December 2009


by Tabbi on December 31, 2009

He wanted to taste my hot sweet creamy load and hell yeah i gave it all to him and it was so much nasty fun having him lick my shit out of my juicy tight little ass-and my cunt. I pushed out a good ole nasty pile for him and he gave me one of his and togeather we rubbed it all over and got down right nasty. We always go to the dark side when we talk and i fucking love it so keep on bringing that dirty shit my way you know how we play…


Happy Fuckin New Year!

by Krystal on December 30, 2009

You guys can only guess how I will be spending my New Years, in fact the party has already begun!


A letter from my Master…

by kira on December 30, 2009

Below is an small portion of a very intimate letter that my new Master wrote me last week. I wanted to share it here in order to share with him how much his compliments touched me. I am truly and deeply humbled.

“I made my first phone sex call in October and got addicted real quick. I never in my life heard a girl talk that way with me, and it made me realize just how much I wanted that. After talking to about 15 girls over two months, I realized two things. First, I couldn’t afford talking that much. I received a $1,000 bonus at work and my addiction spent it. 

The second thing I realized was something was still missing. Not sure what it was, but something was missing. A connection. A person on the other end rather just a voice that could talk dirty. Something along that line.

And I guess a third lesson was not all phone sex girls are created equal. A couple were downright terrible in that I got a lot of breathing, silence (as though I was supposed to do most of the talking), and girls with little imaginations. Most of them were pretty good, and a few were really good. But even the really good ones still had that missing X factor.

Then I read your main page about being a submissive slut. Then I read your blogs. Though I didn’t have an interest in some of the specific things you talked about, the fact that you were SO submissive and willing to do anything really grabbed my attention. So I called you and found something unique in my early adventure into the world of phone sex.

Your voice exuded submissiveness and I’d never heard that in my life. Your willingness to follow along so willingly was beautiful and exciting. You seemed to truly enjoy everything we did. And, you said three things that floored me. Actually, our entire conversation was fantastic, but these three things separated you from the other girls.”



by Lisa on December 30, 2009

Just the way mommy likes it one big horny happy family!! my son made sure santa gave me all i wanted for xmas his hard youing throbbing cock!! thats right he gave me all his precious gifts load after load of his hot yummy cum filling my mouth up over and over again until it dripped down my chin and onto my nipples!! just the way mommy likes it. We had so much naughty family fun togeather he just loves the way i taste and he cleans me up real good too. He stayed up all nite playing in mommy’s cunt hole.. The way we please each other is so fucking hot!! and he loves to see me being fucked in my tight little ass-hole by all of his hot young friends and while he watches me being butt fucked he strokes his big cock until it explodes all over my face..Yummy!!! tonite we plan on inviting our other family members over to celebrate and i can’t wait to taste them all!!! hope to see you there!! lets keep it in the family always…


I am the best mom ever!

by Krystal on December 29, 2009

I was informed today that I need a severe dose of parenting101. Apparently I should be nurturing my little ones, spending time with them and catering to their every whim.

I spend time with them every single day. In fact I teach them as a parent should. I have taught my daughter to be an even bigger cock whore than I am. Doesn’t that count? Not only can my son suck a mean cock but he can also tongue out my asshole better than most that I have ever experienced. Personally I think I should get paid to teach parenting101, while mine may never bring me home one of those goofy bumper stickers about them being on the honor roll I bet they know how to do all kinds of shit that is actually useful in real life. Such as how to make me more money to get high on…..Can yours do that?



by Lisa on December 26, 2009

WOW!!! what a hot fucking session that was with mister tell me all about your wild fuck parties with your family man.. I loved it telling him all about my nasty pleasure with my hot big cocked son and my horny bitch of a daughter she is such a slut. And he really liked it when i told him all about my wild nite out with all my family!! thats right everyone was there to get freaky and nasty togeather!! My caller is really into the tender little nipples and sweet bald cunts and i painted a very pretty little picture just for him!! Mmmm and he came so fucking hard and he will always cum hard with mommy lisa!!! I’m waiting…


Ginger is Ready

by Ginger on December 26, 2009

Now that all the Christmas Festivities are over I am ready to get right back out there and enjoy all of you sexy men.

My pussy has been dripping for days. I need a big hard cock to fill up my nice tight pussy. I have had visions of sucking and fucking for days. I have had to be good and do the family thing the last couple of days. I am done with that. Come on baby I am ready to fuck and suck your cock.

I know you must be ready too. So pick up the phone and lets get started. Let’s get off together over and over again. We have a couple days to make up for. Mmmmmmm yeah.

Kisses and Licks,


Milf Phone Sex with Ginger

by Ginger on December 19, 2009

It’s Ginger baby and I am ready to rock your cock. I can’t help myself I just love sex. I know I am a slut, a whore, what’s wrong with that. I just really love sex. And it just takes more than one man to keep up with me. So I am on a daily hunt for wild cocks to please my Milf pussy. You would love me. I love fucking, sucking, playing around. There are no limits for me. 1 guy, 2 guys, more. It’s all good. I like to give as good as I get. No one is ever disappointed. Cum play with Me right now. I need a hard cock.


Cum FUCK Mommy Daisy…… there are PERKS!

by daisy on December 15, 2009

Not only can you fuck me….. I will let you fuck my kids. I’m a bad whore mommy that just doesn’t give a fuck. I love seeing my 4 daughters suck and fuck you while I rub my cunt and get myself off. ALL Pedos welcum, there is noting that would shock me so bring your imagination and that hard cock to


More medicine please.

by Krystal on December 12, 2009

I had a caller ask me how it is I don’t get fired for admitting I am a druggie in my blogs. I thought I would share my answer here.

The Purrfect team here is encouraged to be ourselves. Whatever that may be. We are a cut above the rest because we are allowed to be ourselves and not do all that fake bullshit moaning and groaning that other companies are known for. Whether high or sober I am going to rawk my callers cock like no other. So there you have it in a nutshell. Making your cock happy means you will call me back. That means more medicine for me. That means someone for me to party with and rub my pussy with on the phone. So it is definitely in my best interest to drain your fucking balls the right way.

Don’t be surprised if you hear me getting high because it is what I do best. I imagine if you find that offensive you probably wouldn’t be calling me anyways.

Now I have a very important announcement. I finally had a caller that made me snort enough of my medicine for him on a call that I actually had to tell him I needed a break and it was too much. This is the first time this has ever happened. So I say congratulations to you my dirty pusher! Now call me again so I can afford to replace all the shit you made me do. BTW my damn nose bled for several hours after our call.