September 2009


by Lisa on September 29, 2009

Woww!! today was a very good day for mommy lisa.. hell it was fantastic lets just say my phanthom caller was so fucking hot.. Oh yeah he wanted to know all about my sweet little family and all the naughty things we do. And he found out more than he bargained for LOL!! once he heard about all the licking the rim of my young one and all his friends yummy.. he went wild with a very hard cock and he was stroking it so hard just for me.. He kept telling me what a dirty, nasty mommy i was and that made me very horny and my cunt was dripping lets just say my caller and he knows who he is?? Wink..wink and believe me fella’s i have lots more to tell about my interesting family!! so come join the discussion Mommy Lisa is waiting….



by Tabbi on September 28, 2009

DIRTY thats my middle name and let me tell all you nasty wannabes out there if you want to roll around in all my shitty nastiness you had better be prepared. Just the other day i was at the mall trying to find some real sexy lingerie and these guy’s walked up to me and started flirting and making me all kinds of offers!! and after a while i got horny as hell and i said to those ass-holes lets go to my truck and you should have seen the look on their faces.. Once we were at my truck things got really fuckin nasty i took a real creamy load on one of the guy’s face and he came all over his-self what a joke he was once my creamy stuff was all over him he could not handle it. Oh but he did have a big ole thick cock just the way i like it.. Now let me tell you about his friend!! well when he saw my load all over his buddy he went crazy!! standing there rubbing his cock and damn near foaming at the mouth.. so i called him over and gave him a little taste of my shit right on his tongue!! and he fucking loved that shit!!! if you know what i mean LOL!!! So listen up turd fucks if you want to really have some nasty fun call me and we can get real dirty togeather!!!!



by Precious on September 28, 2009

Let me be your little spoiled bitch i promise to do what-ever you ask of me i love being a little sex toy for all of you vanilla men.. Make me your own personal sex slave cum on tie me up and fuck me hard and i do love being ganged banged by as many white boy’s as possible the more creamy cum the better let me drink all that white semen down my throat for you!!! hell i always want more and please let me lick those nice nasty shit holes for u.. thats right i do all things dirty make me your nasty black whore i only want to serve my white master please let me i need it all the time and only you can give it the way i like. CUM ON MAKE ME BEG FOR IT!!!


Dexter starts tonight :)

by admin on September 27, 2009

Hey it’s Dru, I don’t watch much TV but I love NIP/TUCK and Dexter!!!!! I can relate to both these shows maybe because I am a Dr. and a psycho. If you want to talk about how sexy Dexter is going to be tonight gimmie a call. If you want to BE the serial killer and fuck and kill these perfect bitch’s call me let’s role-play! XXOO Dr. Dru


Dexter starts tonight :)

by Dru on September 27, 2009

Hey it’s Dru, I don’t watch much TV but I love NIP/TUCK and Dexter!!!!! I can relate to both these shows maybe because I am a Dr. and a psycho. If you want to talk about how sexy Dexter is going to be tonight gimmie a call. If you want to BE the serial killer and fuck and kill these perfect bitch’s call me let’s role-play! XXOO Dr. Dru


Cuckolded Sugardaddy

by Kara on September 27, 2009

I notice you staring at me from across the room. I can’t help but laugh out loud when you miss your mouth while eating your meal because you are staring at me so hard. I can see in your eyes that you are intimidated by me. You know that I am a beautiful princess and doubt that you could ever have me. Even knowing that you cannot help yourself, your eyes are glued to me.

I flirt with you from across the room. Slowly licking my lipsas I lift my glass of wine to them. My eyes lock with yours and I lean forward giving you a fabulous view of my perky tits as they almost bounce out of my lowcut dress.

I know you are thinking to yourself that you are one lucky guy and it is a miracle that a girl like me is looking back at you. I laugh as I think to myself that if you were smart you would run away right now. Most things that seem to be too good to be true, probably are.

I walk across the room to you and sit down at your table, crossing my leg I give you an incredible view of my upper thighs. We chat, we laugh and we have a good time. I give you my name and number at the end of the night and even let you see me home safely.

The next day I giggle hysterically when the flowers arrive at my door. I am in awe of my geniousness. The fact that you sent me 3 dozen long stem roses, a card, and a big box of chocolates after just meeting me last night tells me exactly what I wanted to know. You are financially comfortable and incredibly gullible and weak. The card says that you would like to take me out to dinner to a restaurant name that I recognize. It is that new swanky 5 star restaurant everyone has been talking about. The one with reservations booked for the next 3 months. Now I know that not only are you rich, but you are obviously a very influential man.

I pick up the phone and call you and tell you that I would love to see you again but unfortunately I have nothing to wear. You tell me that you are going to send your limo around to take me shopping so that I will be able to join you tonight for sure.

A few months down the line I find myself looking down at you laughing. You are on your knees licking my toes. We are on a beach in Cozamel, one of many vacations you have taken me on. I am wearing an Emilio Pucci designer bikini that cost almost a thousand dollars. A pair of Louboutin sandles that were almost 2 grand. Thousand of dollars worth of jewelry. You have definitely been a very generous pet. Most importantly, I am sporting Julius. He is my lover. My lover that you are paying for me to be on vacation with. That is right. I have turned you in to my cuckolded sugardaddy. You spoil me rotten and do not even have the priviledge of fucking me. All you get to do is spend incredible amounts of money on me and my lovermen, suck my toes, and if you are a good boy occassionally I will let you taste my super creamy sweet pussy. You are on your knees in front of me, you are wearing my collar and that pathetic cock and balls of yours are locked up in a cage. The male chasity device that only I have a key for.

I am in a generous mood today. I even allow you a quick kiss on my cheek as I send you scurring to get me and my lover man another drink from the tiki bar.


You in your chasity device…

by Krystal on September 24, 2009

Your cock belongs to me bitchboy. ‘Nuff said.

I will turn you in to a cock sucking fagboy…….

Or perhaps just turn you in to a sissy boy for my laughing pleasure.

The choices are endless. The only thing that is certain is that when you call this Mistress, be prepared to be pushed to your limits.


Stopping with Daddy for the night

by Jessie on September 23, 2009

We had been driving all day, just me and daddy on a roadtrip and Daddy was tired. We know that I shouldn’t have done it, but I have always wanted to try wine and he let me. I sure started feeling funny, I was flirting with my Daddy, I couldn’t help myself. I wondered if he thought I was prettier than mommy, and he is technically my step-dad, so, today is the day that I am going to find out what he really thinks about me.


My dream

by nichole on September 23, 2009

There are so many times when I just wish and hope to find a REAL Master. It is my ultimate dream to be collared and owned. There are some girls who are made for this opportunity and some who are not. I want this, I NEED this. But you already know that, don’t you Master. I will worship and obey; beg and plead; I will take all the pain You can dish out. I will be your good little pain slut.



by Lisa on September 21, 2009

I went to bed with all kinds of naughty thoughts and i’m finding it very hard to fall asleep. When i finally drift off to sleepy land all those nasty thoughts are floating around in my wildest dreams i find my-self in a big wide opened field and i am covered in semen the only thing about this scene is that there are no men around all i see is animals cows horses and pigs so where in the hell did all the semen come from? Then i realize that this big fucking horse is standing next to me in the field and his huge fuckin cock is dripping with cum damn i feel like my mouth is very sore and Ohhh my did i suck that big ole thing?? I want to wake up but i can’t now all i see is giant nasty pigs and they are licking me all over and i can hear them grunting and slobbering on me it feels so fucking nasty but it turns me on and my cunt gets really wet and creamy. Oh fuck these pigs are eating my wet cunt out just like slop!! and they are going crazy fighting to all get to my pussy. And for some reason i feel my-self getting close to fuckin cumming all over my-self.. Wow what a fuckin night-mare!! i really need to wake my-self up but it seems as though i’m falling deeper and deeper into this ghoulish night-mare!!! I hear sounds all around me and i realize its the sound of men running towards me and they finally find me laying here in this field and i am all covered in animal semen and they start laughing and pointing at me now i am being picked up and tied to a tree and one by one they all fuck me and shoot their loads all over me its so much cum on me and i can’t even see out of my eyes but i can feel how wet and sticky my body is… They all finish and leave me tied to this fucking tree!!! I want to wake up…OR DO I REALLY????? CALL ME TO FIND OUT THE ENDING!!!!