit.. I went to the bar the other nite and ended up with three very horny drunk ass bikers and let me tell you what fun we had!! all because my ass was bored. We did all kinds of nasty stinky shit and it went on for hours my cunt was dripping wet and we played all kinds of scat games if you know what i mean!! they really worked me over and i just fuckin loved it. Especially when i got to cover them in all hot yellow water..Wink!! Ohh boy was that shit fun and believe me they drank it all down and wanted more. Now all i can say is this is one hott nasty girl that hates to be bored. So why don’t you all cum and keep me busy i’m so waiting for you!!! with an open mouth and a creamy wet juicy cunt….NASTY TABBI!!!


Age Play Phone Sex ~ Jizz Junkie Jessie

by Jessie on February 27, 2010

There are all kinds of love to show people. There is just something extra special about EXTREME age play love. The love a much older man has for a sweet young thing. There is nothing like an older man teaching me the things that a sweet little thing like me needs to know. I am a very good student. Oh so eager to learn.

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Pedo Phonesex- We had a playful pedo party!

by daisy on February 25, 2010

My daughters birthday is today, and I have done this fantasy twice today already, that should tell you how good I am at it. We had about 7 girls over including my 4, ranging in ages but no one is older than a pre-teen. Our guest of honor walks in the door to see the girls totally naked with only white lace socks and patten leather shoes. Oh and a party hat of course. Some of the girls look really slutty because we had been playing with makeup and hair products. That makes them feel so sexy when the have “older girl hair” lol.

Once our special guest arrives (my caller Corey and Terry they both did this fantasy today.) I make him take off his pants and boxers, he needs to be on the same page as we are so he strips all the way. I tied a scarf over my little girls eyes and turned her around and around, then I push her forward toward him and she is reaching out for his cock. We call this game “pin the lips on the cock” LOL. They all want a turn and before you know it their are three sets of lips french kissing each other with his shaft in between. He has both hands full of young round ass and watch’s them suck and lick him until he is ready to explode. I tell the girls this is going to be a “cherry popping party” and they all get lined up and are wet and horny waiting for their turn. Oh there is so many possibilities with this fantasy….. It’s is so fucking taboo nasty, but you will have to call me for the rest of the fun, it get’s to nasty to write in the blog I hope to talk with you soon! Love and Kisses from the Cherry Party! Daisy


Milf Phone – Juicy Ginger the sexy Milf

by Ginger on February 24, 2010

What I wanted to tell you, was that last night I got me a little virgin!!! I’m happy to say when he left my bed he was every inch a man and I definitely taught him how to please a woman.

There is something about having a fresh cock throbbing inside me that sets my body on fire. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper and deeper inside me as both of us were screaming.

I got him off most of the afternoon sucking him and watching him jerk off for me. And of course, before he left I made sure he was excellent at eating pussy!

Call me if you want to talk to a MILF whore who’s dying to cum with you.



by Ramsey on February 24, 2010

Today i have workers coming to get my yard and clean out the garage for me and that makes me think dirty nasty thoughts! Shit maybe i can offer them some fuckin hot switch up sex instead of paying them in cash!!Lol… So fucking horny right now who knows maybe they will have the same thing on their minds? If not i am sure i can get them to that point of no-return!! I have been laying here all morning thinking about how i would turn them into my fucking bitches oh yeah once i pull that sweet switch on them they will be mine you see i can fuck those little tight ass-holes like crazy and strap-on cock is so fuckin big it will fill those little holes up real nice and i am sure those bitches will want more and more AND I WILL GIVE IT TO THEM!!! HARD.. NEVER CHALLENGE THE RAM!! BUT DO CALL IF YOU HAVE THE BALLS!!!


Hot Cougar Phone Sex

by Ginger on February 20, 2010

My wet cougar pussy is always hot and ready and hungry. And young hot cock is always on my menu of good things for my Milf appetite, my warm wet mouth and my soft wet mature pussy. I always have my own agenda to getting what I want. An invitation to my house to watch a movie with me on my couch is never as innocent as it may seem. I like to take you by surprise and seduce you with my hot MILF body my sexy voice and my experienced Milf ways. I like younger boys, and I love all things taboo. I am happy to role play your dirty mommy, your hot aunt or even your hot mother-in-law. Anything kinky, all things hot.



by Ramsey on February 19, 2010

Fuck yeah i love to twist mens minds and make them explode their balls all over the place.. I am whats known as a fucked up freaky switch!! i can fuck and be fucked shit i do all the nasty kinky shit you have been dreaming of.. And when i say kinky thats exactly what i mean so if you think you can handle being my bitch cum give me your tight little hole let me punish that man pussy of yours. Cum butt your dick head against this Ram!! your cocks will be drained empty!!! Call Me!!! Bitches!!!


GFE phone Sex

by Alexxx on February 18, 2010

Looking for a Girl that will do all the things your Wife or girlfriend won’t? I am certainly that girl. I am a stripper with sexy dirty, kinky mind that absolutely loves cock. I am that no commitment cock sucker and fucker. You can talk to me about anything. You can do anything with me and I won’t judge. I won’t even blush. I’m the girl that has been around the block, a couple times actually. And I know what most men want. I am that girl you can call and chit chat with if you want or not. I will go anywhere sexually you want. Perverted or deviant I am there. I have no limits, no restrictions, no taboos. I can be your quick fuck or your long sucking and fucking session when you have time. Or I can just talk to you when you need someone. I am that anything goes Girl. Try me. I have lots to talk about and a deep wet desire to play kinky with you. What are you waiting for? I am the purrfect girlfriend for you.



Olympic Phone Sex 2010

by Kendall on February 18, 2010

Let’s see how long we can fuck for tonight…. wanna? I love a long sexy call where we get to cum over and over again! I need a big hard cock on the other end of the phone to stretch out my cunt and make me feel full! You like to look down while you fuck a girl and watch your cock go in and outta her tight fuck hole? I love that scene! I love it when you fuck me so hard my tit’s bounce up and down faster and faster. Then toss me over and drill me from behind and get a hold of the back of my hair while you thrust that cock deep inside my tight bald pussy! Jesus baby I’m ready let’s break some records…. as they say; Records are made to be broken!


Daddy’s Sweet Slut

by Jessie on February 17, 2010

The past few days I have had the opportunity to meet so many new daddies. A girl can never EVER have enough! So help me meet some more daddies. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a sweet innocent young thing or a horny little cum slut. I am just the girl you need. Your personal jizz junkie…JESSIE