January 2010


by Lisa on January 31, 2010

This hot nasty mommy is waiting on you young things that like it dirty. My son and his friends are coming here this week-end to visit me and i know they are really looking forward to being sucked and fucked by me and i know mommy is ready for them they just might want to go down and visit my friends on the farm now that would be fucking hot.. seeing them watching me get my cum bath from that big ole fuckin horse.. and i know they would just love seeing my mouth stretched opened wide for that big horse cock!!! and maybe they will want to join in on the fun and stuff a big hard cock in mommy’s tight little fuck hole and fill up my wet creamy cunt!!Yummy!!! whatever they want to do is fine by me i just want to fuck and be fucked so come lets get nasty tonite..


Back and ready to be nasty

by Krystal on January 30, 2010

Well I was out a bit this last week sick with the flu but I am back now and ready to party. I have a lot of smoking/snorting to make up for and a lot of little ones to have fun with. My pussy feel deprived. There is nothing like getting off to the fantasy of little ones being used and abused by me. So all you dirty boys, grab your dick and dial my number. Its time to get nasty!



by Tabbi on January 25, 2010

Today i had a caller that was so heavy into the nasty kind of scat play that got really nasty and dirty just the way i love it. And he was covered all in my creamy wet stuff all he wanted was to be my little fucking toilet fuck and he really enjoyed every dirty second of play!! I can still see him rolling around getting all filthy and dirty just for me!!Yummy..I rubbed his own stuff all over that huge cock of his and let him watch me lick it all clean and he couldn’t wait to taste my cunt after i had creamed all over he’s such a fucking good clean up man.. So cum play with us we simply love the company!! if it’s dirty and filthy..



by Ramsey on January 25, 2010

This is one bitch that loves to get physco for you hard cocked guy’s and i am into all kinds of nasty switch-up kinky shit. The other nite one of my sugar daddy’s came over to get with the me in all kinds of perverted fuck positions and when i got finished with his ass he was all drained and limp!! But thats okay cause he paid dearly for this kinky whore thats right i will be whatever your little heart desires..And more so when all else is dull and not exciting cum get with the best!!! i will be waiting on you!!!!


Phone Sex with Ginger

by Ginger on January 21, 2010

I am the sexy bar slut everyone talks about. The woman that loves to suck and fuck. Everyone knows I am wide open for kinky fun. It does not take me long to pick up my first cock when I get to the bar. And there is a back room there where I can do anything I want. And I do of course. Wanna hear all about my kinky dirty fun? Call me and let’s masturbate together. My pussy always needs a cock and always needs to cum. Get off with me right now. Available most anytime to play. And I am offering : A first time fuck me special. **15 hot minutes for $25 ** $ave $5.

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by Lisa on January 19, 2010

I’m feeling really dirty and naughty and my young-ones are ready to play and mommy really needs to be fucked hard right about now. And i know my family will take good care of me if you know what i mean… We always have such nasty fun togeather and i really love it when my son gets rough with mommy and i always give him what he wants lets just say he is extremely spoiled and but he is also hung like a horse!!! which is so fucking good for me.. cum let mommy spoil you too!!!


Who wants to party with me?

by Krystal on January 16, 2010

What a fucking day. I had my bratty kids all fucking day. On top of that I was broke and sober. Not a good combo. Thankfully they are gone to their dads again now and I am high as fuck. I am partying alone though, something that rarely happens. I need a party partner. I know there is someone who wants to fry with me?

On a side note some guy sent me pictures of his dick tonight. I want to give a public service announcement to all little cock men. If you have less than 4 inches you should really either just cut that waste of a foreskin off or just tuck it between your legs and call it a clitty. Sometimes the truth is just harsh, sorry. The fact that you seemed to be serious when you asked if I would suck it for you was quite hilarious. I would rather lick dirty bugs off a windshield first.



by Tabbi on January 13, 2010

Wow!! what a nasty fucking lowdown call that was and you know who you are..Wink!! I gave you some really big stinky loads and you handled it quite well we can play anytime you want for sure. Hope you got a nice big load of cum out that session!! next time we can also play the painting game.. Oh you want to know what that game is all about well in good time you will know!! did you like it when my big tits were covered in all filthy nasty shit and you licked it all for me it was really hott when you shot that wet load all over me and mixing all that cream and shit togeather was awsome. being your poop queen is so damn good and can’t wait until next time!!! STAY DIRTY I KNOW I WILL… TABBI



by Precious on January 13, 2010

Listen up fella’s i’m the kind of chocolate you will find very pleasing in fact shit i know my pussy is the Da Bomb!!! and these sweet lips knows exactly how to suck and deep throat that cock and don’t forget about my special little trick that i can do 4u.. Maybe i will tell you all about it sometime!!! after all i only share that with my special vanilla boy’s.. And man do they just love that shit. They keep cumming back for more of this chocolate little spoiled bitch u see i do it all and i just love being passed around to a whole room full of freaky nasty white men! they love finding way’s to punish my round tight ass and when they are finished with me i make them lick me clean suck all that cum juice out of my wet creamy pussy!! shit they love fighting over who can clean me up better and i always let them suck me out until they get tired. Then since i am such a fucking hot bloodied bitch I line them all up and deep suck those cocks two at a time this gurl has skillz so cum on lets fuck togeather you won’t regret it… PROMISE!!!!


Vampire lover

by kira on January 12, 2010

Emotional Vampire
by Stage Diva

standing before you,
naked, but unaware,
body trembling with every breath,
I await your approach.

embracing you in ecstasy,
our energies ascend in
a feverish rapture as the
moon illuminates our silhouettes through
lace curtains.

you pull away,
leaving me listless,
writhing in agony on the
floor as my essence seeps through
my skin into you,

my sweet, emotional vampire,

who leaves me in anguish,
tormented until our next encounter when
I will stand before you,
waiting to be drained again.