August 2009

My master cuckolded and humiliated me

by kira on August 30, 2009

My Master decided to teach me a new lesson tonight. I must say I am not one bit happy with it either. Though I accept my role as a submissive I am still possessive and do not like sharing one bit.

So tonight he invites me over to his apartment where we always play. He tells me exactly what to wear, as he always does. Short black dress, black crotchless panties, black thigh highs and some 5 inch stilettos. As usual when I am getting ready my heart is beating and I am dieing with anticipation. He has always been a very strict Master, yet very giving and fun.

When I arrive he instructs me to get on my knees in the middle of the living room floor which is a bit odd, but of course I do it. He blindfolds me. Before long my panties are soaking wet from wondering what he has planned for us. Then the doorbell rings and I hear him walk to the door. I hear a soft female voice. I have so many questions. Who is she? What is going on? Why is she here. I know that I had better not dare make a sound though. I continue to kneel there and wait.

They are talking and moving about as if I am not even there. Apparently she must know what is going on because I never hear her comment on the fact that I am kneeling there. Before long I hear kissing. I cringe at that sound. I cannot believe he is kissing another woman as if I am not right here. A tear runs down my cheek before I can stop myself. I feel him walk up to me and wipe it off of my cheek and he whispers in my ear to relax. That is it, he just walks away.

Within minutes I hear moaning. Her moaning, him moaning. I hear skin smacking together. I smell sex. He is not fucking her with me right here! This cannot be happening. Time ticks away, seems like hours. My knees are sore and my body is now stiff from kneeling for so long. Finally I hear him call me to him. I stand up and start walking towards him even though I cannot see where I am going, I follow the voice.

Then I feel him pull my blindfold off and I look down and his cock is buried in her asshole. He pulls it out and tells me to clean him up. I have done ass to mouth many times when he has been in my ass, but not someone elses. That is just gross. The submissive in me drops me to my knees and has me lapping at his cock like an obedient little bitch dog. As much as I don’t want to, I am loving the taste of her ass juices on my Masters cock. He takes his cock out of my mouth and slides it in her pussy this time. He starts pumping his fat dick in and out of her and I look at him in his eyes, confused. He tells me to get back on my knees and wait, which is exactly what I do.

I sit there waiting, watching. Wishing he was fucking me right now. Humiliated that he made me lick up her ass juices. Confused as to why he is fucking her, and not me. The entire time my pussy is getting wetter and wetter.

Finally as much as I wish he wouldn’t, he is cumming in her pussy. I can see his cum starting to drip out of her as he is still pumping it in her. He pulls out of her after a few minutes and looks me in my eyes and nods towards his dick. Again I wrap my lips around him and clean him up. Humiliated, yet humbled to get the privilege of even tasting him. After he is all clean I move back away on my knees. He tells me I am not done yet and points to her pussy. Her pussy with his cum dripping out of it. He couldn’t possibly mean for me to clean her up too? I shake my head no without thinking and feel his hand smack across my cheek. I wimper and drop to my knees and lap at her pussy, licking up every drop of his hot creamy load.

He has never humiliated me like this before. He looks at me and tells me to go home and be back tomorrow afternoon for another lesson.


Daddy’s Girl Jessie

by Jessie on August 30, 2009

I love extreme age play fantasies. Getting horny older men off makes my little bald pussy drip and nothing excites my daddies more than me spreading my legs and asking if you want a taste. I love the way you moan, the way your dick gets hard and you lean in with your eager tongue and enjoy my sweet young little creamy cunt.

Tastes good doesn’t it daddy? Go ahead, slide your tongue down and rim my tiny little puckered asshole too. It’s ok to poke your tongue in a little and feel how tight my little ass is. I like it when you get so excited you lose control and start jamming your tongue in harder and deeper.

When it’s all wet from your tongue…then we can talk about what goes in there next. Daddy, will you play with me?



by Lisa on August 29, 2009

So it’s time for another trip out to the farm for another fun filled week-end with my family.. And i for one can’t wait the young ones are always excited about going out there and experiancing new things and so does mommy!! wink,wink So once we arrive i go out to the pasture to visit that big horse i am so fond of if you get my meaning.. and once again his giant cock is hanging real low how fuckin hot is that i walk over to him and we get cozy again!! real fucking cozy!! as i get up close and personal with my ole buddy my cunt begins to get juicy and wet and the next thing you know i’m all covered in thick slimy cum yummy!! well the family wants to play so gotta run after all i can’t have all the fun…


Give me a call perverts!

by Krystal on August 27, 2009

Yesterday was a fabulous day. I got to fuck a few guys in the ass with my strapon. Fuck up my little ones for horny pervs wanting to use and abuse them. Be forced to snort even more “medicine” during calls (as if I really need to be fukkin forced) and dominate a couple of bitchboys. Pretty rounded day on dirty phone calls.

So tonight I am looking to push the envelope. I have a big pile of “medicine” here, my offspring have been pissing me off all day so I am definitely capable of thinking up some wicked shit in regards to them. I am horny as fuck and ready to masturbate and party the night away. Give me a call perverts!



by Precious on August 26, 2009

Hey fellas whats up anyone got some vanilla for this chocolate snack? i definitely love to dip vanilla cock into my chocolate pudding cup!! I’m a spoiled little bitch and i love being spoiled by all u sissy ass white-boy’s who needs a rough sista to show u the right way to handle yo buisness.. I know how to ride with-out falling off.. that is if you have something to hold on to!! i like them bigg and juicy and full of cum so if u want to feel my chocolaty goodness cum get some !!! YUMMY….PRECIOUS



by Lisa on August 25, 2009

So my family wants to know how i got so twisted in the head and i finally decide its time to tell them the fucking dirty truth.. So i start by telling them how my daddy was a very mean drunk and he loved to punish me and my sister for just about anything and somehow i was always in trouble for something. And one day it just got out of hand and he tied me up in the garage and left me there for hours until mom came home and she talked him into untying me and how she managed that i never could figure out after all he was even meaner to her i use to hear them every nite fighting over him wanting sex..and her not wanting to do it. And i know he made comments about how big my sister and i were getting always looking at our tits and touching us on a sly.. but i knew what he was trying to do and i did what i had to do to keep him from my sister and thats how it started his drunken ass started coming in my room and kissing me on my cunt and making me deep throat his nasty little cock!! no wonder mom didn’t want him his cock was no bigger than a baby’s dick. soon i just became numb to it and i started looking at the other men in my so-called family and i let them fuck me too.. but they had to pay me i sucked so many cocks and they always wanted to taste my young cunt so oh yeah i made lots of money enough for me to save up and took my mom and sister and we finally left his drunk ass.. but it left me scarred for life now i am all fucked up in the head about my own little family!! so cum find out how it really changed me if you have the balls!!!!


Families that fuck together…are more fun!

by robin on August 25, 2009

Yesterday was the first day of school here in my town. I decided to have a special evening last night with my little ones as a celebration for them going back to school. The 3 of us dressed up in our pajamas and curled up on the living room floor to watch movies together.

As usual my step-sons cock got hard laying so close to me and his sis, and lets just say not much movie watching happened. Before we got half way in the movie the pajamas were off and the good times were rolling. I love to participate with them, but sometimes I like to just sit back and masturbate and watch brother and sister go at it. Seeing their tight young little bodies wrapped up in a 69 like they were last night makes my cunt get super wet. Seeing him grinding his teen cock down the back of throat is priceless. Of course watching her ride his dick with her tight little titties bouncing up and down almost sent me over the edge.

Of course they love their mommy, after he filled her cunnie up with his cum, they both got on their knees in front of me and licked my pussy together until I exploded big time. Was a fabulous back-to-school celebration if you ask me!



by Tabbi on August 24, 2009

This week-end was fantastic for me i went to a crazy wild ass biker bar and just let loose with my new found friends. And they really knew how to have a good ole nasty time!! they showed me the meaning of real nastiness and i fucking loved it. We had a real good time rolling around in all that wet nasty creamy shit pile!! and then they rolled me on the pool table and fucked me deep i think it was three at a time i lost count after the fourth go round but it felt so fucking good and i ended up all wet and soaked in all that nasty shit and wet cum… WHAT A FUCKING GOOD TIME!!! and just when i thought it was all over one of the boy’s started rubbing his wet shit all over my fuckin face and then he licked it all off now that was hott. And of course he was’nt done yet so he called all the fell’as over to get a turn spraying me down in all that gooey hot cum. Now thats what i call a great week-end to remember HELL YEAH!!! so cum let me tell you the rest of the wild biker boy’s week-end!!!


Ramsey will make you her whore

by Ramsey on August 22, 2009

I know you crave a Goddess Mistress and want to worship every inch of my perfect body. You will lust for my mere presence and touch. You will have my name branded in your thoughts and upon your soul within seconds of our first meeting. You will long for my words and your dreams will be haunted with thoughts of Mistress Ramsey until you meet with me once again. Your destiny has led you to me

Follow your destiny and call me NOW 1-888-990-0102

My specialties include: Sensual Domination ~ Bondage and Discipline ~ Full Body Worship ~ Foot Worship ~ Strap-On Play ~ Cuckolding Fantasies ~ Forced Feminization / Sissification ~ Spanking ~ ABDL~ Role-Playing ~ Orgasm Control/ Denial ~ No Taboos ~ Family Fun ~ water sports ~ toilet training – BDSM ~ CBT ~ Lingerie Fetish


Ready to FUCK all weekend.

by daisy on August 21, 2009

LOL my daughters and I are, just puttin it out there that Sat and Sun are my favorite days with my daughters, I bet they can becum your favorite too!