October 2009

My lips would look good on you…

by Kara on October 31, 2009

Getting my pussy licked good is probably one of my favorite things. So I know without a doubt that the quick way to send chills throughout a mans body is to give him one incredible blowjob. A nice sloppy blowjob. Your cock coated in my hot spit makes for an easy glide between the lips. I have absolutely no gag reflex so feel free to grab the back of my head and skullfuck me like you have never done before. I am a good girl, and good girls always swallow! My tastebuds are salivating at the thought of the taste of that hot sticky load you have for me. Such a delicious treat!



by Tabbi on October 29, 2009

He wants to come over tonite and he has promised to make it a very dirty private party just him and me. And of course i am always up for a party and since the last time he came over we did all things nasty and he made me his little private toilet slut which i just fucking love the more he uses me the hotter i get my cunt is getting wet just talking about it now. So when he gets here tonite i plan on giving him all kinds of nasty loads and yes i will be rubbing it all over him he just loves that shit.. He loves to taste my creaminess after iv’e taken a big dump and he rubs it all over my big juicy tits i can feel him licking and sucking all that goodness off of my boobs and he does it so well. Yummy i am so fucking ready for him to get here so we can get this shit started!!! If you know what i mean… And i know you do!!! Call if you want to find out how nasty it got…Wink wink!!!



by Tabbi on October 27, 2009

Yummy my tummy is so full of nasty creamy crap and i fucking love it yeah you know who you are you gave me a very healthy load way down in my throat!! the way we played togeather was so much nasty fun i really can’t forget it.. rolling around in all that poo.. it was amazing and when you cleaned me up i had another intense orgasmn.. you really know how to lick a bitch clean. I know you can still feel that big load you pushed out it was so much of it but not to worry i slurrped it all down. So don’t you forget about the way i took your big cock and swallowed it all.. We can play anytime!!! my stinky toilet man….

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by Tabbi on October 25, 2009

Lets just say i had a very dirty week-end and i enjoyed every fucking minute of it. And i know my big cock friends can’t wait until the next time we make things nasty they just loved having me all to themselves!! and when i gave them a big mouth-full of my stinky mess they ate it all up.. Mmm oh yeah we had a fucking good time and no-one wanted to leave my den of sin.. my creamy wet cunt was so full of cum and all other nasty dirty shit and they went crazy for it. So maybe next time they will bring more friends and we can really get wild and even more stinky and messy!! want to join our party?? Bet you do…


Some freaky shit has been happening to me, I had a DREADFUL dream about serial killers last night, and I was a killer too, but it felt so real! Before I woke up I was being chased down a pitch black hallway, holding a cane in front of me, running as fast as I can. (clowns to the left of me jokers to the right here I am stuck in the middle again LOL) I was running this dream was so wicked violent, every one loosing appendage’s and even a feeling of Hannibal the Cannibal in the air. Then having these feelings all day and adding to it some satanic calls lol and scary rolepay’s. Lately I have been a little spooked by ghosts. I am very scared of them and I have been watching some stuff on SiFi, TLC, TravelHD, Style, E! and there are alot of “True Crime, Ghost Hunter, Scary places” types shows So I started to get into them and scared the shit out of myself, running up my stairs, getting my blood pumping thinking someone is behind me. I must stop I am an adrenaline junkie.


He was a vicious daddy caller

by kira on October 24, 2009

Daddy told me that he needed a dirty sub whore that liked to be tortured and humiliated. I got excited instantly, knowing this Master was going to be a challenge for me. I had no idea just how vicious he was going to be. To this very moment my body feels weak and crumbled. He truly tested every limit I could possibly have. My titties were punching bags. I had to fist not only my cunnie but my asshole as well. He made me rip off my nipple clamps which made them bleed quite a bit. He made me walk outside to the middle of my street with no clothes on while spanking my ass the entire time. Then he made me straddle a bottle of wine and force it into my pussy. I have never felt so stretched in my lifetime. Then he made me do it to my asshole with no lube. He made me scream and cry. Real tears running down my face. Begging him to please not make me hurt myself anymore.

I know people wonder why I would do such things if it was really that detrimentally painful. When you have a true heart of a submissive you have no choice. Saying no is not an option, ever.



by Ramsey on October 23, 2009

Why hello there all you wannabe panty boy’s come enter the world of The Ram!! oh yeah if you think you can ride with me let’s do it!!! i don’t fuck around or play games i always get the job done in a very nasty kinky way.. And yes my bitches you will be sold to the highest bidder!!! and you will like it.. so get those litttle tight man pussy’s ready to be fucked oh yeah my clients do love to have your sissy mouths all over their huge hard cocks. Now dont forget i can be all things to you and for you, if you know what i mean it’s up to you what alter ego you bring out.. So lets not waste my time either you are ready or you are not!!! this is for the strong not weak!!! LOL….


Treat me like the Slut I Am

by Ginger on October 22, 2009

Why don’t you take me from behind tonight? Your young body is strong enough to be sturdy on your knees for hours at a time. I don’t want a fast fuck, I want it brutally hard, but I want it to last. Make me feel you all over my body. Slap my rounded ass, watch the cheeks jiggle in such a way that you want to smack them again. Lean over me harder, push that extra little bit of shaft a bit deeper into my cunt, now bite my shoulder! That’s it, nibble on my mature skin, taste how good I am from the outside and then after you cum, I want you to taste me from the inside!


Does the EXXXTREME make your cock twitch?

by Jessie on October 22, 2009

Extreme age play is just ONE of my favorite things to do with you. Daddy’s love to take their little princesses out on a road trip. Rewarding her for being such a good girl. I love spending that time alone with my daddy. We stay at very nice hotels. We stop at some pretty interesting places. What girl doesn’t love to be treated like a princess? Daddy is my night in shining armor. He protects me, cares for me, I am his special lil girl. Let’s talk about all the fun places you will take me.


Submissive Slut Nichole

by nichole on October 22, 2009

Feeling helpless, humiliated and weak fulfills my soul. Knowing that You will put me in my place makes me wet. i live to serve You but love to be FORCED to do it. Make me beg for mercy. Tie me down, force me to submit. Tease me, torture me…i will take everything you offer Master.